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The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

Brainy Dose Presents: The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your
Life Almost everyone has heard of Karma. However, karma is not about punishment and
reward as many people think; it’s more about cause and effect. Karma is the resultant effects of your past
intents and actions. Knowing about Karma can be beneficial, and
will help influence the way you deal with others. If you want your causes to have good effects,
then you need to intentionally take actions that will culminate in the positive results
you desire. Mastering these actions is key to living a
meaningful and fulfilling life and having Karma smile at you in the end. So, here are the 12 Laws of Karma and how
you can apply them to your benefit! Number 1 – The Great Law “AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP” Just as a farmer plants seeds and expects
a period of harvest, whatever you sow, you will also reap. Whatever you do unto people will eventually
be done unto you. When you choose to treat people right, you
will discover that they often reciprocate, and behave more positively toward you too. It may take time – as seeds often take time
to grow – but your words, actions or thoughts – eventually always yield their harvest. They may return to you as love, money or happiness. You should, therefore, be kind and courteous
to people irrespective of the circumstance. Remember, your actions and even your reactions
will come back to you somehow. Number 2 – The Law of Creation “YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE, NOT WHAT YOU
WANT” The law of creation teaches us that we are
more in control of our own lives than we know. Most people often blame others for the wrong
things that happen to them, instead of taking accountability and striving to shape their
own destinies. Do not take a back seat in your own life. Seize the opportunities and ideas that come
to you and make the best of them. Also, note that you eventually become whatever
you continue to see around you. So, surround yourself with things that are
in line with where you are going and what you want to be. This doesn’t mean you should try to change
the people around you- if you try this you may not succeed- instead, work toward improving
yourself, because only you are responsible for what happens to you. Number 3 – The Law Of Humility “WHAT YOU RESIST, PERSISTS” In life, for you to tackle problems and find
solutions, you have to first admit that you have such problems and challenges. It is often our inability to accept that we
have certain struggles that hinder us from finding solutions. But, you can’t change a situation without
coming to terms with it! When you continually see something negative
going on in your life, and you refuse to accept that it exists, you basically start building
up negative energy against it; and unfortunately, this energy comes to reside inside of you. On the other hand, when you learn to accept
that you have these problems, you come to acknowledge that the power to effect change
and find solutions also rests within you. So, take a proper look at your life; assessing
everything thoroughly – both the negatives and the positives. Accept your reality and where you’re at. Then, you will find the strength to make the
necessary changes. Number 4 – The Law of Growth “WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE YOU WILL BE” If you want to grow and make your dreams and
visions a reality, you have to realize that your inner life controls the outer world. Your thoughts eventually become what you act
upon, and your actions frame your world. To change your world and grow, you have to
change its core fabric – your thoughts. Harboring negative thoughts will create a
negative environment, while positive thinking is the only thing that will build you a positive
world. Keep restructuring your reality by improving
your thoughts and choices, and you will grow to achieve all that you dream of. Number 5 – The Law of Responsibility “OUR LIVES ARE OF OUR OWN DOING, NOTHING
ELSE” This law – like the law of creation – focuses
on the fact that our reality is a continuous reflection of our state of mind. When you notice commotion and turmoil around
you, you have to start taking responsibility for the situation you find yourself in. Start taking steps to get out of these kinds
of situations by taking time to engage in deep inner reflection and pursuing peace. Even when something terrible happens to you
unexpectedly, do not waste time mulling over the experience. Instead, learn the lessons and take responsibility
for making things better. When you become responsible for all your thoughts
and actions, you have a sense of control – which is necessary to push yourself forward. Number 6 – The Law of Connection “EVERYTHING YOU DO IS SOMEHOW CONNECTED” The past, present, and the future are all
connected; and your past and present hold significant sway over your future. You should realize that no “one step”
will suddenly shoot you into that future of your dreams. Every single step you have ever taken and
the ones you take right now are equally important. Your future is actually a culmination of your
previous choices and steps. So, all of them count. Therefore, make an effort to take steps which
