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The Millennium Development Goals and beyond: An ILO perspective

The Millennium Development Goals and beyond: An ILO perspective

Five reasons Decent Work should be a priority
of the post 2015 development agenda 1. Because work touches everyone No country is immune to a lack of decent work. 670 million jobs have to be created by 2030 2. Because decent work drives development ILO research shows that
developing countries that invested in quality jobs… grew faster 3. Because decent work is what people want A Gallup World poll ranked access to good jobs as the #1 priority 4. Because decent work
transforms societies for the better Decent work is a foundation for equitable inclusive sustainable development 5. Because the quality of jobs,
not just the quantity, is at stake Everyone is entitled to decent work Have your say Vote in the MY WORLD Global Survey
for a better world International Labour Organization (ILO)

2 comments on “The Millennium Development Goals and beyond: An ILO perspective

  1. Take 1 minute to find out why Decent Work should top the global development agenda after 2015.

  2. Would love to know what's happening in this video. The topic is interesting but the video is not accessible. There is no audio description. All I learned is that the music is nice. I think a part of the focus of education in the future has to be inclusion of all people in learning and development. This includes people with disabilities. I am blind so this video is meaningless to me, beyond the pretty music, which is all I got from it. Why is there no audio description. My frustration abounds!

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