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The Philippine Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS-16)

The Philippine Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessel BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS-16)

Our military is proud to say that despite hostilities Our most powerful weapon against conflict is peace resolution “General quarters! General quarters! All hands, man your battle stations!” However, it is also best to be armed and prepared when the situation calls for it The BRP Alcaraz is by far the toughest warship This ship has a length of 378 feet It’s just like 4 1/2 basketball courts And so far, the longest and heaviest ship of the Philippine Navy A size big enough to provide habitability and comfort to 180 sailors on board She is equipped 2 18,000 horsepower Pratt & Whittney gas turbines And can propel the ship with speed up to 28 knots or 52 kilometers per hour It can also be driven with fuel efficiency at 17 knots or 31 kilometers per hour Up to 14,400 nautical miles Without refueling, it can run straight for almost 27,000 kilometers It was named after a naval hero, Ramon Alcaraz The former commander of offshore combat force used to recommend the name BRP Andres Bonifacio And it went through the process in the navy level And it reached out up until the AFP level, until the Department of National Defense level But when they passed it to the office of the President I believe there was a guidance from the commander-in-chief to change it to a naval hero And it just so happens that Ramon Alcaraz was a former naval hero Being a commanding officer of the “Q-boat” That engaged the Japanese warships way back in World War 2 The Philippine Navy has initially embarked on modest-vessel acquisition And upgrade projects in order to fulfill its mandated mission and objectives for military advancements This ship was given to us by the United States Through the exchange defense articles through the foreign assistance act This is primarily to boost our capability as a navy And in the armed forces particularly in our concerns in our Philippines seas Given the present scenario The Philippine military is embarking on a modernization plan to improve the country’s deterrence capabilities By letting intruders know that the Philippines will be able to respond if necessary But what are the special features of this frigate? Find out when DSTV returns Protector of the sea stand sentinel where the queen sea patrol docks Keen On guard Prepared for any action or assignment So far, we have a level 2 status meaning we are ready-at-sea anytime The loaded capacity of this ship shall be practical and adequate for coastal patrol duties Troop transport and disaster relief So far, this ship can deliver different missions Just like our previous mission before that involves HLDR during the Yolanda As a matter of fact, that was her first mission upon commissionship And then this was sent to the West Philippine Sea for patrols And of course the security of Malampaya And the we also supported the all out offensive during the Mamasapano incident We also supported the kidnap for ransom operations that was conducted in south-western Mindanao Now, let’s see the weapons that surround our sea hero ship First, the primary battery This is the primary batter or what we call the primary gun This is the Mark 75 76mm naval gun The primary purpose of this gun is against air threats or air targets Then this can also be used against subsonic missiles We can also use this against surface targets, against shore targets or naval gun fire support The rate of fire of the Mark 75 mount is 80 rounds per minute That’s how much it can fire in a minute The Mark 75 is fully automated It can only be fired through the Mark 92 Mode 1 control system It is also armed with a secondary batter for close range shooting This is our close-in weapon system or the secondary battery, the Mark 38 Mode 2 machine gun system The primary purpose of this is for surface targets It can engage surface targets It’s primary elevation is 60 degrees compared to our primary battery which is 85 degrees The maximum effective range for this is 2,950 yards or 2,700 meters But it’s maximum range is 16 kilometers It’s projectile measures 25 millimeter and the length of the bullet is approximately 10 inches You know, for a growing navy like ours This ship is a multiplier to our capability The acquisition of this ship paves the way for a more modern capability in the future It’s all about following the laid out sail plan, the laid out strategy of our navy So that we can have a credible and strong navy that can address our requirements in our own Philippine seas It may be able to go one-on-one with our neighboring countries But at least we are gaining some distance towards that “All together!” “Happy birthday!” “Let’s feast!” These men are on voyage for weeks and months But even amidst recess they can never be fully at rest “This is a drill! This is a drill!” “General quarters! General quarters!” “All hands, man your battle stations!” “121, acces 1! 121, access 1” “General quarters! General quarters! All hands, man your battle stations!” But this was just a test What we did earlier is to execute a general quarters followed by fire in port And since it’s general quarters, we did executed a “emergency getting underway” and a fire at sea drill Our drill had a good outcome, they were quick to man the stations and of course they did it safely There was no personnel casualty and equipment casualty And of course, all the personnel, they were efficient in manning their stations And they executed the drill effectively “Gun on remote now, sir!” “Track the target” But these exercises were also helpful to countercheck the condition of the ship I noticed that there was a lapse in the reports system The fire was reported to be in lounge 2 But the scenario was in lounge 1 Why did that happen? Because the smoke sensors here in the ship, once it is triggered, it won’t alarm anymore What went off was the other passage way. So, that is what we’re addressing now. We have put in a request for the replacement of the smoke sensors And of course calibration of the alarm system Our navy is doing a real good job in keeping this hero ship in good shape Aside from serving as sea patrol The BRP Alcaraz is also efficient in delivering service to the public “I am very grateful for your help and for providing the opportunity for our students to board your ship…” But did you know that you don’t necessarily have to be part of the Philippine navy To land your feet in this huge frigate The BRP Alcaraz is open for public viewing So, the next time you see this huge queen Hop in! Take a tour for yourself And rest assured You’ll know that you’re in the protective hands of our navy!

