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The Making of a Seer, Part 1 | Development of the Seer Anointing

The Making of a Seer, Part 1 | Development of the Seer Anointing

Jennifer LeClaire here back with you
again senior leader The Awakening House of Prayer in South Florida founder of
the Ignite prophetic Network in the brand new initiative the company of
seers I’ve been diving in to the sea or anointing now gosh I guess really for
the last couple years but intensely for about the last year just really pressing
really studying I think I have every book on Sears on the market the Lord is
giving me revelation out of the Bible things I’ve never seen before
here’s a tip for you before we get started today with this process that
many people will see or gifts go today we’re gonna we’re gonna talk about the
process a part of the process part of the process part of the process
recovered opened anointed and trained a part of the process but here’s a tip for
you when you’re studying your Bible listen when you begin to study a certain
gift when you begin to have your eyes opened per se to a specific concept a
specific revelation you’ll begin to see it all through the Bible when I began
the first study about apostles for example I began to see apostolic
functions throughout the Old Testament apostolic anointing amen when I began to
study the prophetic I began to see the prophetic everywhere amen and you know
so when you begin to study what Lord gives you a revelation he opens your
eyes and scriptures that you never thought applied to a thing begin to open
up and blossom and bud in your spirit you begin to have understanding about
things that you never saw that way before how many of you know there is
peat layer after layer after layer after layer of revelation in the Bible now
there’s no new scripture there’s no the Canon is complete but the revelation is
progressive amen revelations in your dreams can be progressive what you dream
about today may have one meaning for this season may have one meaning for
another season may have another meeting for a season on down the line the
revelation is often progressive you know God so loved the world that He gave His
only begotten Son that means one thing to us when we first get saved it means
something else to us when we begin to do the work of the Evangelist you
understand so there’s layers and layers layers when you people study something
begin to ask the Lord how to look through the lens of this new
revelation that you’re giving me help me to look through the lens of the seer
help me to look through the lens of the prophet help me to look through the lens
of the Beatitudes help me to look through the lens of the second coming of
Christ help me to look through that lens and he’ll give you revelation so I’ve
been doing that and that is why I’m teaching so much on the seer I do have a
spool of the seers hallelujah we just launched the company of the seers and
you can you can be part of any of that if you don’t if you so choose but I want
to teach you today about part of this process this is not the complete process
but this is this is this is a sort of a broad brush to sort of introduce you to
process in the CRL now you might not be a seer you don’t have to be a seer to
see into the spirit there are levels of giftings you know for example there is
the there is the notion of the office of the prophet right then there’s the the
gift of prophecy right and then there’s the reality that all believers can
prophesy according to the proportion of their faith God can speak to anyone at
any time you know God can speak to a donkey he can speak through you but
what’s so interesting is that God actually gave a vision to a donkey God
opened up the seer realm to the donkey we like to say well if God can prophesy
through a donkey he can prophesy through you but God actually opened the see
around to the donkey as well and he saw angels they’re not amazing I’ve never
one of the things I’m talking about how when you begin to look through the lens
of a certain revelation that you’ve received a certain anointing a certain
grace a certain mission a certain mandate a certain calling a certain
commissioning a certain mental you begin to see things you never saw before or
just they were there it’s not that you’re digging they were there but your
eyes have come to a higher level of revelation and understanding application
integration impartation amen so here let’s go through this process
here the first is eyesight recovered eyesight recovered your spiritual seeing
recovered now that happens when you get born again many times people listen who
are not saved can see into the spirit but they’re seeing illegally the only
way to legally see into the spirit is through Jesus who is the door Jesus is
the door to solve a shit Jesus is the door to the spirit
Jesus is the door through which we go to the Father Jesus is the door through
which we enter the kingdom Jesus is the door so if you don’t if you don’t go
through that door you’re going illegally you’re going illegally and that’s what
faults ears do which I will share I keep telling you I’m going to share on this
