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The Rapid Advancement of Hearing Aid Technology | Phonak Marvel 2.0

The Rapid Advancement of Hearing Aid Technology | Phonak Marvel 2.0

73 comments on “The Rapid Advancement of Hearing Aid Technology | Phonak Marvel 2.0

  1. I always tell people that even if you had a bad experience with hearing aids in the past you should try them again because technology has advanced so much.

  2. Very interesting developments! Is there any news as to when/if these advancements will ever be included for CROS devices?

  3. Thank you Dr. Cliff for another fantastic video keeping all of us current and in the know with HA technology and the advancements.

  4. Congratulations doctor. A hug from Brazil. I'm striving to learn English and other languages ​​despite hearing problems

  5. Dr. Cliff, is the update to the MyPhonak app the one where we need the audiologist's input on it?
    Also, is the Roger update to enable Roger technology going to be a software update at the aud?

  6. I just got a Phonak Audeo Marvel M70 three days ago. Will I be able to upgrade the firmware to use the new remote features or do I have to try to exchange mine for a newer model?

  7. Dr. Cliff…I'm soon to head off to a professional hearing exam (Kaiser Permanente) and will probably leave the Costco kingdom behind (am using Costco's name brand now). You do a wonderful job of selling this Phonak Marvel, and I intend to ask about it, see it, try it out, etc., but I have to admit that I wonder about your own excitement for this product because you are probably paid by the company. I guess I would really prefer to hear totally unbiased reviews, especially since these things can still be quite pricey. In any case, thanks for the information!

  8. With autosense 3.0, is there any benefit in having any of the programs loaded to the app ? If I understand correctly the autosense program selects what it believes to be the most appropriate program, so what is the benefit of loading a subset of these programs for manual selection ? Also I find the volume of the Bluetooth feed to be excellent, no adjustment needed, and the Marvels handling of radio / TV Non streamed is also excellent, however I am having to increase the volumes when in conversation, why would this be ?

  9. As usual, Dr Olson, thanks for a concise overview of significant news. The firmware upgrade is what I have been waiting for. I think the Roger devices with my M 90R will be a game changer. Will be travelling from the East Coast to see you in September. Thank you.

  10. Hi doc, is this the only hearing aid device that you can make adjustments from an app? I have the new Open 1 and still having trouble hearing with it. I would love to make my own adjustments.

  11. All right! Maybe this will free up my audiologist's time by not needing her to tweak on the settings that I couldn't. Very happy about this, maybe she won't be though. I'm sure I will need her services either way. Thanks for the great info and for making these videos÷

  12. I got my M50R's a few months ago just to stream phone calls mostly at work. Will i be able to update these to conect to 2 devices? That would be fantastic if i could! I love your video's full of very useful information. Keep up the good work Doctor.

  13. So are the telecoil models actual out yet? I keep getting told they are coming out this fall but no date has been given.

  14. Dr Cliff, I sure was hoping that your announcements about the new features would have included CROS capability. With all of these features, those of us who need CROS are being left behind. Love my Phonak hearing aids! Would love them better if I could get the Marvel with CROS! My audiologist let me use a Marvel demo as I am in the process of updating my hearing aids and now I hate the thought of having to wear a streamer again or change from android to iphone. Please encourage Phonak to release the Marvel with CROS. Thanks for the great update on the Marvel!

  15. Hi Dr. Cliff,
    Could you disclosure your conflicts of interest, if any? I, like many others, rely on your unbiased opinions to stay informed about treatment options.

  16. Thanks for this and many other videos, very informative. Question about the app, is it "MyPhonak" or "Phonak Remote" or something else (Google play list several) that will be updated with the new features?

    Also, maybe a future video suggestion for you, "why do ears produce wax? Ie, what's the evolutionary advantage of producing wax in ears as opposed to something else or nothing at all?" Such a pain for hearing aids 🙂

  17. Great news, they fixed some of the cons I found on the marvels, the 1 to 1 Bluetooth connectivity (my $20 Chinese headphones are able to connect to multiple devices why not a $6000 hearing aid) the app, the new Roger direct support (great) an extra the new titanium CShells, I want it! Wonder if they accept trade ins 🤔

  18. Awesome!
    Nice that they're doing changes to the app, which has been rather boring and having less functions compared to Widex's. RogerDirect is really cool as well!

  19. Another great video once again. I remember the first hearing-aid I had as a child, it was a massive thing over my ear, and a big volume wheel thing. I love the baha devices. Bluetooth is great too. Great, keep it up

  20. Just got my first pair of aids, the phonak marvels, a few months ago. Although one has stopped working after running to my car in some light rain.

  21. Dr. Cliff. I recently purchased the Kirkland 9.0 hearing aids from Costco, which of course are based on the Marvel technology. However, I would assume that this video does not apply in any way to my aids …. correct?

  22. Can the roger device stream the audio to the hearing aid AND another device at the same time – such as a smart phone with live transcribe on it or AVA- so you can get the benefit of both the audio direct feed to hearing aid and the audio into the device for captions .?

