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The Bible doesn’t talk about climate change, right?

The Bible doesn’t talk about climate change, right?

(whirring) – “I am an Evangelical, “so climate can’t be changing, “because God’s in control and not us. “And even if it is, “who cares? “The world’s gonna end anyways.” That’s what all Evangelicals think, right? (rewinding) (dinging) When we poll people in the United States about whether they think climate is changing because of humans, and if we ask how worried
they are about it, it’s true, there is one group that
ends up at the bottom, and that is white Evangelicals. Only 28% of us say that
humans are responsible, and curiously, only 45% of white Catholics also agree, compared to 77% of Hispanic Catholics. But don’t they have the same pope? It isn’t being Catholic or Evangelical that makes us doubt the science, it’s something else. What is an Evangelical anyways? There are as many definitions for us as there are books in the Bible, so I’m gonna go with one I got from a man name Lieth Anderson. Leith is a pastor who’s also the president of the National
Association of Evangelicals in the United States, so he knows his stuff, and this is what he says. “Evangelicals are people who
take the Bible seriously.” Our first clue came from the poles, and now for our second clue we’re gonna go to the Bible. If Evangelicals take it seriously, what does it have to
say about climate change and all that kind of stuff? The first book in the first
chapter is Genesis one. It talks about how humans were made in the image of God. If you ever went to Sunday School you probably heard that one. But then it tells us why, so that we, humans, could be responsible for every
living thing on the planet. Now some translations turn that into dominion over the earth. But even so, would we respect someone who had dominion over a company or a nation and ran it into the ground? Of course not. All of us respect wise stewardship when it comes to being
in charge of something, and that’s what Genesis is talking about. We are stewards or
caretakers of the people, animals, plants, and all living things on this planet. Moving forward through the Bible there’s a lot of verses that speak of God’s love and care for creation. But there are also a few verses that people pick out
and apply out of context to support their point. For example, there’s a verse that says there will always be seasons. So people say, “Well, how
can global warming be real “if there always will
be winter and summer?” Well, did you know that
seasons are caused by the earth’s orbit around the sun? And humans aren’t effecting that yet, so of course there will always be winter and summer here in
the Northern Hemisphere, they’ll just be warmer. Then there’s the verse about how God will never destroy the
earth again with a flood. And so people use that to
say sea level isn’t rising. First of all, it is. Thousands of gages around the world are pretty clear on that. But second, even if all the ice sheets on earth melted there would still be dry land left, just not nearly as much. And because so many of us
live near the coastlines it’s estimated that about 1/3 of us, that’s 2 1/2 billion people, live on land that would be under water if the ice sheets melted. But that doesn’t mean the earth
will be entirely destroyed. So getting back to the
main theme of the Bible, in the New Testament we learn for example of people who had quit their jobs and were waiting around, sitting on their hands, for the world to end and Christ to return. The Apostle Paul wrote to those people in the letter to the Thessalonians, and in no uncertain terms told them to work with their hands. In other words, to support their family. And elsewhere, to care for the widows
and the orphans, too. Whether we believe in the
end of the world or not, we’re not supposed to be
sitting around waiting for it, because most of all, throughout the entire Bible we find verses about love for others, particularly those less
fortunate than ourselves. And that, as everyone from Pope Francis to Leith Anderson reminds us, is why we care about a changing climate. Because it disproportionally
effects the poor and the vulnerable. Those who if food prices double can’t afford to feed their families. If sea level rises, have nowhere to go. If water runs out, become refugees far from home. It’s crystal clear, from both the social
science and from the Bible, that our objections to the
science of climate change have nothing to do with being
religiously Evangelical. They have everything to do with being politically Evangelical. As Galen Carey, a former missionary and
now the vice president of the National Association
of Evangelicals says, “Many Evangelicals oppose
actions to slow climate change “not on a religious basis, “but on a political one
because they believe “the government wants to
take away their freedom.” Bishop Efraim Tondero
is the Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance, representing 600 million
people around the world. He was also an official
member of the Philippine delegation to the Paris
Climate Conference. And when one Evangelical asked Bishop Ef why he cares about climate change, and then added, “Don’t you read the Scriptures?” He replied, “Yes, “I do read the Scriptures, “and that’s why I care.” (dinging) Thank you for watching Global Weirding. Be sure to go to every other Wednesday so you don’t miss the new episode. You can subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow me on Twitter, and check out our Facebook Live discussion every other Thursday
after each new episode at 7 PM Central. See you next time.

