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Thanksgiving 2019 | The University of Alabama

Thanksgiving 2019 | The University of Alabama

– I’m thankful for my
family and my friends and the community that
I’ve created at Alabama. – I’m most thankful for my
friends and my supportive family, they have truly been the best. – I know I wouldn’t be where
I am without the support of so many. And so I’m definitely thankful for them, including my mom and my dad. – I’m thankful for my family
and all the opportunities I’ve had here at the
University of Alabama. – I’m thankful that I have
the opportunity to get a great education at a school that
I actually really love and am really happy at. – One of the things
I’m really thankful for when it comes to the University of Alabama is our UA community. – Over half of our students
come from all over the place. So I’m so thankful that
I’ve been able to be exposed to people from all over the world. – Being a student here
these past four years, those different experiences
have just shaped my entire college experience and have made me the
person that I am today. – I’m really grateful
to get to show people coming to this campus, this beautiful place that I love so much. And of course I’m thankful for the University of Alabama football team, roll tide.

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