are consistent with your destination. Only that way can you get there. Number 7 – The Law of Focus “YOU CANNOT THINK OF TWO THINGS AT THE SAME
TIME” In your quest for improvement, it is vital
that you concentrate on the things that truly matter. The Law of focus helps you place your attention
on those values that will primarily assist you in attaining the heights you seek. Focusing on positive emotions, development,
and goals will leave you with no time to focus on negative things. And that’s a good thing. Isn’t it? When you find yourself in not-so-pleasant
circumstances, always look on the brighter side. It might be a difficult thing to do, but when
you form the habit of recognizing the lessons in negative events, you will learn from these
experiences and get even better. Number 8 – The Law of Giving and Hospitality “DEMONSTRATING OUR SELFLESSNESS SHOWS TRUE
INTENTIONS” It is impossible to have a belief that wouldn’t
reflect in our actions. Truthfully, our actions are surer proof that
we really believe. If a life of meaningful impact is what you
truly seek, then selflessness is a cardinal virtue you have to demonstrate continually. You should learn to be accommodating, open
and helpful to people – even when you barely know them. When this becomes your life habit, it is proof
that you have attained some form of growth, because truly matured people lead selfless
lives – they’re always ready to give and help the growth and improvement of others. Number 9 – The Law of Presence “ONE CANNOT BE PRESENT IF THEY ARE LOOKING
BACKWARD – OR, FOR THAT MATTER, FORWARD” This law is a tricky one because it seems
to imply that the past and future don’t matter – somewhat seeming to contradict
the sixth law. But that’s not really the case. Let’s look at it like this; as humans, we
often have the tendency to get caught up in thoughts about past achievements or failures. And sometimes, it’s living in our dreams
of the future that hinder us from seeing the potential of the present. We tend to forget that the present counts
much more than the past and the future. Actually, the steps you take in the present
are more important than the memories of the past and the dreams of the future. You need to learn how to deal with the past
and the future while living in the present. Use lessons from the past, and use your dreams
of a grand future to drive yourself to take the necessary steps that are required right
now. Number 10 – The Law of Change “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, UNLESS CHANGED” Nothing changes unless you change it. That is the law of change. For you to correct negative choices and bad
habits, it’s not enough to merely make up your mind to do it. You have to take action in order for the changes
to actually come to fruition. If you discover a negative trend in your life,
then you have to make an effort to turn it around. Even though true change begins from within,
it never ends there. Go from resolutions to taking action. Do something about your decisions. This is the only way you can grow and get
better. This is the only way to create positive change. Number 11 – The Law of Patience and Reward “NOTHING OF VALUE IS CREATED WITHOUT A PATIENT
MINDSET” Reward comes with being patient. No matter how long it takes, if you persistently
continue to sow the seeds of hard work, in time, the reward will eventually come. You have to continue to persist, and make
decisions that are consistent with your goals. Focus on the process, and do your best every
day. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself
to others who are seemingly achieving more. If you truly understand your worth, you won’t
bother with comparisons. Hard work eventually pays off, even if it
takes time – you just have to be patient. Number 12 – The Law of Significance and Inspiration “THE BEST REWARD IS ONE THAT CONTRIBUTES
TO THE WHOLE” This last law and the first law are quite
similar. The first law focuses on the individual, while
the last law focuses on the collective effect of actions. It is true that you will eventually reap what
you sow, but we should also realize that our individual decisions and actions become our
eventual contributions to society. All of our intentions and actions build up
massive energy that creates results that affect us all. This energy is eventually transmitted into
our society and the world at large. So, make sure your actions provide value and
inspiration to others. Make a conscious effort to be good to people. Pursue your goals and passions. Lead by example! Whether you believe in Karma or not, you can
probably agree that these laws contain fundamental principles and wisdom that anyone and everyone
can apply to make life better. To live a life of impact you genuinely desire,
mastering these 12 laws of Karma will prove very useful in your quest for fulfillment. What do you think? Do you believe in Karma? What are your thoughts on these karmic laws? Share your thoughts and comments below! If you found this video helpful, give it a
thumbs up, and share it with your friends – so we can keep making them! For more videos like this, hit the SUBSCRIBE
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100 comments on “The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