99 comments on “The Bible doesn’t talk about climate change, right?

  1. I thank God for the part you play in His gracious provision.

    I commend you for not shirking to define the word "Evangelical", given the amazing, multi-faceted and rapidly developing social upheaval we seem to be witnessing. It seems everyone from Dr. Thomas Moore to the President Elect is asking or proposing answers to the question "What is an Evangelical?"

    I like the simplicity of "Someone who takes the Bible seriously", and how well it works in the context of the problem of misadducing arguments against the existence of global warming from scripture.

    Be encouraged. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow, thank God for women like you who could expound on such a topic on the basis of faith that is relatable for believers and non-believers alike.

    I believe that whether you are 'religious' or not, what matters is how we honor the stewardship that God has bestowed upon humanity. It is a great privilege to be in partnership with the Lord in taking care of His grand creation. He deserves our worship not only through words but also through work.

    Thank you for this great content. I hope you'll continue on making even more with other topics as well. More power to your channel and God bless!

  3. thank you this is a great answer! ive seen it that god gave us a responsibility to protect the earth.this seems like a great series and i just subscribed!

  4. "Is the climate changing?"
    Yes, it always is, with or without industry.

    "Is the globe warming?"

    "Are humans contributing to this?"
    Sure, industry has to make some impact on the climate.

    "*How much is the change as a direct result of humans?*"
    We don't know.  It could be as great as 25% or as little as .01%.

    Therefore, we should not make policies that could potentially harm the poorest among us.

    And yes, we should be a steward towards the earth that God has given us (Until He comes back, destroys the world, and makes a new heaven and earth).

    However, we should be careful to protect the defenseless before we make policies on a natural phenomenon, one that we don't know enough about and, if catastrophic, even a united global government couldn't stop.

  5. I am very disappointed by this clip. It assumes that what we are told about extreme climate change being caused by us is true. There is no evidence in the Bible to back up this claim. But I do agree that we are responsible to look after this world.        I am not a climate change denier as the climate has always changed and extreme events have always been with us. In fact there have been more extreme events in the past. Take the ice ages for example.

  6. You missed one important part.
    Sea levels will not be the only problem.
    Higher heat temperatures means Death of Plants and Animals.
    Methane Gas Release Poisoning the atmosphere. No Humans, No Animals.
    Its not Just Rising Water.
    The plant food lie told is a joke.
    plants will die.
    plants that never been exposed to snow will die within days and some instantaneous.
    Land exposed to sea water turns to sand, plants die. Oceans dying at the same time.

  7. Katharine.  Where did the map of Australia that you used in your 'Science by the Glass' talk showing a temp of 54c come from?

  8. There is no freedom. Muslims are they that want to rob freedom more than any.  Obama wants them to flood the USA creating deadly go zones. If we had freedom I could strip down walking wherever I wanted outside with no one caring at all. There are activities that harmless innocent people are afraid to do fearing people that rob people of their freedoms.

  9. I know you're trying hard but there is simply no way to rationalize the teachings of the bible. You're doing mental gymnastics and manufacturing an esoteric rationalization in order to come up with some acceptable meaning. But facts are facts and if you're an evangelical you simply are unable to divorce yourself from these horrible teachings. Own it

  10. The Noah argument about G_d's promise didn't preclude our doing it to ourselves as we busy ourselves with the impossible: serving G_d and mammon: greed-as-good CapitalismFail. Its always wise to read the fine print.

    It is limited liability law enabled markets that make freedom (& 'wealth') the right to be irresponsible within CapitalismFail; creates the Anthropocene with its abrupt climate change …
    and in our apostate image. Our corporate 'persons' in whom we trust/for whom we slave, having eaten of an anthropogenic Tree of Life now can live forever (the ongoing cannibalism-for-profit, withstanding); have become as gods. The Garden we are booting ourselves out of this time is our spaceship earth … and we are taking much of G_d's creation with us.

