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Syllabus for IBM i/AS400 Course – DAY 0 | By Vikash Choudhary|

Syllabus for IBM i/AS400 Course – DAY 0 | By Vikash Choudhary|

Hi, a very warm welcome to all of you here
on this channel. To Introduce myself my name is vikash, an IT Professional with more than
7 years of experience in AS400/IBM i series. I have conducted numerous training and seminar
sessions on AS400. And i will feel myself very lucky if all my experience summed up
together can help even some of you. Keeping all these in mind i have created a comprehensive
course on AS400 or IBM i series that i believe will be very beneficial especially for freshers
or beginners or even for those who are at intermediate levels. However those who already
are on advance levels may find this course least useful.However in case they wish, they
might find this course useful for revising their fundamentals. Before starting this course
i will assume that ,as said earlier you have no or a very little knowledge of this subject,
So i will start with basic first and will then proceed one step further to the next
level in hierarchy. All the beginners or freshers may find this course very useful and it will
be their one stop place to learn and understand all the AS400 related stuffs sitting right
at the comfort of your home. By the end of this course you will have acquired a good
understanding of this subject which you can use further to step ahead in your professional
career or in the area you wish to. So without wasting any further time lets what will be the curriculum or the syllabus of this AS400 course

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