I’m gonna share on that when the Lord tells me to today after all I’m talking
about it felt like to talk about process so so you if you’re if you’re if you’re
in tree so you have to be saved to enter illegally and I’m not saying that the
Lord can never show people who are not saved things in the spirit because
sometimes the Lord shows believers things I’m sorry sometimes the Lord
shows unbelievers things to bring them into a revelation of Christ like for
example many in different parts of the world are having visions and dreams of
Jesus they’re not saved but they get saved because of the dream because of
the vision so really the Lord can do that but the fact that reality is it’s
the Lord doing it those people who are not saved who are seeing into the spirit
realm things God is showing them the thing is God is showing them does that
make sense so Jesus is still the door amen if
you’re not going through Jesus if he’s not showing it to you you don’t want to
see see psychics witches warlocks fault seers these all mediums necromancer
spirit guides all be see into the spirit all right and what they’re seeing could
be accurate what they’re seeing could be real but what they’re seeing is not
something that they enter into legally and therefore it’s often used as a
weapon of the enemy the first thing is eyesight recovered eyesight recovered so
we recover our spiritual eyes when we get saved but that’s just the beginning
here in Luke 44 18 Jesus was quoting from from Isaiah and he said the Spirit
of the Luke 4:18 the Spirit of the Lord is upon me because he anointed the
Spindler’s upon him because he anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor he
has sent me apostolic to proclaim release to the captives now you have to
understand Jesus wasn’t opening prison doors he was talking about spiritual
captives the preaching of the gospel yes natural act would say spiritual work it
accomplishes a spiritual goal which is salvation Kia semi to proclaim release
to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind now yes Jesus opened blind
eyes but if you look at the context here you know we’re looking at yes there’s a
natural revelation there’s a natural application but there’s also a spiritual
revelation and a spiritual application recovery of sight to the blind and to
free those who are oppressed now some were oppressed by a you know
demonic kingdom rules are the Pharisees but he’s speaking here largely of a
deliverance ministry of of a setting the captives free and preaching the gospel
he says recovery of the sight to the blind now again when you get saved you
begin to get your vision restored the way that God created you God is a spirit
and he created you in His image he is God is Jesus is the Holy Spirit is the
ultimate seer and Jesus lives on the inside of you Christ in you the hope of
glory the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you you’re the Temple of the
Holy Ghost therefore you can see through it through his eyes he can illuminate
your eyes to see he can help you recover my spirit just leaped that rarely
happens my God the Holy Ghost is liking this praise God so some of you you came
into you came into the kingdom and you began to see but some of you had your
eyesight dimmed or stolen or traumatized how many you know if I take a blunt
object and hit you it I would never do this praise God if I hit you if I punch
you in the eye you can take trauma to your eye and you can lose some of your
vision temporarily or permanently well the enemy has come around and punched
people in the eye metaphorically and some people been traumatized in their
vision has been dipped their vision has been impaired their vision has been
compromised and so Jesus came to bring recovery of
the sight to the blind you go blind a friend of mine one time got hit in the
eye with a with a with a foosball and actually almost went blind because of it
it’s a foosball so little little freak actions can call it that but the enemy
is in you know he sees that you have a a gift
and anointing some of you are full-blown fivefold office of the Prophet Sears and
the enemy came with trauma showed you things that scare the daylights out of
you show things that you didn’t think you were ready to see that what if she
and you asked the Lord cut off this gift cut this off I don’t want to see this
anymore Jesus I don’t want to see it and because he’s merciful and because he’s
gracious he cut it off but you can ask him Lord open my eyes again let me
recover my sight or if the enemy came and and just marred your vision just
just just just act at you know like a Delilah spirit came I blinded your eyes
listen Jezebel will always go after your voice
and your eyes I remember many years ago I started having a lot of I problems
actually I had a LASIK surgery on my eyes and it worked for two or three
years and then I got into this church who knows all this Jezebel at warfare
and my surgery actually reversed itself now this is a rare thing that the LASIK
surgery will reverse itself and I don’t know that it was a natural thing I think
it was a spiritual thing so here I am back to glasses and my actually my
actual vision what is now worse than it was back then when I first had the