  23. Doctor Cliff, Though this is wrong place for this comment, can you please do a review on Oticon Ponto 4, which is released a few days/weeks ago? I am probably going to try that one in a few days when the demo will be available in South Africa and will have to take a decision on fitting it. I always pay attention to your reviews on various devices as they are great and make so much sense.

  24. Your video says the new app will be introduced on 8/19. I have looked for it, and do not see it. Do you have any idea when it will be available for download?

  25. Are there any instructions on HOW to connect 2 devices at the same time? I am trying to connect a Samsung Galaxy 10+ and my iPad. I can connect to 1, but when I try to connect to the other, it disconnect the first.

  26. Was able to download myphonak app today. However assume can’t fully use without bringing in to audiologist for a firmware upgrade?

  27. Do I need to take my M90s to my audiologist to do an update? I checked the MyPhonak app and it only has some capabilities you mentioned (no bass, treble adjustments, no way to save favorites, etc.).

  28. Hi Doctor Cliff, Can you pl guide to select one of the hearing aid from Unitron and Phonak. Bluetooth connectivity and streaming both are required. Looking for your early reply. Thanks !

  29. your right! I had a hearing test last week. They showed me the Starkey AI and I was gonna buy, but they were around 6k. So I waited, and you showed up. TY. My hearing loss is really affecting my quality of life. I am angry, and confused, (because I have to guess what people are saying) most of the day. I want these.

  30. I'm confused about RogerDirect. I understand a firmware update us required to enable RogerDirect. Once enabled can the Marvel hearing aid use any of the existing Roger accessories or do the Roger accessories need a firmware update as well or do you need a newer version of the Roger accessory?

    Having spoken with Phonak customer report I was left with the impression the currently available Roger accessories would not work with Marvel hearing aids but I can't find anything stating that fact.

  31. It is said that we should not hear audio more than 80% in earphone but if we use only one of the two earbud and increase sound to 100% then is it safe??

  32. I really wish if these hearing aids were affordable.its really difficult to buy such expensive hearing aids with every new release as it becomes daily part of my life n not an entertaining device.

  33. This channel seemed like an independent resource in a market that is difficult to navigate because the main source of information and guidance are people whose job is to sell you a hearing aid. But doing a sponsored video for a hearing aid makes this channel a less independent resource for people with hearing loss.

  34. Hi Dr.Cliff,
    Thank you for your videos.
    Could you kindly let us know when can we expect new Marvel in ITC model as i am used to ITC model since kid and i have been waiting for new Marvel ITC since October 2018. Still no update on it.
    Expecting your reply.
    Thank you.

  35. Hey Dr.Cliff,
    Thank you for your videos.
    Can you please tell me if Marvel works with profound hearing loss? my audiologist (who works in Phonak branch) recommended me Naida. The thing I love about Marvel is the the direct streaming to the phone.
    (Please make a video about hearing aids for profound hearing loss.)

  36. Hi at 3:45 into this video you talked about the audiologist including something into the Audeo Marvel to make it work with the Roger Select, what was it again, up to now Phonak have been telling my provider that the Marvel and Select don't work with each other. Do they or don't they. I'm confused…… Please Help….. 🙂

  37. These aren’t great advances. All hearing aids are crap. Yes they’re better than nothing, but never enough clarity to understand what people are actually saying. All you hear is mumbling coming from their mouths, even if you’re watching a film in a loud movie theatre, can’t understand what they’re saying. Of course, I’m referring to people with severe hearing loss (like me) that don’t want to wear hearing aids that are visible to the public. I still have to watch movies on tv or you tube videos with subtitles, despite spending $8,000.00 AUD on complete in the ear hearing aids. Supposedly the “most advanced” hearing aids on the market and the smallest in size. All a load of garbage. It’s so disappointing.

  38. I went to Phonak's web site you referenced and could not find any reference to "Marvel 2.0". If I buy a Marvel hearing aid how will I know which version of "Marvel" I have in the hearing aid????

  39. Thank you, Doc. I have tried to contact you and it looks if there is no reply yet, I design and sell OTC hearing amplifiers, and I was wondering if you can do some kind of product review for me? I hope I can offer better products to people with hearing loss in US. Looking forward to your reply.

  40. Excited to get my Phonak Audeo Marvels (MR-70 level) in a few weeks. I'm abandoning my old Costco (Rexton) aids which are out-of-date anyway.

  41. Thanks for all you provide Dr. Olson!..What is you opinion of the Starkey Livo 2400 Cros? I've struggled wearing a variety of conventional HA over the several months. Tinnitus and 30% word recognition in my right ear. Left is OK… Noisy environments I'm at a zero for hearing. Figuring a Cros is my best bet…Your advice? Thanks again!

  42. Best thanks for your expert Info's. The phonak Marvel technology is obviously based on bluetooth 4.2 and not on the newest Standard Bluetooth 5.0. Do you expect a completely new Generation of hearing aids to come rapidly with significant improvements ?

  43. So why doesn’t my hearing aid connect automatically to my phone..? It’s been properly paired. Even when I go to settings and select it doesn’t work. Similarly when I go to watch Netflix on my iPad. I have to go to settings to and select right ear. Overall not happy.

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