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The Differences and Benefits to the Synchrony Systems Approach to Modernization

The Differences and Benefits to the Synchrony Systems Approach to Modernization

Slavik I want to thank you for being here today. It’s it’s a real pleasure to have you Let’s start here you’ve you’ve been a pioneer in the field of legacy application modernization as I understand it for 20 years now and your approach to modernizations has really been quite different from the mainstream Why don’t you tell us about the differences and what you believe are the key benefits to your approach? Okay The mainstream of legacy application modernization today’s of people driven business In addition to transforming the programming language it promises to transform the old application architecture to new services oriented architecture improve code quality and reuse and in a process redesign the old user interface to modern web-based UI This is a great promise, but it comes packaged in a roadmap that is upside down actually It is upside down because any structure or architectural redesign actually breaks the functionality of the application changing programming language and the underlying application architecture in design at the same time turns the modernization into a rewrite and Makes it a people driven business that is labor intensive complex expensive and therefore fraught with risk of ever completing What we offer is an alternative an automated software driven solution called migration That eliminates the current manual labor intensive and error-prone approach to modernization migration focuses and software asset preservation while modernization focuses and its improvement modernization should be done on a modern platform using modern tools So the main goal should be to get the legacy application to the target platform as soon as possible Migration transforms the legacy application to the target platform as is Without changing the original software architectural design. As the first step of modernization, migration makes the transition to the target platform manageable and predictable Unlike a rewrite it guarantees to complete on time and on budget and Ensure that the application functions and feels exactly the same as the original our model for application modernization is Migrated application to target platform and get it working first. Do everything else second

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