surgery so you know there’s the natural aspect of it but I use that as a
spiritual parable or metaphor to help you understand that sometimes your eyes
can be attacked by the enemy and sometimes we get into that because we
don’t know better and so we need to ask the Lord to recover our eyesight some of
you also may have fell into deception that blinds you deception is running
rampant in this our people are being deceived they don’t think they need to
go to church anymore you know the rise of the nuns you know they say they’re
Christian but they’re not affiliated with anything or anyone they’re lone
Ranger’s they’re loose they have callings on the light but they’re not
submitted to Authority this brought enter or bring you into a deception and
you will not be able to see clearly when your eyes are being you know partially
obstructed the devil says that there’s a bloody that the enemy has put blinders
on those who don’t know the truth that the lost ones but I believe he can also
put blinders on us through deception so you have to ask the Lord recover my
sight the next thing is after your eyes are
recovered sometimes they’re still not fully open they’re still not fully open
you can recover your sight but they’re not open to the degree you’re not seeing
like you once we’re seeing a mess some of you’ve never seen it all we’re gonna
we’re gonna pray over that Ephesians 1 verse 15 through 18 for this reason I –
having heard of the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ was exist among you and
your love for All Saints do not cease giving thanks for you
while making mention of you in my prayers listen that the god of our Lord
Jesus Christ the father of glory may give to you what a spirit of wisdom and
revelation in the knowledge of him I pray Paul said that the eyes of your
heart you know your heart has eyes your spirit has eyes you have two sets of
eyes here and here that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you
will know what is the hope of his calling what are the riches of the glory
the snares and Saints so the eyes of your heart sometimes they need to be
enlightened they need to be opened here in the passion translation it says I
pray that the light of God will illuminate your eye the eyes of your
imagination see sometimes your eyes have just been darkened you recover your
sight but you’re still seeing dimly you’ve got to pray this is part of your
process as a sea or seeing a seeing person sometimes you just go through
seasons who do you have to say Lord why why am I why do I feel blind why can’t I
see anymore the Lord help you recover my sight or to open my eyes again
the message Bible says that your eyes will be focused and clear and then here
in 2nd Kings chapter 6 verse 15 through 17
now when the attendant of the man of God has risen early and gone out behold an
army with forth you know the story an army with horses and chariots was
circling the city and his servant said to him alas my master what shall we do
then Elisha they said do not fear for those who are with us are more than
those that are with them then Elisha prayed amen if you want your eyes to be
open you got a pretty Paul prayed Elisha prayed are you seeing this Paul prayed
Elisha prayed Jesus came to help you recover your sight we open our eyes
through prayer O Lord I pray open his eyes that he may see now he wasn’t blind
he could see in the natural it was a spiritual seeing that he was talking
about and the Lord opened the servants eyes and he saw and behold the mountain
was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha so so you know
sometimes what you see can make you scared
but sometimes what you can’t see can make you scared
amen but when you see something scary in the spirit ask the Lord show me the rest
show me the sights show me where you are god hallelujah
eyes anointed revelation three verses 17 through 18 because so sometimes your
eyes need to be anointed they need to be anointed because you say I am rich and
have become wealthy and have need of nothing and you do not know that you are
wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked I advise you to buy from
me gold refined by fire so that you may become rich and white garments so that
you may clothe yourself and that the shame of your nakedness will not be
revealed listen and I stabbed to anoint your eyes so that you may see sometimes
your eyes can be open but you need that anointing you need a stronger anointing
to come upon you listen here’s the thing an anointing is so that you can serve
others you may you may you may you may have a Grace on your
to see for yourself but the anointing is to see for other so as God processes you
as he moves you from blind in this recovery of blind you know open your
eyes sometimes sometimes your eyes still need to be anointed so that you can
enter into ministers you can see where the little wants you to see for the body
of Christ for the people in your church for those whose called you to minister
to anoint your eyes now it says to buy this the anointing will cost you
something understand the anointing is not free salvation is free the anointing
will cost you something Oh will it cost you how do you want to go how high do
