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The Stand Up Kid – Time to Change

The Stand Up Kid – Time to Change

>>Teacher: OK, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. Can you open your exercise books please? You’ve got a 1500 word essay to do. I’d like you to choose one of the themes from the board and start to plan it… [Pause]>>Teacher: Ah, the wanderer returns. That’s another 2 weeks behind. See me after class.>>Pupil 1: Where you been this time?>>Pupil 2: Somewhere warm?>>Michael: Yeah, your mum’s bed. [Laughter]>>Teacher: OK, ok. Settle down. Are we a comedian as well now Michael? [Pause]>>Teacher: As I was saying, choose one of the themes on the board and start planning your essay…>>Michael: Yeah, I’ve got one for you… How many teachers does it take to change a lightbulb? [Laughter]>>Michael: No? Alright, how many depressed people does it take to change a lightbulb? It doesn’t matter does it. It’s always dark. [Laughter] [Pause] When you wake up and you’ve got a dead arm… You can’t control it, you can’t make it do anything Imagine that in your whole body. In your mind. Whole life. Remember when I was off school? Remember all the jokes? What options you choosing Michael? Getting out of bed? Staying awake? Coming to class? [Pause] Only that’s when I was so low… getting out of bed wasn’t an option for me. [Pause] Even on Facebook… changed my status to “still skiving” It’s funny isn’t it? [Pause] It just makes it a little harder. [Pause] Sometimes it’s already too hard. [Pause] I mean you lot are my mates, right?… right? [Pause]

100 comments on “The Stand Up Kid – Time to Change

  1. I can't concentrate in school. I'm always tired. My brain is numb. I'm only half aware of my surroundings. I get stressed out from it and that results in anxiety and chest pains. I only briefly feel happiness or joy very rarely. Because of all this my grades have dropped and my dad is on my case. He only thinks it's chest pains. Push through it you'll be grand he says. Only I'm not grand. I feel worse now. People need to speak up whether it's mild or serious depression. I'm not even sure I have it because I feel it's only mild but you need to speak up. Trust me keeping quiet doesn't help and will. Not. I have yet to speak up…

  2. I remember the individual times I didn't go to school. Back then, I thought it was because of me not wanting to go in the first place. My most recent one made me realize that it was really because of this fucking depression.

  3. He's victimizing himself, if he has a mental problem then work to make it better otherwise being late and a delinquent is no excuse. If hes really serious then he needs an aid to follow him around and make sure hes on schedule.

  4. Nicely made… Very thoughtful…

    Although it will just get flooded with trolls in the comment section again…

  5. I think this is probably the best video I have ever seen.  This scene – his monologue – is pretty much what I've wanted to say and do for the longest time.  Even though you try to laugh it off so it doesn't seem like a big deal, it is.  Most importantly, it isn't a joke,  

  6. u know what for like four months i had a reallly shitty time because i was really depressed and i missed a lot of school and all my teachers were pestering me about it and they forced me to interact with other people and when i came to school for like two periods because i just couldn't take it anymore after that my teachers and classmates were like "oh finally back yeha? hahaha" and no jsut no man like that was the worst moments of my life ever and i was only 13 years old and i wanted to die.

  7. i LOVE this, everytime i watch it! its always powerful as the first time i saw it. mental health is serious. lets all have more understanding and STAND up and talk about it!! #letsendmentalhealthstigma #mentalhealthawareness   check out my YouTube channel i have various videos about mental health. Lets all end the stigma!! stay blessed! (o:

  8. This is a way more common problem than people think it is. I myself have Bipolar disorder, and before I was diagnosed with that I had depression and severe anxiety. I battled through my school days, and constantly had to be the brunt of teachers and students snide remarks about where I had been and how I was a bunker, and you know what? That made me want to not be in school even more. One thing i'd dread was walking into school and being made to feel like shit because I could not attend normally like everyone else. Me and my parents would constantly go up to my school to try and explain the situation to them and put certain measures in place so school would be easier for me, but still the teachers did not understand it (apart from the odd one or two) when I left highschool many of my teachers told me I wouldn't get anywhere, that because I hadn't attended I wouldn't acheive anything and i'd only get anywhere if I put in more "effort". You should of seen their faces when I left with and A* 😉 Don't let peoples ignorant comments define you, because you are just as capable and intelligent as everyone else. 

  9. Being depressed is not being sad. As he said on his desk, it's when you're stuck like a dump in yourself:
    You can't move, you ask yourself "Why? I ain't got time now."
    Day after day, you still have those moments where you're just stuck.
    Then you start thinkin' about it, about yourself and all around…you'll came to a point where you think about your whole life.
    Until you start being stuck in your mind too, because you'll think "Why thinking about that asshole? You're a big dump, and it won't help."
    And then, your donne…you're totally striked down by the depression.
    If you're a lucky one, somebody will notice it.
    Otherwise, you'll be stuck with yourself in yourself.