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  1. All our neighbors' navy have missiles. How come you think that our navy is powerful enough to confront any intruder in our territory? Pagtatawanan lang po tayo ng ibang navy, especially the Chinese navy.

  2. This ship will paved way to a New warships that will be built in the future. They will study all the capabilities of and technical aspect of this military ship!.

  3. the best local made documentary i have watch so far,looking for more videos to watch soon very eduncational goodjob


  5. I love how the video presents our assets.. we may be little to none in terms of capability but i know we will rise again my brothers.. because we are pilipino we are descendant of a warrior clan and of course we have a heart of a true champion.. mabuhay tayo..!! Hoorraahhh

  6. Philippines is surrounded by Chinese battleships, coastguards, research ships and all vessels that you can think of sailing as they please at Philippines waters and eez as you're reading this comment.Why patrol a territory if Duterte will just instruct you to just leave the Chinese alone. You might as well go home and just spend quality time with your family.Tambay at makipaginoman na lang kayo mas mabuti pa.

  7. very lightly armed, this is not a battle ready ship. one 76mm main gun at the bow? what if it's engage at the back? poor battle ready crews, all they'll do is stop the fire and damage that the ship will take.

  8. Pwde nman e upgrade n lng Yan lagyan NG torpedo, anti-submarine at 40mm, twin gun I install lng diyan SA BRP Ramon alcaraz

  9. Lagyan ng phalanx(CIWS), Harpoon tsaka anti ship missiles. Ewan ko lang kung di bumahag buntot ng mga baboy na tsekwa.

  10. kaso pinipigilan ni PrD ang modernization mas pabor sya sa intsik beho kesa sa ating military wla pang nabile ang pilipinas na kay PRD na term donation lng sana wag sya magpauto sa intsik beho dpat maka pilipino kahit na may dugo syang intsik ksi preidente sya ng pilipinas hindi china.

  11. Mabuhay to our very own Philippine Navy and the whole Armed Forces of the Philippines. We salute you! Please continue to guide and protect our people, our country and continue to fight for our sovereignty over our territorial waters in the West Philippine Sea. #LabanPinas #NoToChina

  12. Compared to brp rajah humabon??this ship is nothing to laugh…if they can put anti ship missile this is still a lethal ship ..

  13. Lagyan u naman ng misile yang kinakalawang na donation ng us ano ba yan kaya pag dumaan ang mga chinese warship wala kayong magawa dahil wala kayong pangontra kung sakali na paputukan nila kayo

  14. Diyado po ang barko natin Kong sakali mapa Laban unang una ang main gun Lang nya ay ang oto melara ang mga barko nnag ibang bansa Lalo na ang mga barko nang China may mga torpedo at missile kawawa Lang Yan pasasabuvin Lang Yan.

  15. This is a well-made documentary on our navy ship. It brings to light certain issues about the capabilities of this former coast guard cutter.

