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Texas Tech Graduate Students Discussing Human Development and Family Studies Program

Texas Tech Graduate Students Discussing Human Development and Family Studies Program

So I’m Jennifer Chapman. I am a doctoral
candidate and I work with Dr. Hart. And I am Jess Gardinas, it’s my second year
in the doctoral program and I work with Dr. Juan Joho and we work together
and we work together yes yeah. So I’ll start cuz Jennifer and I work on
this together, we’re working on their transitions to kindergarten study in
which we have soon-to-be kindergartners come into this very room and participate
in a lot of evaluation and assessment, test- readiness to test self-perception and to see
what key elements create a successful kindergartener. Yeah and so that’s the
transition to kindergarten study and I’ve been working on another study that
deals with a major transition which is the transition to siblinghood so the
big study is looking at what happens when mom has a baby and a child
becomes an older sibling for the first time We’re looking at what predicts a
successful adjustment to that transition and then specifically I’m interested in
compliance so how helpful are they with their baby
sibling and what does that do for them going forward. So I have a course I have
enjoyed my Dr. Caldwell which was the Developmental Theories which is really
neat. I enjoyed the discussion and the way that the class was set up to really expand
upon what we’re learning into our specific areas of interest and also
another class that I know Jennifer took that I took in my first semester was Cognition,
Brain, and Development with Dr. Michael Boyle which was really cool to get
exposure to fMRI research in your very first semester at Tech so I definitely recommend those classes.
That one was definitely out of my comfort zone with all the marine imaging
all that but I really enjoyed it in the end and it does add a different
dimension to the research that we do which is more emotional in social type
focus usally. My favorite class has probably been
Family Law in Public Policy which I took with Dr. Reeds in one summer. It was just
really interesting learning about policy and laws and how that affects family
relationships and what we can do really to get involved in the policy piece and I know Jess is interested in that area as well. Definitely along those
lines just house synergetic all the faculty, staff, and students are with each
other even from different areas of interest everyone can converge on
similar topics and learn from each other in a really positive way not so much
competitive but synergetic. So my favorite thing is really how involved
graduate students get to be in the research process so both Jess and I have
had experience running labs under our advisors but we basically are running
with study from the get-go right seeing how it gets set up, seeing how you recruit
participants, how you’ve run the subjects and then analyzing the data and
publishing so that whole process you know getting to experience that and know
what goes into it I can get this super valuable thing for grad students I have.

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