you want to go how much do you want to see you can’t you can’t buy your way to
the spirit realm but what I’m saying is the anointing will cost you what’s it
gonna cost you everything it’s gonna cost you your flesh it’s gonna cost you
some TV time so many seers out there you’re not seeing rightly anymore
because you’re looking wrongly you’re looking at the TV where you need to be
looking at the Lord I just said it and then the next one is your eyes trained
straight oh my process recovered opened anointed and trained Hebrews five verses
12 through 14 for vote by this time you ought to be teachers you have need again
for someone to teach you the elementary principles of the Oracles of God and you
have need to come you have come to need milk and not solid food for everyone who
partakes only of milk is not accustomed to the word of righteousness for he’s an
infant listen but solid food is for the mature who because of practice have
their senses trained to discern good and evil a seer gift is very closely tied to
the gift of discerning of spirits almost say it’s one in the same
you know seer is discern they see they see that they discern by what they see
or what they feel okay so but they have their senses trained their spiritual
senses trained you have spiritual senses just like you have natural senses eyes
ears nose mouth touch feel you have naturally we have spiritual senses in
natural but you need training you need training clothes and we all need to be
continually continually trained I don’t care how what level you’re at you still
need training doctors go back to school for training scold continuing education
so the lawyers if you’re a professional you’re expected in your field
to go to a continual training conferences workshops new certifications
every year amen it is the same with the things of the
Spirit amen so I want to pray for you in just a moment I want to stir this up in
you I want to announce the company of seers at ignite though if you’re a CEO
if you’re a seer if you’re if you want me to see your gift if you’re pressing
into this anointing and you want to be in a safe place to express your gifts to
learn to grow please join me this just launched this is the official
announcement right now officially announcing it right now the company of
seers the people been asking me to do this for a long while the Lord told me
he spoke to me about us about a symbiotic vision when I was in London a
symbiont vision and that’s what I knew I’ve got to start the symbiotic means in
the it’s just when you come together when things come together in unison
you know when soul is among the prophets he prophesied so I believe when seers
and seeing people come together in this company you owe your gifts will begin to
explode the anointing collectively will spill over there will be wheezed abut
you glean and collect from one another myself included who will help you to go
higher to go deeper we’ll have a way to judge dreams judge vision judge what we
see in the spirit amen go to ignite / Sears ignite / Sears
this is a division of the ignite prophetic Network it’s not just for
five-fold is for evangelists to see pastors you see believers who see ignite / seers plural now if you’re part of that you’re going to get a 15%
discount on the school the school of seers but I also have the school to
Sears and so you can really just leverage everything we’re doing here
together amen amen I want to pray for you father than him of Jesus I thank you
for the anointing I thank you for the grace father bring recovery of the sight
to those who have been blinded blinded by the enemy blinded by deception Lord
recover their sight help them restore and recover what the enemy’s stole what
trauma stole in Jesus name Lord and open their eyes widely in Jesus name open
their eyes widely God I just saw a picture with somebody with toothpicks in
their eyes to keep them open to see all the things
God’s going to show you in the spirit Lord anoint their eyes for service to
your kingdom and Lord bring them into the training opportunities bring them
into the company of seers bring them into schools and bring them into people
who could mentor them in Jesus name I activate that seer gift in you there’s
someone right now and you’re just almost in tears because you realize that you’ve
been to a process and you didn’t realize this was a process that the Lord has
been taking you through well you’re in process my friend you need to get
trained you need to get equipped you need to get with the people that believe
the same as you most believers don’t even believe we can see in the spirit
it’s a sad situation I’m hoping to help to rectify that by bringing a stability
amen to this aspect of the prophetic ministry this vital aspect of the
prophetic many of you so many seers are misunderstood they’re rejected they’re
persecuted look I love seers I’ve seers all around me I would have a church full
of series of prophets amen of course we hit a few other people too I suppose but
I love prophets and seers listen join forces with me for a common cause to see
seers rise up in this hour ignite / seers amen
god bless you I’ll be back with news