  16. Remember Being part of Philippine Navy is a great career for the young and ambitious Filipinos. You can travel around the world. 30 more ships are coming. Be Proud!

  17. This vessel is a sitting duck in the ocean. It has very limited defense against incoming missiles. Its only defense against missiles is the Otomelera and Mk mod38 gunner. They should at least put CIWS as it is highly capable of shutting down missiles. Mk mod is not a CIWS, Phalanx is.

  18. Kung singlakas pa sana tau nung dati,nung kapanahonan pa ni President Marcos, edi sana marami pang barkong pandigma

  19. We need more an better ones, we have to improve our country security. Those chinese may be wise enough not start a war now but will use its military power to bully its neighbor, Dont let them step on our dignity and lets not wait till they actually start a war when all we could do is complain.

  20. To boost the Morale of a fighting ship's Crew is the Food.(Hindi na kangkong Cabbage na ika nga) That ship should be name BRP Commodore Nuval. He's the real Hero. Alcaraz was **** Anyway its already there.

  21. Nagpapatrol po ba sa pacific ocean ang philippine navy? Kasama po ba sya sa area of reaponsibility ng navy?

  22. Sana madagdagan pa ang ating Hukbong Dagat alinsunod sa gusto ng Technical Working Group at walang halong politika. Mabuhay ang Phil. Navy!

  23. Still the weakest Navy in Asia, no match for any Asian country, look at Taiwan, very small island yet it is more powerful than the Philippines.

  24. sa totoo lang naman magaling mga sundalo natin sa lahat ng aspeto.ang korea nga malayo sa tin politika lang tayo masyado at kurapsyun.hindi ako maka duterte.pero nag improve ang military assets natin ngayun..tingnan nyo mga armas sa AFP dati ginawan ng paraan sa mga sundalo at nagamit talaga.yung nag gyera ang mindanao,ang mga tangkr nilagyan ng kahoy para ma penetrate ang may sumabog o putukan ang tangke.may nakita nga ako na ginaya sa syria ang mga armor car,nilagyan nila ng kahoy.kaya nga hanga sila sa pinoy..

  25. Hello saan po ang Home dock ng BRP Gregorio Del Pilar Class Frigates ntin malapit lng ba i2 sa metro manila sana makapagtour din ako sa loob at labas ng mga Military Assets ntin I'm frustrated soldier

  26. God bless the Philippine Navy with unlimited success against all opponents and trials. Yahweh El Shaddai. God is greatest!!!!

  27. Kilan lang nabili yan piro mu defective na parts agad,abnoy kasi pumili nyan,wala manlang mesile gawing target rage lang yan ng china,

  28. Kahit ilang libong barko pa ang bilhin ng pilipinas kung ang pinuno namn ay walang bayag at takot sa China Bka mabulok lng yan sa mga pier,,,,???

  29. thank you for this type of videos to promote love and patriotism para sa mahal nating pilipinas! mabuhay po kayu!

  30. Imagine that ship had nuclear missiles, Ciws, triple-A gun, rocket barrage, skx-18 oxygen torpedoes, sam missiles, anti-air missiles, howitzer artillery..

  31. Nakakatawa lang kasi may barko ka nga kaso ung dagat eh hindi sayo..bka nman sa sunod na panahon kahit pantalan inangkin na ng mga chingchong…hahahha

  32. If Pres. Marcos didnt die. The filipino woudnt suffer today from economically and bullying from other countries

  33. Wala ng silbi yang mga barkong yan! San yan gagamitin, panlaban sa chinese sa karagatan?..nakatapak na at andito na ang mga chinese sa lupa ng pilipinas ang dami na nila at dadami pa yan ng dadami. nakakagigil ang gobuerno ni du30, dinaan lng sa pogo para bumaha ang mga intsik sa kalupaan ng pilipinas!..

  34. That ain’t nuclear powered engine. And that is only one, how many Chinese warships are lurking behind the Philippine islands there? And do you think how many can that ship take down?

  35. I think this vessel was once equipped with Phalanx, capabilities for Anti-ship missile maybe a Harpoon canisters and an Air search Radar that was installed at aft mast. (SPS-40)

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