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The 911 Call That Will Change His Life – Key & Peele

The 911 Call That Will Change His Life – Key & Peele

This is all about Susie Diaz. It’s Suzie Diaz’s party. Susie Diaz is running the show.
I’m just gonna show up. If she needs me to bring beer
or something, I’m more than happy to do it. Oh, dude.
Oh, my God. A woman just fainted.
I’m gonna have to call you back. Ma’am. Ma’am. Oh…um… [line ringing] [ringing] 911.
What is your emergency? Yes, yeah. I’m at the corner
of Fifth and Metropolitan, and I just came up
across this woman, and she just–she just
passed out on the sidewalk here. Okay.
And is she responsive, sir? Um… [dramatic melody] Okay, sir?
Is she responsive? Sir? Sir? Um, no, she’s–
she’s not responsive. She’s…beautiful. ♪ ♪ That is not relevant
to this emergency, sir. An ambulance is on its way. In the meantime,
I need you to check her pulse. Check her pulse.
Right, check her pulse. Okay. [dramatic melody] Does she have a pulse, sir? Oh, she does, but her skin is so soft. Sir… She doesn’t have on
a ton of makeup, but she’s the kind of girl – that just doesn’t need it.
– Sir– You can see that she put a lot
of thought into her outfit, but not like she’s trying
too hard. She’s perfect. Sir, may I remind you that you have not spoken a word
to this woman? I need you to see
if she’s breathing. Is she breathing?
Yeah, okay. Hold on. ♪ ♪ Sir, I need you
to stay on track. Oh, God. Oh, God,
she’s not breathing! The love of my life
is not breathing. You got to save my baby! Do you know how to give
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Yes, I do. Okay. I need you
to administer that now. Okay, okay.
[exhales sharply] No, no.
I ca–I can’t. I can’t do it.
I can’t–I can’t do it. It just–
it’s disrespectful. I have to be respectful
for her. Sir, this is the only time
it’s okay to put your mouth on an unconscious woman.
Do it. I just didn’t picture it
happening this way, and there’s butterflies
in my stomach, and I’m just– [hyperventilating]
I don’t want to mess this up. – It’s so rare to find–
– Sir, if you can hear me, an ambulance is on its way. – I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
– I need you to calm down. – Oh, gosh, my head.
– Sir? – I’m so light-headed.
– Sir, stay with me. If this is what it feels
like to be in love, this is what it must feel like
when you–when you find the one. Sir, are you there? [busy signal beeping] [sirens approaching] Oh, God. [phone beeping] [line ringing] [phone ringing] 911.
What is your emergency? There’s an attractive,
confident, well-to-do black man. He just passed out
right here on the street. Okay.
Ma’am, listen very carefully. I’m going
to need you to marry him. O-okay. Shouldn’t I give him,
like, mouth-to-mouth first? Yeah, girl.
Get you some. Shoot.

100 comments on “The 911 Call That Will Change His Life – Key & Peele

  1. I always wanted to trip and fall into the love of my life's arms in the produce section of my local Publix…. But THIS, this seems more appropriate ??

  2. OMG….. lol this was crazy as hell I LOVED it… these two kill it every time… Marry him…. I'm like DAMN….lol

  3. "This is all about Suzy Diaz', it's Suzy Diaz party. Suzy Diaz is running the show. If she wants me to bring beer…"--love that!!!! "911 what is your emergency?" MY GOSH I've been missing out all these years.

  4. "Hmm, according to the script, Jordan, you're gonna be the dispatcher, and I'm… um, why are you putting on that dress?"

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