    Yes, we were given dominion over creation, but that was before we ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; before we allowed the Deceiver to …

  11. please, please research God's calendar in Genesis 1:14. Genesis 1:14 is not one of the ten commandments, but nevertheless, it is still a strict commandment from The Almighty to let the Sun, Moon, and Stars be for Days, Years, etc. We must walk as Christ walked; he kept God's commandments, he kept God's Calendar. It makes perfect sense too me that God's Holy Sabbath should be calculated and observe by God's Calendar. Saturday nor Sunday is the true Sabbath of God.

    Man has invented many things contrary to God and the Gregorian Calendar is one of them. It is a false system of time; it can change ANYTIME. For example, Sunday could become the seventh day around other parts of the world like it is in many countries today (the ISO 8601 calendar)…. then Saturday Sabbath Keepers will be worshiping on Sun-day like many today………However, God's Calendar does not change; it sits in the heavens where no man can tamper with it.

    The Roman Catholic Church /Pope, other churches and organizations around the world are clasping hands to elevate a false rest day Sabbath. Every man, women, boy and girl will have to decide who he or she will follow: God's Holy Sabbath by God's Calendar or man's false rest day Sabbath by man's Calendar. By obeying and following man above God a person will in reality be worshiping Satan that gives power unto the beast (king/kingdom) I believe Satan will deceive many to take the mark of the beast through a Calendar controversy. Let us worship and obey Him that made heaven, earth, sea and all that is in them PEACE WITH LOVE

  12. All Christians are hypocrites. They all say "God is good." But challenge them to back that up with a list of acts that cause so much pain, grief, misery and suffering that their god would never do that to anyone. Their forked tongues will quickly retract into their deceitful mouths. To list anything is to judge God; a Christian no-no. Christians really mean "God is good, but it's a special kind of goodness that can't be told apart from pure evil."

  13. okay, problem. you talk about genesis and our dominion of all the animals. Yes, but this was way before we fell in the garden . we where also able to communicate with animals in genisis but not anymore. So our dominion of all living things no longer stands.
    The bible in paul and revelations also talks about the end times, and famine, dying forest, dying fish…etc
    now if your keeping up with world events you see prophecies are being fulfilled. What your implying is that i pretend like humans created the famine and dying fish. No,we didn't.I do not put my trust in man but god.Take your own advice dont pick and choose what to beleive.

  14. I am 57 yrs old… the beaches I went to as a kid are exactly the same as they are now….  you are a chicken little bearing false witness…

  15. Thanks for speaking truth to power. IDK why so many are out of sync with the climate/religion issue. As a "Mormon" I see it that scientists study the miracles of God. Enlightened scientists if you will, do not deny our Creator but, instead, strive to understand the world and universe around to the benefit of every living being and recognize the sacredness of it as well. How to convince the leaders of industry and nations is perhaps a bigger challenge as facts become politicized and glossed over in the pursuit greed. The Lord gave us all we need to flourish as a species. Gave guidance on sharing so that no one would go without. Mankind twists it. Societies grow and fall, each time some progress is made in technology. I pray that the failures of the past and present become the foundation of an intelligent society that loves God and one another. Well gotta go now. My rose colored glasses need a cleaning again. 😉

  16. doubt the science, why would anyone trust a scientist to show them the science, figure out cancer, then maybe will believe you know something about the weather.

  17. There is a fallacy where the person says: "It seems reasonable, therefore it must be true". Another goes: "A lot of people are saying so, therefore it must be true." These sum up climate change theory and subscribers in a nutshell.

  18. Take their "freedom" to destroy our planet away? I am good with that.

    A 100% free society is a lawless society. Do we give people the "freedom" to kill people that annoy them? No. Do we give them the "freedom" to steal? No. Your "freedoms" only go so far before you are overly impinging on the rights of others.

  19. On a related note, the Parable of the 10 virgins has a strong climate change activism message. Also, please subscribe to our channel!