  1. Am I the only one who sees sooooo many flaws with this guy's reasoning?
    Look, Karma works both ways and is transcendent of time. For example causality: you will be run over by a car because you ran over a puppy that was somehow to be the answer to a vaccine many years later.
    But, believing in and trying to "put out the word" like this guy does, in the "name of destiny" makes no sense!
    I don't care what you call it, but come up with another word here.. This many repeatedly talks about destiny and how it can be changed. Destiny doesn't work like that.
    Let's call it a different word.

    you know what??? I'm just not even going going to continue to listen to this guy's crap. It contradicts its self! Me arguing this wont change anything.

    I hope all of you who are watching this… Take it with a grain of salt.
    You need to be your selves! Don;t listen to contradictory crap spun by someone who has no clue what they are talking about and just wants youtube likes.

    Please take care all!

  2. And that is so true let go of respected patterns and things better and different exspecily if you no those patterns arnt working so do it differently and better.

  3. Always be good always put good I the world because there's always a return.and always treat others how you want to be treated .

  4. Karma has been subconsciously and consciously been in my life for a while but the worst part about it is that for me it is like a balencing beam that I can only control with my fingers doing everything I can do to keep it stable

  5. Karma is the next life we live
    After we leave this 1
    Nothing to do with what goes around comes around dont get it twisted
    Do good in the life your living and the next life will be tenfold

  6. Bull shit…no such thing as karma….you dont get what you deserve, you get what you get and nothing is fair about it.

  7. Micke just pretend to be god in Earth & he should be better of focusing in His own charma. THE only reason Micke thinks charma works are becuse Steve Jobs launch eye cameras in our eyes & headset in our ears. With a simple I phone ( eye phone) its possible to play video games with People. Its quasi & un balanced but thats Ron Jeremys Love account also. Micke just Hates THE truth more than he Loves to lie.

  8. Karma is real. Bad things kept happening to every person that kept bullying me and making fun of me. First rule of karma. Don't fight back if someone insults you. I remember I used to be a bagger for a small grocery store & this girl kept mocking me. She was a cashier. One day I got hired as a Cashier in a much larger company. & I met her there. I saw her again, working for the same company. But this time.. she was working in a much smaller position. Wearing a ridiculous outfit which was her uniform. & I greeted her with my new Job being a Cashier. & as she looked at me. I could see in her eyes pain and dissapointment of how stupid she seemed. As I greeted her, I still didn't make fun of her. Neither did I point out how ridiculous she looked. I just walked away happy. Knowing I got rewarded well.

  9. This started off quite informative and optimistic but the way you do the panning in, out, up and down with camera is extremely annoying and child like…what is the reason for the paranoid music and pictures…SMH🙄

  10. Doesn't always work. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. And some say it's because of an evil past life you may have had. If that's the case, there is no winning with karma.

  11. Facts all facts like We as human once before think of blessings as they come not so often but observation help notice that blessings happen 24/7 I live inside Harmony's so I understand that blessings are define by what we connected to..good video keep them sufacing and keep them inside of things we hate because those are the things that can help us and manifest we only have control over what we create not what we want….exspectations only become a issue when u can't reach it but maybe exspectations can't grow until u can't reach em so they not lowed but adjusted…#Peace

  12. Karma doesn’t exist at all , God does . People will believe anything else except God . God is in control of everything nothing exists without Him , people are free to make choices good or bad . His name is J. Christ .

  13. I just lied to a person yesterday, should I expect the instant fall back or would it be like "The Bill Comes Due"?
    Just a curious truth monger!😇

  14. I personally think that if you are on the positive side of your life and just being kind and happy, you will always achieve more than you dream about it.

  15. This just popped up in my feed. I KNOW the Globalists who own Social Media read my emails, etc. I really needed to be reminded of KARMA today. My husband passed away last week and my entire life hangs on the decisions I make in the next few weeks. I'm moving 600 miles away to live with my sister. I was filled with dread but now I have remembered how much difference my attitude makes so I shall look at this situation I'm in as an adventure and I will meditate for the strength to do this! Thanks for posting this. 💕🧘‍♀️🙏⚘

  16. Well life has shown different, most good ppl suffer, bad ppl gets what they want, politication, police, ect, so each to their own, but sometimes i do see some ppl do get back what they put out there..

  17. I truly believe in Karma,doing the laws of karma helps help me physically,and mentally.I also have share this you tube with others,ty.😁🔥✨🌟NAMASTE.