  10. First world problems, I had a friend in the university from Syria, last week all his family were killed by an american air strike .
    Can you imagine all his 5 brothers and sister, father, mother, grandparents all dead. and he can't even return home to say good bye to them.

  11. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”   ―  Socrates
    Although this is clearly a staged video, the age-old message it contains is very authentic.

  12. I guest teacher at a great school where professionals/teachers have these discussions with students.  I am a guest teacher who suffers from depression and is compliant with treatment and fortunately have great results.  Not all are so fortunate.  This was a great, guessing staged video and would love for all students to see it.  For those who are so quick to judge in a negative way towards the student, fear and lack of understand Mental Illness is very common.  No worries – friends and good people are many and will always be there for you – just reach out or stand on your desk  :0 

  13. there are many good teachers but there are also teachers who are unsympathetic to students who obviously have issues and they don't help, what's more, they make it worse for the student. This is why parents need to be their kids advocates, but kids you need to let your parents know what is happening.  And if your parent is no help then find someone you can trust and someone that is available to help.  I have seen so many smart kids failing because their parents didn't push them, or supported them, or worked with the teacher to make their child succeed… communication is the key. You may think it sounds like BS but it can make a big difference in your life. 

  14. I have been as low as you can get, no job, no girlfriend, no car, in debt and still living with my parents. I thought the world was my enemy and that there was something out there stopping me move forward. I realised it was myself, I was the one who allowed the feelings of depression creep in and I was the only one who could fight through it so instead of allowing depression to set in I did positive things for myself. I exercised, I was proactive in my job hunt and I made sure depression wasn't going to take full hold of me.

    Here I am 5 years later with a career I'm proud of, out of debt, my own place and a smile on my face.

    The choice is yours, no matter how bad it feels or gets remember that everyone is fighting a battle not just you so don't expect help to come you have to help yourself!

    Get off your ass and fuck negative thoughts, feel strong and you will be strong and when you're strong nothing can stop you.

  15. The teacher and the kids weren't tuned into this guys problems. They all just thought he was a slacker and all made a little fun of him because of it. It's hard to detect true depression in someone even if you live with them. He got the message out. It would only be inappropriate to continue to make light of his issues after he revealed what was going on like he did. A teacher that was a real dick would have prevented him from getting his message out…  

  16. People undermine the human mind like it's nobodies business. People will chatter forever about how cancer is a "battle" and dump ice on their bodies to simulate the numbness of ALS, yet treat depression like unicorns and fairies.

    When their are more suicides than homicides in America, who pays the price? When you suggest we get off our ass and forget our woes, who has to struggle? It seems that unless you've suffered a mental disorder yourself, it's fucking invisible.

    There's a reason he's standing up. There's a reason people find that ridiculous. Put two and two together and you'd realize that if the problem was so important, why would someone have to go through this to state their claim? They shouldn't have to.

  17. So if I were to read only the comments before watching the video, the entire message would be 100% lost. Most people are disregarding the fact that this is a scripted PSA and attacking the actual event. Ugh.

  18. Metal illnesses aren't taken seriously because they are invisible to non sufferers. Only those who have suffered themselves can understand it and not even they can spot it in others most of the time. It's a terrible, alienating, experience of isolation from everyone you know and love. They're constantly told to just "snap out of it" or "think positively" which only makes them feel more like sick freaks. It's an internal suffering which makes finding others who understand much more difficult and leads to an endless cycle of hopelessness. Those of you who feel this way, never forget that You Are Not Alone. 

  19. ok i get now. i had to watch this like 4 times to get it. EXPLANATION: its not the teacher alone that was a dick. it was everyone. they weren't even being dicks either. in fact im pretty sure no one thought he had a mental illness. and that was the point. you never know who has done what or how they felt. little things, like jokes being made for being lat (from teach and fellow students) facebook, and other activities. little events. they push people. they really do. they never made fun of his problem. but he takes jokes like those seriously, and for the first time he describes the feeling as a giant vague metaphor. 1, you can never teach how to fix the depression problem, depression is always dark, they see no point in changing it anyway. the dead arm feeling can only be described as if you have felt it. he describes it as a suicide attempt. these kids go on every day not realizing this. they dont need to, but jokes. be nice to people, even though you mean well like the kids in the video. just be careful. i have attempted suicide before. its been like 6 years since, but in college with my friends. i tell them this, and they were surprised. they said and i quote "out of all people in here, i would have never guessed that you have tried that. you're like the happiest dude in here" im not as bad anymore. but i still feel the urge and reason to do so. and i get this guy so well. so for 1. never really ask how they are feeling and demand answers or if that isnt a good enough answer because we cant describe it, like this kid. his descriptions are vague and short. but yet he knows its true meaning. he cant put it into words. when he talks about facebook. he could recall every single thing about the correlation between that, him, and suicide. but he couldnt put it into words. he just mentions little things. so guys. be careful. jokes are ok, not deliberately, but just be a good friend. 

