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100 comments on “Teen Says He Wants Dr. Phil To Change His Family’s Views On Marijuana

  1. Lmao this has to be scripted bro weed is doing nothing to this kid he’s just an idiot who smokes don’t blame the flower !

  2. bruh this is crazy, he went to my school and it’s so weird because he never talked in class and would ask me for help. Wild. All the teachers in my school have been talking about this 💀

  3. Weed doesn’t make you an addict! Just because you smoke weed doesn’t mean you’re selling weed! 😂 I love dr. Phil but I disagree here. Lol!

  4. Not a single person has died from weed. Weed has helped people with seizures, panic attacks and a lot more medical issues. People need to leave weed alone and focus on the actual bad drugs

  5. Weed is a healong drug it is a literal plant it comes from the earth its used for medical purposes all the time and heals adicts weed isnt a bad thing its just not for everyone

  6. So instead of doing the marijuana community ANY good what so ever … he made every single one of us look like irresponsible dumbass kids that just need a simple asswhooping…

  7. "You can make like 500-1000 easily bro" … coming from the kid that just asked his mommy for drug money last night … "never get high on your own supply"

  8. I mean who in the right mind thinks someone like doctor Phil will tell a family pot is the best thing and ur doing good 😂

  9. Yea I sell drugs
    Dr.Phill: who supplies you
    Some people I know
    Dr.Phill: names
    Sorry just from random people

    Me: have fun surviving 29 year's in prison

  10. He can't even speak proper English, he has no respect for authority or how to address them, and he can't freakin pull his darn pants up! The mother should be ashamed of herself. I almost (almost) feel ashamed for her, but she's enabling him and probably will continue to do so. Pitiful.

  11. bro i smoke hella weed but like i get all A’s and B’s. i don’t sell or anything. use me as an example for a productive pothead.

  12. There’s nothing wrong with smoking weed. Just don’t let it control you. I was a massive pot head less than a year ago. Don’t get dependent on it.

  13. I mean at the same time u got respect your parents choices but if they smoke cigarettes then are saying ur doing substance abuse then they should be able to me what’s the difference in sparking up a blunt that makes it worse then buying a pack odd cigarettes and sparking one up.

  14. Send him to beyond scared straight and he'll be good. One day there will set him up. The mama should've done that LONG time ago

  15. Send him to beyond scared straight and he'll be good. One day there will set him up. The mama should've done that LONG time ago

  16. Well at least nobody is gonna want to deal with him anymore he’s a liability he just put a big red target on his back
    I’m sure he will look back on this video and smack himself upside the head

  17. Who goes on National TV and says they sell drugs. That’s HOT. Why would you want the boys to know exactly who you are stupid 😒

  18. Dr. Phil I understand your calling this young man out. But calling stoners and Weed smokers addicts now that's pretty f*** up.

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