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The Development Journey

The Development Journey

At USAID, we believe that every person, every
community, and every country wants to be empowered to lead its own future. [Wilfred] When I was one year old, there was
a famine and not enough food. I was underweight. [Eloisa] After one has worked so hard, leaving
everything behind is difficult. [HBim] I participated in a USAID project which
provided me with cacao seedlings, fertilizers, and technical training. [Doaa] I helped cover my siblings’ expenses
with the money that I had earned. —– The whole family is happy that I have
become a big business woman. [Lyudmila] This business gives us a chance
to make a living, to live with dignity, to fulfill our potential through the product,
and also to use this product to help others. [Wilfred] Now, we are confident because we
have water. [Doaa] My mom and dad taught me to treat people
well and help all the people that are in need. [Vincent] For me as a U.S. citizen, it’s
about sharing this sense of democracy, this sense of generosity. [Eloisa] The situation changed a lot, we are
still poor, but we have a good life. —– That is our hope – to live better
day by day. And make peace that will last. For the farm, for the family, for everyone. We walk alongside communities around the world on their development journey
as evolving but enduring partners.

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