  20. Thank you. God bless you Katherine Hayho. Treating others as you would be treated yourself. Love is truly the answer. We are grateful to have leaders like you.

  21. Are you suggesting that evangelical religion is more about class than religion? That people who make a lot of money from mining fossil fuels or building roads etc., and that they want to protect their assets and prevent the government from taxing them? That they use institutional religion to justify policies that make their lives easier and make themselves richer?

  22. "Evangelicals are people who take the bible seriously". For once a definition of the kind of person a thinking individual could actually respect, rather than the cartoon image that "evangelical" so often evokes.

  23. As someone who has been struggling with faith, this has helped tremendously. So many "Christians" are turning people away from God due to ignorance and misinformation.

  24. This was in very good taste, but it also came off as both condescending and a little manipulative. I want to convince evangelical conservatives that they should take climate change seriously as well. However, I don't think this is the right way to reach that audience (even though it's an obvious and admirable attempt to do so). I think that our approach to convincing evangelicals should basically approach the issue from four angles; 1) from the theological angle, weigh out the arguments clearly on both sides and compare, 2) from the political, motivate conservatives on conservative principles to care about the issue, 3) from the epistemological, argue that most of us are just not in a position to justifiably doubt the current scientific consensus with no good theological (or other) defeaters, and 4) from the scientific, at least address some of the most popular responses from conservative climate change skeptics and talk a little bit about why the evidence has persuaded so many scientists uninterested in political or religious alliances.

    Anything less seems facile, and is likely to turn them off, especially if it sounds like it's coming from somebody who hasn't given the conservative evangelical the basic courtesy of not presuming that they are wrong from the outset. Give them enough dialectical space to comfortably enter into the discussion without feeling like anyone is leveraging scientific authority (to say nothing of theological authority) against them from the outset. I sincerely think that's the right way to open the dialogue more productively.

  25. The absurdity about climate changers is their hypocrisy. They're on a crusade to save the planet whilst holding onto their materialistic goods. To accuse evangelicals of not caring about the environment is condescending. You mean to tell me that evangelicals who typically live in austerity don't care about the environment? GTFO!.

  26. If all the ice sheets melt our weather will be warmer and wetter, bigger storms, larger tornadoes

    The tribulations ?

  27. I can't remember where, but I do remember the bible mentioning global warming. Not specifically, but it's definitely understood. It is all a part of the end of days. We are in the midst of that time, if not at the beginning, and need to be vigilant.

  28. I'm grateful for these videos! I think the definition of Evangelical is inadequate, though, because many Christians take the Bible seriously and are not Evangelical, myself included.

  29. Democrats wouldn't be in such a hurry to get the third world into the 1st world if they were that concerned about global warming. The carbon footprint is MUCH MUCH bigger when you are in the 1st world countries as compared to their homelands ….

  30. This whole video in one sentence. 'Excuse me while I play somantic games so I can continue to believe in an entirely outdated set of ideas and instructions that are entirely at odds with modern times'.

  31. The problem with evangelicals and fundies is that they need Jesus. The real Jesus. And the Bible — the real Bible. They need to stop using their religion to justify all the awful things they want to believe and start using their religion to make themselves better people.

  32. You didn't mention the climate change over the past few thousand years talked about in the Bible. For instance, all of the farming done in and around Egypt. Egypt used to get more rain. The NT speaks of John the Baptist being in the "wilderness" eating locusts and honey – they meant "wilderness", in places where plants and trees grew and locusts were there. The Sahara has experienced desertification – mostly from human activities – over the past several thousand years.

    However, the writers of the Bible did not and could not foresee our use of fossil fuels, ocean acidification, methane, and the ~70 inter-related cycles that are increasing the rate of global warming since the industrial revolution at accelerated rates. There is no "planet B".

