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The Current Landscape of Legacy Application Modernization Companies

The Current Landscape of Legacy Application Modernization Companies

So now tell me a bit about the current landscape of legacy application modernization companies in the industry. Who are the players and does anyone dominate? Well for the most part legacy application modernization is a services industry. The industry is quite fragmented with companies focusing on their own niche legacy market Migration software if there is one at all its proprietary and only gets used by the companies who developed it It is hard to scale such a business model said it can only since it can only sustain a handful of modernization projects at a time No one company that I know of in particular is a recognized leader in the application modernization space the system integrators who win the big enterprise modernization and portfolio optimization deals generally subcontract specific application modernization projects to local vendors who have unique skills in certain areas of their specialty Unless applications are retired or replaced with off-the-shelf products Modernization projects have sold as professional services and not a software So I think before anyone can fully capitalize on a large software application legacy the current fractured market of niche companies needs to be consolidated industrialized. A new scalable solution has to emerge in order to bring together all stakeholders into a single integrated and collaborative modernization platform that is win-win for everyone. We call that platform MaaS Modernization as a service and we believe it will change the industry as we know it

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