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The Gulf Between Machine and Human Intelligence

Trying to wrap our head around what’s missing
in that vast gulf between machine and human intelligence, consider how Rodney Brooks,
the renowned Australian roboticist, views a similar question. He thinks there is something
in biology about living systems that we simply don’t understand. Something really big.
He terms this missing thing as “the juice” and he demonstrates it by talking about the
difference between a robot trapped in a box who methodically goes through a series of
steps to escape, versus an animal that very desperately wants to free itself. Robots,
in his view, lack passion for anything, and that passion (the juice) is vitally important
and meaningful. Brooks, by the way, is convinced it is purely mathematical, and categorically
rejects the notion that “the juice” is some attribute beyond normal physics. What
do you think “the juice” is, and can a machine ever get it? If you’re interested
in artificial intelligence visit or check out my new book “The Fourth Age:
Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity”.

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