  33. Thank you for explaining that it’s their ‘(political) freedoms’ that evangelicals are actually concerned about.. but won’t many of these be taken away (potentially in various ways) anyway if the causes of global warming are allowed to continue unhindered? ie when the train hits the wall and smashes many different changes are going to have to happen to re-order society in a way anyway? It will just happen much more violently at some point in the future because of the gross level of denial that has led up to it.. also what exactly is meant by ‘freedoms’ to them anyway? Freedom to SHOP unhindered (+ continue to have the largest economic footprint in the WORLD) or freedom to do good? (Which some restraints would actually help foster). It’s only those who really have much to ‘lose’ (as they see it – ie greedy robber-Barrons of this world quite frankly) who are opposed to all this, and those they stir up /manipulate who they falsely befriend in their own interests in order to go along with their story (some of the poor/dispossessed who haven’t ‘woken up’ yet). Covering themselves with the word ‘biblical’… if it don’t SMELL/LOOK/ACT like Jesus… RUN!!!🏃‍♀️ Love IS as LOVE DOES…

  34. the globalist are changing the climate by using chemicals and micro waves along with lasers they heat the atmosphere they have the patents for making snow rain hail the bible also teaches the earth does not spin he held the sun still while the fighting went on till it was over

  35. Revelations is all about climate change dear. You can also see Luke 21 25 and 26 that might help a bit when it comes to the Sea. Simply I'm a woman of faith not so much religious but I believe in Jesus Christ and the Divine Trinity and I believe in taking care of our people and its creatures, but there's something not right I don't know what it is but my intuition is usually correct and when I deny it is when I get myself into trouble. There is just simply and plainly put something about climate change that I do not trust. I personally do not feel comfortable and it's does not feel right to me and I am very Holy Spirit infused. I am not without sin but I hear Holy Spirit talking to me always. I've been baptized in the name of the father Son and Holy Spirit and I have received Christ in my heart fully when I was 7 years old and I've been baptized in the year of 2016 since then I have been more Holy Spirit and fuse as when you get baptized full submersion is when you are reborn in Christ when you want his heart and mind fully, he will control all that you do. But as long as we have are hand in the world we will never be fully belonging to Christ as in Matthew 16:24 226. Not many people consecrate but they still call themselves Christians. People think just asking the Lord into their hearts is all you need to do but that is not true you must continue to consecrate consecrate consecrate. I don't see many picking up their cross. Just my thoughts. Just saying.. We must live with our consequences of our beliefs and our free will that is given to us by God our creator. We did not come from monkeys we did not come from some Big Bang Theory anyone who believes that is being deceived! Peace be with you all and God bless you all in Jesus of Nazareth name amen

  36. Tell me if I'm wrong but isn't the earths seasons caused by the tilt of it's axis and not its orbit around the sun ?

  37. Read your bible again. You don't live on a spinning ball. The bible is clearly a Flat Earth book. "Let God be true and Everyman a Liar" that includes Copernicus the Freemason and NASA

  38. Thank you for sharing your message about our stewardship for our fellow people and our home. Everyone can do something to be a part of the solution and believing is the first step.

  39. I am a christian. And yes i am very worried about climate change, people say yes but God is going to create a new world. True. But it is no excuse to do whatever we want with this earth! To destroy forests and animals, the plastic soup in the ocean. God is crying, we destroy everything. Yes we have dominion over animals, but not in the way we slaughter and destroy them. That is not what God ment. Climate change is going to hit the most poor people first!

  40. Of course the Bible talks about weather. You, after accusing people of taking verses of of context, took a part of a verse out of context and misapplied it. Now lets look at it in context without your radical agenda.
    Gen 8:21
    And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.
    Gen 8:22
    While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

