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Teaser – CS50’s Introduction to Game Development

Teaser – CS50’s Introduction to Game Development

COLTON OGDEN: Hi. My name is Colton Ogden, and
I am the course instructor for GD50, which is CS50’s
Introduction to Game Development. CS50 is to game programming what CS50
is to general-purpose programming and problem solving, ultimately
a jumping-off point for students that might have a little bit
of programming experience, but who haven’t necessarily gotten their
hands dirty with game programming yet. GD50 adopts a case study style
approach whereby week by week, we’ll look at a specific
game, and we’ll analyze it, figuring out what the parts do and
how they form a playable whole. We’ll look at games like Pong,
Breakout, Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda, Portal, and many more. For the first three
quarters of the course, students will use Lua and LOVE 2D,
a 2D game development framework, and then transition in the
latter quarter to C# in Unity, a very popular modern game engine. Ultimately, lots of programming,
lots of ideas, and lots of fun await students interested in the course. My name is Colton
Ogden, and this is GD50. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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