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The Markup: Dec. 22, 2017 | Washington’s Latest IT Modernization & Cybersecurity News

The Markup: Dec. 22, 2017 | Washington’s Latest IT Modernization & Cybersecurity News

welcome to your December markup with the latest news and the federal IT community. December has been a big month for the
federal government. President Trump signed the NDAA
turning the MGT Act, along with several other bills into laws, the FCC voted on
net neutrality, the scramble over the government shutdown deadline on December 22nd and so much more. To keep it short, we’re going to focus on IT and cyber
initiatives. Here’s what we’re going to cover: First, we’ll give an update on the
MGT Act and discuss the IT modernization report that followed, second we’ll talk
about the Centers of Excellence initiative that the office of American
innovation rolled out, and third we’ll go over the Cybersecurity and
Infrastructure Security Agency Act of 2017. Let’s start with a newly signed MGT
act and dive into what followed. As most of you are aware, President Trump signed
the Modernizing Government Technology Act into law last Tuesday December 12th.
We did a special report on The Markup of the MGT Act, so if you want to get up
to speed on the new law and how it came about, click on the link below. On
December 13th, the day after the MGT Act was signed, the White House’s American
Technology Council released an updated version of the IT Modernization Report,
which was initially released in August. This version hints at the types of
projects it will prioritize now that the MGT Act is a law, and the report’s action
plan is set to begin January 2018. One day later, on Thursday December 14th, the White House’s Office of American Innovation rolled out the Centers of
Excellence. The CoE’s are made up of federal employees, industry experts, and
research organizations to help bring skills such as cloud adoption, and
customer design, and analytics to these modernization efforts. They strategically
have decided to start this new initiative by testing out the concepts
on the Department of Agriculture. All-in-all, the Centers of Excellence are
intended to encourage cross-agency thinking and sharing of API’s and best
practices for IT modernization. Federal News Radio sums it up perfectly. “Last week was a good week to be a federal IT nerd.” From the MGT Act signed on Tuesday, the White House releasing its final Modernization Report on Wednesday, to the office of American
Innovation rolling out the CoEs initiative on Thursday… yep, definitely
sounds like a good week to be a federal IT nerd! Alright, switching the
conversation to cybersecurity. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure
Security Agency Act of 2017, also known as CISA, past the House of Representatives on December 11th. This Bill’s purpose is
to amend the Homeland Security Act of 2002, and streamline the infrastructure
of the National Protection and Programs Directorate and redesignate it as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. CISA will lead the national
efforts to protect and enhance the security and resiliency of U.S. cybersecurity, emergency communications, and critical infrastructure. Next stop for
the bill is the Senate to receive approval.
What’s the markup of everything we just discussed? In terms of IT modernization,
you can see the administration and Congress have put forth all the right
pieces for the IT modernization effort to move forward. Now it’s all about
execution, so keep a close eye on those agency CIOs! As for the CISA bill, not
only with the name change and clarify the agency’s mission, but also the bill
itself would open the door to other changes including staffing and
acquisition authorities. That concludes this week’s markup! If you have a story you wish to be featured in the next markup, send it to [email protected]

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