  41. Ok, you can ridicule me in the replies below, but I am going to tell you the truth. Direct and to the point. I am attacking false belief, but I can still love those who hold those beliefs. The papacy is the man of sin who was prophesied to think to change the times and the law. The law he changed was the second one about making graven images and bowing down to them. The only law concerning time is the fourth, the Sabbath commandment. In his catechism which Catholics use in preference to the Bible, he claims to have changed God's Sabbath to Sunday. This is his MARK of authority, that he can change God's law! I urge you sincerely, to watch Mark Woodman's video, "Who is the Antichrist". He will show you 21 points from the Bible that prove that the papacy is the Antichrist. All Protestant and Baptist churches used to teach this. They were right. Jesuits, sworn to restore the papacy to world domination, are responsible for futurism in our Protestant churches today. Anyway, with his "Laudato Si", Pope Francis is using the climate change issue to gather legislative support for his mark. This is the mark of the beast, enforced Sunday worship. No, the pope did not create the so called Christian Sabbath. it is from Babylonian sun worship, but the papacy has threatened, tortured and killed to ensure its adoption by the church. Don't worry about the many Christians who have worshipped on Sunday. God judges us by the truth that we have. In the last days, the truth is being spread to the whole world. Those who reject the forth commandment and follow tradition and the laws of men, will suffer the plagues and be killed when Jesus comes. Jesus says, "If you love me you will keep my commandments".

  42. How does God destroy the planet via climate catastrophe as mentioned throughout all of the Bible if man reverses climate change to end catastrophe?

  43. 1. Paul forbid women to teach. There are exemptions, but I think it is not this woman. It is very suspicious, that the "God is in control" perception is degraded by her.
    2. Genesis interpretation and reasoning is wrong, because it is not proven scientifically or form the bible that human activity (existence) is the main and only reason of climate anomalies, but she claims it to be evident, although allegedly she is objectively observing the very same question.
    3. Climate hysteria and business is invented by godless crazy people, who pretend to act in the name of love, but actually they love just themselves, and the nature (which is idolatry as you know) and often don’t bother with the real suffering or damage of less fortunate or other people, when their everyday lives are in danger because of the beliefs of the climate people. It is a telltale, that the climate gurus and celebrities have an other big aim, the population reduction, which is obviously an evil plan. Katharine is taught by them, instead of God in this issue.
    4. God does speak about the end of the world, but hasn't said a word about co2, or burning wood as a sin. Sin has clear definition, and that is the cause of death, not smoke…
    She is right about the political background, but that doesn’t save her point.

  44. like PBS knows anything about the bible that is funny when did PBS became knowledge about the bible . don't be deceived people are not going to destroy the earth god is and to think we can thats prideful.Proverbs 16:18 King James Version (KJV)

    18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

  45. Does The Bible teach that the earth moves? Didn't Joshua, a man of God, bid that the sun stand still & not the earth to have light that he might slew his enemies? Either you don't know your bible and/or you don't believe it Katharine Hayhoe

  46. Revelation 11:18 The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both great and small– and for destroying those who destroy the earth."

  47. If climate change is real, it was ultimately caused by original sin. God created a paradise with no pain and suffering. No sickness and death. No natural disasters. All that was caused by original sin.

  48. As a white Catholic, it isn't that we don't believe climate change isn't real. Of course climate change is real; the climate has NEVER been static, it is always changing. It's that we doubt the prophets of the Church of Climatology, and we doubt the so-called science. How often did President Obama expound on the evils of climate change and melting ice caps? If he believed it, why did he just spend $15 million dollars on beach front property that will be under water in two years?

    Ice flows that are already in the water, if they melt, they won't change the water level. They'll add an amount of water equal to the volume of water they've already displaced. Get a glass of ice water and watch the ice melt.

    The ice covering land, say in Antarctica and Greenland that melting is a concern. However, besides the potential problems of flooding there is also the pressing danger of dumping millions of gallons of fresh water into the Ocean and wreaking havoc on the ocean currents. What happens when the water that is warmed at the Equator is no longer carried to the Poles?

    And what percentage of climate change is really caused by humans? More to the point, how long have we been altering it? When did we become arrogant enough to think we can undo 3 or 4 centuries of industrialization in one human lifetime?

    Also, half the world's population lives in southern and western Asia. How many of those countries have embraced the Church of Climatology? Anything attempted by the industrialized West is easily dwarfed by the change still being done.

    And finally, why do Climate Alarmists always prescribe the same solution no matter the climate problem? In the 1970s, it was the imminent Coming of the New Ice Age. The solution? Give up our personal freedoms and give more control over to the government. Now it's Global Warming. The solution? Give up our personal freedoms and give more control over to the government.