  18. This is partly right. But the focus and framing onto individualism and capitalism is so so so so wrong. Success isn't objectivation (creating distance between yourself and the world around you) it's integration.

  19. Reading the comments and it’s interesting how everyone claims to be nice to everyone but if that’s the case why are we so divided especially in this country

  20. If an expecting mother does drugs while being pregnant…Is it the unborn childs karma it must live with the birth complications of the neglecting mother only to have its life challenged before it ever exists the womb? Is it my karma my mother was a drug addict? Is it my karma I lived in an incubator? Is it my karma I had to have corrective surgeries? Is it my karma my mother never woke up after an overdose to have her lifeless body flopped on to the floor to be zipped in a body bag? Is it the young childs karma to be gased in a chamber with other innocent people?

  21. I have some bad neighbors who just moved in next to me.They constantly spray chemical as well as offensive smells into my apartment. I strongly believe in karma that they are going to pay for what they do.

  22. I'm sorry but I don't buy this anymore. I used believe in karma. I've seen to many people do horrible things and never be accountsble for their destruction of innocent unsuspecting people.

  23. So when someone kills your son and gets away with it they still face the consequences?? No they just get away with it…

  24. A concept derived by humans when they cannot do anything else. Let karma do its job xD

    If someone did wrong with you then that doesn't mean the person who did it is wrong. Maybe it was the right for him/her.

    Your feelings and emotions getting affected is your problem not someone else's. Stop believing in something you don't see. Karma doesnot exist

  25. Whatever you see shall you reap? Lol. Yeah bull. My ex is on disability for migraines. She not sewing crap and reaping plenty

  26. True Karma doesn't work like that. God's will will let you fall into that evil whole you dig falsely against people. Man made karma has a bad affect on society because everyone involved starts reaping man made karma that sounds like natural disasters.

  27. Im 41 and i experienc karma in the opposite..meaning i do something nice and i get screwed time and time again so i just kind of do what i want anymore i feel its like superstitions which are b.s. as well i walk under ladders all the time my job requires🤣🤣…true story though

  28. To be honest I'm not sure, because karma is a Buddhist belief. Also if noone made up a word that defined the definition of karma therefore it wont exist. You can also transmute karma if you tell yourself that your action was for the better good and beleive it for real, but the main reason I do beleive in karma because it's been indoctrinated in me my entire life so if you have remorse and guilt you send that out to the universe and like attracts like. Also we all owe a karma debt … until we erase all our karma debts we keep getting reincarnated until you do …. this may sound crazy but I have listened enough on peoples perspectives on it. I do beleive,if you are an alchemist you can transmute it

  29. I like this viewpoint on Karma. It's basic, simple, and even tradishional. You reap what you so is also a lesson taught in scripture.

  30. Reap what you sow hopefully a karma will slap him back to a human being that’s give a dam what his reckless words can hurt others! He needs to practice what u preach be well be kind do u even known the meaning ?

  31. My beautiful 6’2” blonde and blue ex with Gumby legs and a 39” inseam turned out to be a bi sexual deviant and a narcissistic psychopath. A friend told me that he saw her at the store and she was wrinkled, solid gray, and looked like an end stage aids patient and I look 10 years younger. She was a deceitful Jezebel and I can’t say I wasn’t pleased to hear it!

  32. I've always treated people the way I want to be treated. Unfortunately, they've tried to use it against me but regardless I never let it stop me!

  33. the most important thing if you want to live a healthy happy stress free life with no karma is "be honest with yourself and live in truth" and you will feel the weight of mountains suddenly lift off your shoulders!!

  34. i've been a bitch since i was a teenager now im entering adulthood i feel like a total failure, and my mental health is worse than before

  35. I read through many comments here and many seem to have some sort of disbelief, negativity or disagreement. One of the key things about karma is detachment and selfless service. When we derive and measure our happiness based on expectations from others, we may or may not get desired results and miss happiness. Life and karma are vast topics on which volumes has been written about and still we are seeking answers. Life is dynamic, ever-changing just like nature, this world. So for those curious or interested, think of these ideas as basic guidelines and expand on their context to see how it best applies to your situation. Thanks for reading.

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