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[Music] Well that’s boring. Go draw. Draw! Wow! Okay, marker. Eraser. I’m telling you, this is the pinnacle of virtual reality
technology. If I’ve ever seen one. Yeah. Yeah you know this is a great – wait
hold on, what are you drawing? Alright. Squidward never smiles. This isn’t Squidward. It’s Elmo! Make him red. No, this is my own character, my own work of art. Who? S – uh – Bill. Morty! What the hell is that? What is this? What
is – what are you? Is that the worm from Spongebob? The Alaskan Bullworm, wow. That… is beautiful. are you – how are you – where are your hands, and your, legs? I – I’m lost. Are you? Well where do you need to go? Are you – I like lost children. Uhoh no! Come with me my child.
Honestly, I don’t know. Come with me, I have pie.
Did you lose your… come on let’s go somewhere safer. Come on follow me, follow me. I – I don’t, I was in the garage, and now I’m here. Why are you sitting like that? You know what? Don’t question it. Look, this is how my experience has gone so far. Uh huh. I spawned in, and I was asking where to get an avatar, and this guy, who looks like a sack, ate my,
like, tried to eat my face, [laughs] Okay.
or something, and then he pointed me towards Al’s Avatar Store and he never said a word,
all he said was “WAH” so I don’t know. [laughs] Okay! Do you know where, where – do you know where the avatar store is? Is it Al’s Avatar Corridors or Knuckles Avatars
or v- Voix Oh don’t go to Knuckles, don’t ever go there,
that’s nightmares. Oh well I’m gonna go there. I’ll see ya later,
I’m going there. [groovy music] [mic distortion] Oh, no. [spit sounds] Everyone’s Knuckles. Oh no, what’s wrong. Oh no! How do I get out of here! There’s big booby knuckles! No, no! No! No! [heavy breathing] Do you know the way? [distortion] Get out of there, go! Go!
Oh my god! [upbeat music] Olaf! How do I fix my height? I’m staring at myself. Can’t. You can’t? You’re short forever! No! And where are your arms? You know, they’re uh ripped off. [panicked music] Oh my god. Haha this is a good place, yes? Oyoyoyoy [loud stomps] Oh, nooo. What do you want me to fist bump? Ayyy. Wait monkey, stand still, stand still. Stop, stop where you are. Alright?
Look at me, and just – [spitting sound] [more spitting sounds] [overwhelming amount of spitting sounds] Okay one thing I’m definitely curious about, what is this coffee made out of? I don’t even think it’s coffee. What is this drink made out of? It’s hot chocolate. Ha, clearly the hot chocolate’s very thick and has been left out for quite some time. Boom, she asked you want you want. Oh, this is the waiter?
There are no waiters. No, but – Okay, um. I can get you something I guess. Can I have ummm, Can I have ummm, Do you have cake? Can I just have cake? Because that one’s getting
all crusty and stuff, it’s been here for a while. Can I have just a fresh slice of cake? We got cheesecake, with like, limes on it. And it kind of looks like it’s made out of
fish cakes. Oh. With cream cheese – I – you’ll see, I’ll bring it to you. Okay. You know the service here is actually pretty good. She just, right away she knows what’s available on the menu. Some people can be toxic, some people can be nice. Alright! No way! It’s got kind of olives, and banana slices, and tomato, and either cucumber or lime slices.
Is that an olive? I’m pretty sure that’s cucumber. Yeah that’s cucumber. Cucumber, tomato, olives,
What’s inside? With a white frosting. Um, yeah enjoy that. [plate shatters] What, why? That was his. Wait a minute, is this? Is this a slice of cake in the bottom of the – hold on.
Don’t eat that! Nope, that is definitely cake, and that is
a whole lot better than the tomato cake that we were served earlier.
That’s foam! No that’s definitely cake, look it’s been
cut obviously in a cake form. I just can’t – I can’t grab it.
I can’t, it won’t let me grab it. [rock music] Oh, wuh, you were not joking. This is, this is seriously gonna make me throw up.
It picks up speed, too. Oh, shit. Oh no. No, no no no, I can’t. I seriously can’t play this. How do I get off? Woh, whoah!! Alright, I need to get [laughs] Okay, I need to –
[gasps] Mr. Poopy Butthole! Come here, let’s come
in for a hug. Don’t touch me. Time to initiate objective “steal the burger.” [happy marching band music] You know, whenever I feel like I understand this game, I see stuff like that and it sets
me like 6 steps back. I’m gonna fall. Yeah, it’s okay, just, lemme – I cannot swim. [background laughing] Ed! Aw, that’s… creepy. Moving on. Get the f*** over here, you normie! Ca-caw!!!! I have to go now! Do you want to know the way? Uh, yeah, wait lemme get a little closer so
I can see what’s going on here. What? I shall join you! Do you want to know the way? Yeah, yeah sure. Yeah. Okay let’s go brothers! We will show him the way. This is the way brother. This to salvation brother. Right there? Yeah brother, this is the way.
Okay. I love you my brother.
Okay. We all love you my brother.
Do I just, do I just walk in? Okay. [groovy music] Oh, no. I’ve been here before. Brother! Come with me my brother.
Where, where are you? You? Come with me brother.
Okay, yeah? Okay. Come here brother. This is your salvation my brother! Take the shape of the devil, brother. This is your salvation my brother. This is the salvation brother. You must become one of us. This is where you find redemption, and honor.
This is the way. [nervous laugh] You have joined the way. Yes my bruddah! yes! [tongue clucking] [laughs] What is going on! [more tongue clucking] What is – ow! I can’t breathe! Are you the way!? Are you the devil! Are you the way!? Are you one with the devil? [spit sound] [laughs] What is women? What is this fine woman? Show us the way! [laughs] I don’t like this! [mic spam] Hi. I don’t want to be here anymore. Uh!! Uh! uhhh. UAAAHHHH!!!!!

100 comments on “THE PINNACLE of Advancement in VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGY (VRChat Moments)

  1. I died because of this video, especially at 5:52 when the girl threw the plate along with the cake 😂😂

  2. Is it just me or does he see the luck guy a lot I think it was planed out other wise this vidoe was funny

  3. Watchs crowd of crazy shit go says ''you know every time I think im startin to understand this game I see shit like that and it sets me like 6 steps back''

  4. To get to see if the weather is good 6, I have been in touch. The first to add to your email. Find a job, I will not sure about that I am 7, I am not a good idea. The first time in the next couple 95. This was not a problem, and a bit.

  5. I have the PS4 vr, and it's been on twice. It's not got any redeeming features.. I am not sure if there are any games they work. The ones I've played have been unusable…

  6. I thought he was making a d### when he was drawing that face with the purple marker in the beginning.

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