27 comments on “The Making of a Seer, Part 1 | Development of the Seer Anointing

  1. Thanks for confirming my thoughts. I'm not only able to see wonderful things others cannot but now on very rare occasions someone else can veiw the same when I offer to it to them. My gift was given to me the day isreal came into my Hart and I became a warrior for God's Favoried Land. Awesome. I'm so Blown away by this..

  2. I dont need development i was born formed to this but i dont know what to do with it….and i don't want to get kicked out of a church if i say anything

  3. One must have a clear mind in order to see clearly. This only can happen by spending time with God. 🐯

  4. You've touched upon a very hidden aspect here that no one else seems to be mentioning in other videos.. THIS PROCESS CAN BE SO PAINFUL SOMETIMES!! Thank you for making this video and shedding light to the very realities of this gift!

  5. Didn’t Jesus have to apply the mud made of blood and spittle twice in order for the one blind person to see?

    He did once and the person saw men as trees. He did it the second time and the man saw them clearly

  6. Thank u for the confirmations will be heal of nerve pain and nd the honey thing and the
    galic thing

  7. Jennifer, I really enjoy listening to you. You bring salient reason to the prophetic for the least of us in the kingdom. It's refreshing to sit up under your shade tree. I wish you the very best and much more revelation.

  8. Like learn more about seer. I able see things sometime. Also scents. But I dont remember dreams unless it is bad. I dont know why. But I dont think I dream. But I like change this. I'm not working right now. I been asking God what does he want do now. I like achieve more before I die. So God will say well done. I sometime feel when person who I'm close too. I get really sad for what they going thru. Like learn how to heal & speak in tongues too. Also sometime sense when a person is bad also. My BF had friend who took classes my BF teaching on for people who is having time with death of love one. Helping get through it. Plus her son died in car accident got throw out car senior yr. Back to BF friend I could sense something not right with her. For 2 whole weeks Mom & I pray because if I told my friend. She would just think I was jealous. But I just something was off. I was right & I wont go into details. I sometime can sense that too. God has show portal a couple once when taught church grew up in are pets dont go to Heaven. I ask God to give sign & if I could see my Dog who went Heaven one more time. I pray 2 whole weeks & God show me. My Dog Benji was so handsome and shining. I thank God letting me see him one more time. Then time I had friend who want to see me one more time before she died in nursing home. I was to bsy working & didn't know how get there. Anyway i seen her in black white portal i dont know what that meant. I didn't know who it was for awhile until i thought about it for awhile. She smile at me. That friend knew I could see things sometime we talk about that. She went to heaven 3 months before this happened to me.

  9. Amen amen amen…so many things are beginning to make sense. I see idols and reasons to repent everywhere i am reading in the bible. I have been talking about this but would feel like maybe i am not hearging the Lors well. Thank you so much

  10. When the scales was taken off my eyes and showed me the truth.. I had a complete mental breakdown.. I delt with CPTSD.. I could not even leave my home for almost a year.. I saw people's eyes turn completely black no white at all completely black and every hair on my body stood on end and chills all over my body.. I was completely a mess.. he showed me the evil in human form… I lost everything I ever worked for or loved or cared about because god saved me.. everyone turned on me with pure evil for no reason.. I seen I was surrounded by evil and didn't realize it.. i was targeted since birth by these non humans.. thanks to my holy father he saved my life multiple times and protected me when I was weak and crushed.. once you see the truth your never the same.. you will never be the same ever.. god bless you and keep helping people understand..

  11. Hi Jennifer, thank you for this! Holy Spirit led me to your words today & quickened me to pray to fully heal & open my spiritual eyes… immediately received healing & deliverance! Sharing this as a confirmation. God bless!

  12. God bless you for doing the video , I have to get the money up to take the full course . I have to as what do you mean about the fivefold office of the prophet sears. There is an attack on me and my finance and family this I do know.