    Should we be better stewards of the Earth? Yes. But surrender our freedoms to do so? Why? Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, right. But give unto God what is God's. And our personal freedoms are a gift from God ("we are endowed by our Creator certain unalienable rights"). Or, there's the old favourite: "I am the Lord your God, you shall have no other gods before me."

    So, I'm sorry, I can't pray at the Church of Climatology.

  49. I clicked out of respect for Dr. Hayhoe and her work. But i am really shocked of some of the comments. I always took pride in modern Catholics being all about helping others. These political evangelists, as Hayhoe call them, seem to be concerned only with their own freedom and well being. Who wants someone like this in their community? How can you have a community with people like this? I am very confused.

  50. That's nice and all, but it doesn't matter if evangelicals feel responsible or not, there's no solution. And just because Paul said to use your hands, that doesn't mean he's saying to become political. This social justice stuff is nothing new, it's called immanentizing the eschaton. You can't just tell the government to fix your life. The only "solution" would be for scientists to figure out a cheap way to take the carbon out of the air. If they don't, metal straws, killing the cows, banning meat, won't do anything. An evangelical who isn't political is not sinning, they are not not using their hands. So long as they are making disciples, they are pleasing God. And it is true, the government does want to take away your freedom. Again, the government can't save you. We are never called to be political, and that is not synonymous with not standing up for justice.

  51. Thank you sister in Christ for telling everyone the truth. I believe we are in these last days before Jesus returns. I'm in NZ but all I hear on my news televised every week mostly now is 'Climate change, this and that'. It's annoying. We need to be stirred up and ready before Jesus returns.

    Brother in Christ

  52. This confuses me greatly. I find it entirely acceptable for scientists to believe in a higher power and a creator like the Christian God, but this seems to contradict the theory of evolution. I would like to know what Dr. Hayhoe' stance is on that. If humans are made in the image of God and are placed on earth to be stewards, does Dr. Hayhoe believe that humans and apes share a common ancestor? If she accepts that, how would this work?; did God set in motion evolution that took hundreds of millions of years of genetic mutations and natural selection for one small group to eventually evolve into the beings that are in his image to finally take the role of stewards on earth? If she doesn't accept that, isn't she denying a scientific consensus?…

  53. What if the symptoms of so called climate change are the signs Jesus said would be the signs of the end of time. And what if the governments of the world know this and instead of pointing people to the truth of Jesus they are deceiving the world by calling it climate change

  54. Please find me the passage in the Bible that says the Earth will be destroyed because man was a terrible steward. I am all for being good stewards, however I am not going to be a steward for the United Nations, that's not my calling.

  55. So many mixed views and when 500 scientists write the UN after Greta had been there and said there is no climate emergency , that the largest (recorded)!warming period was in the 1920s when there was few emissions around from cars that the Russian climate model is fed updated data and shows virtually no change versss the UN model which they basically feed fudged data yes I do believe that it is the revelation described one world gov run by Satan himself that is fueling the scare! I am not sitting around waiting for Christ to come as it says in 2 Thessalonians ch2 that Christ’s thief in the night coming won’t happen until we actually see who that evil man will be and then as Christians you’ll know Jesus is coming at any moment to take up the dead in Christ first then all believers in Christ with him , fret not and fear not as God is definitely in control and they won’t get anywhere with their agenda until God allows it to happen.

  56. Recently began wondering if some inaction on climate change was religious in its foundation, but didn’t have enough info to fill in the gaps since I’ve never had a religious frame of mind myself. Videos like this one really help me understand where others are coming from.
    Thank you ✌️

  57. Sorry but the Bible doesn't promote climate change or worshiping Nature has God this is a satanic religion in fact there are Biblical scriptures that debunks man-made climate change anyone that believes in man-made climate change garbage is a pagan in an apostate worshiping nature as God

  58. Does not the bible also say the in Revelation the stars will fall from the sky to the earth? And, furthermore that the elements that will melt with fervent heat. Then at the end of Rev it says there will be a new heaven and a NEW EARTH. Even if climate change in the secular context was true Katherine, its small potatoes compared to what God has planned for this world.

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