  13. My mother was never wrong when she prophesied over something and she was always in the Bible. but I lived in Reveille and growing up and now I'm older and I see all these things coming to pass never never wrong even her wording was exact. So I led the rebellion of these things KFC can taste it can feel it it's not there so I got a vision at age 50 something. Changed my life and I started getting into the Bible God gave me many things that I seen coming to pass even to this very day. So I believe God shows some people some things and he picks and chooses who they are and what they are so it's the way I see it. Believe me there was some things that I didn't want to see and then there they were and then I saw him again so I couldn't deny them

  14. THIS IS NOTHING BUT FALSE TEACHING!!!!!! (mATT.24:) Obviously, she has the gift of gab but she has no clue about the "Seer" anything. Again people! Females cannot be Seers or Apostles or Pastors. No more than Pastor can be bishops. This is one way of knowing they wayward in their thinking. And she is highly confused by the Payr' Himself bc of their sinful lives, wicked ways and evil thinking. This makes her a liar by saying she has a revelation of the logos but cannot give one example of that revelation bc the Lord does not give revelations of the Word.
    Then when she says 'revelation is progressive' but gain fails to give an example of a revelation she has had. I mean, if she is a liar then she doesn't have any revelation to share bu I guarantee you she is a false teacher! As another, for instance, to show she has no clue about a Seer (nothing), the gifts of the Spirit will operate for individuals who are ministry gifts in a corporate setting, but that does not mean that the person is prophetic if they prophesied.
    Her doctrine is pure error when she talks about the office of the Prophet, and the gift of prophecy (which every Prophet has to have operating along with the word of wisdom and knowledge) and how every person can prophesy according to the measure fo faith. Here she is saying that the grace gift of prophecy in Rom.12:3-7 is a prophetic gift which it is not! It has absolutely nothing to do with 'prophecy' it is just spelled the same. I
    In fact, a false Prophet will say they have the gifts of the Spirit as the word of wisdom, knowledge and discerning of spirits. How can you be a Prophet and not have the gift of prophecy? This is how the Elect cannot be fooled by these people Jesus said in Matt.24. But she is to fulfill in these last days the saying 'women shall rule over them'.
    Another reason why women were silenced in the early church bc they can become wayward and unaccountable to any authority which God sees as rebellion. BC of women like this, and Beverly Crawford, and Melissa Scott. All these women shall suffer the 2nd death for not continuing in a sober fashion the way God said holy women should do. They are seeking to lord it over men! That makes their doctrine accursed. It is written, cursed is the man that trust in man…Jerm.17:5
    But just so you know ONLY the Heavenly Father calls men as Seers not the Lord who calls men and women to the ministry. Again; Mashiah calls men as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. He calls women as Evangelists (although most are just 'exhorters' and not ministry gifts) teachers and prophtess. NEVER Seers!

  15. I've tried SO many churches! They're all corrupt, have their hearts in the wrong posture, immature babes, toxic, abusive, neglectful… Satan has infiltrated! The "Shepherds" are ignorant/abusive/neglectful! They mislead, neglect, abuse the flock! And they don't heed any rebukes or warnings! Arrogant! Threatened!
    Symbiotic means mutually beneficial.

  16. Hi Jennifer. I am a end days seer. I'd love to talk to you about ALL. I've been taken to the crucifixion of Jesus as I prayed & praised christ telling him how much I loved him. I appeared on my hands & knees. It was daytime but it was dark out. I was looking down at dirt & rocks not knowing where I was. I then lifted my head & looked straight in front of me, & I seen the base of the cross with about 4 streams of blood running down it to the ground. I then looked up, & when I did I was looking at Jesus, as he looked down at me. I watched him take his last breath. I was then back in my living room & Jesus spoke to me & said "I love you this MUCH". Jesus comes to me always, & I've been taken to Heaven numerous times, been to the room in Heaven with the council of elders many times, & I appeared in my wife's home 1100 miles from where I was, & touched her hair, put my arm around her neck (feeling her hair against my arm), pulled her to me & kissed her. I could taste her & felt the softness of her hair. I've appeared to my stepdaughter in prison & talked to her about CHRIST. This is a small portion, of my gift, but I'll use this gift in these end days to reach millions of lost souls Jesus has said. This has been occurring over the past couple yrs almost daily, but I've just been told about what my gifts are.

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