  20. honestly with someone that had depression issues (still has them) i understand this. not in full detail, its impossible to even know that. because that would be psychoanalysis, he doesnt even comprehend it in full detail. basically, jokes are fine, but remember to be a good person and mean well, and make sure they know you mean well. in present time he may take these jokes as nothing. but they build up to become his metaphors in this video. the event of how people reacted to the jokes however, did not build up. although you shouldnt make fun of such things (yes i know everybody has depression) but depression is a build up. not a feeling of sadness, but rather a dark feeling that seeks no purpose in anything you do. and it builds and builds of little things and when it comes out. no one is able to explain it. anyway. just remember, people deal with stuff like this. and to people that dont have it, dont understand it. depression isnt sadness, its something darker, something unexplained. to depict the difference. sadness is a emotion given to a event, depression could be random, and could be triggered by an event, but its full purpose has nothing about the event and then changes to more personal deeper matters that are irrelevant to everybody else. for example. people get sad when their cat dies, and thats sadness, depressed people get sad when their cat dies, and instead of thinking about the cat, they go into personal scales against themselves and end up about how kids are at school. so jokes are fine, but be aware that people cant control or explain these things

  21. Im glad that i just used 3 minutes of my life watching a little english kid stand up on a desk, mutter something, stand there for 10 silent seconds, repeat.

  22. People who are depressed enough kill themselves – John Doe. Precisely your self righteous lack of compassion, kindness, and fellow feeling is why he did what he did, so you could reflect on precisely the behaviour you are exhibiting. Words kill. Words like yours. Thank grace I got help and am still here to alk about it. Open your heart John Doe. No one is immune.

  23. Would you be happy if I put this as a resource on my website please? I have a group who work with young people where mental illness is very high and think this will be of huge benefit to share with them.

  24. Hi all, as per our social media policy we've had to remove some comments that have been abusive to other commenters, or have used stigmatizing language. Stand Up Kid is a scripted video, not a video of a real life classroom – it plays out a fictional scenario which highlights the difficulties that young people with mental health problems often face. Best, Time to Change 

  25. Depression is not easy and there are many different types.

    You've got depression that comes on due to environmental factors. Sometimes those can be changed. Sometimes it's not that easy.

    You've got depression that comes on due to vitamin deficiencies. That can be really difficult if you don't realize where it's coming from. It can be difficult to figure out, though often a doctor can help you pinpoint that.

    You've got chemical and hormone imbalances, and those can be the worst, especially if treatment fails you. I had an ovary removed and for months after I would cry without provocation. I didn't know how to fight it because there seemed to be no real cause. I talked to people, to doctors, I downloaded apps on my phone that sent encouraging steps for me to take against depression.

    You might say, "oh well, you had a reason didn't you? Major surgery, that's understandable." But the thing is: it doesn't just come from nowhere. Everyone has their reasons. Just because you don't understand it doesn't make it less real.

    If you've always been able to fight it, then congratulations. That's wonderful. But expecting that everyone's mental state is like yours and can be handled if they take the exact same steps you do is the very definition of being self centered, being unable to see things from another's point of view. I'm not saying that you have an obligation to take care of such people, or even to be their friend. But don't lash out at them just because you don't understand.

  26. Hi, spread the word these girls are trying to help people through out the world, people who have problems that they cant talk to their freinds and family about can talk to these girls no matter what tye subject if its parenting advice, self esteem problems, anxiety and any other questions you have the girls have experienced it all and ready to help you start living your life again.

  27. This must be one of the best shorts I've ever seen in my life. Such a strong message, written beautifully. Well done.

  28. I get the message that this video is trying to pass, but i don't get what made him stand up and say these things. The teacher wasn't being an ass, he probably had no idea. How could he if he hadn't told him anything? It's only logical to punish a student for being constantly by not knowing he has mental problems. IMO the video failed to motivate the student to stand up.

  29. I applaud the video as it does show how school CAN REALLY be for some and years ago myself included – actually existent to an extent even today. As i go through life everyday now nearing my thirties, I have found more patience to just watch and listen to how people really are to each other. Growing up is tough, What I have seen to be a big hiccup in society is the constant Fear and Attitude towards others regardless of who they are be it age, race, weight, nationality, wealth or debt ETC… We are all Human, It makes life so much harder when We are against one another in any fashion -except non-lethal sport. Live and Let Live

  30. Reminds me of high school.
    Girls taunting me endlessly about how ugly I am etc. on a daily basis for no reason, people telling me I should kill myself etc.
    Teachers accusing me of being high or falling asleep in class, because I have dopey eyes. Coming up to my desk and smashing it with a ruler to "wake me up" even though I was already wide away, just with dopey eyes, lol.

    High school was messed up.

  31. have you ever been in a relationship where you had your heart broken but because of your mind frame you take the blame for everything that ever happened in that relationship even if it wasnt your fault? then click on my page and listen to my music i suffer with mental health illness myself and would just like to spread the word through the power of music! more songs coming very soon! but for now if you have ever been in a relationship like i described please take a listen!

  32. this video hits me right in the heart not only because its sad and sucks, but because he expressed the exact same way i feel right now, last year i failed 3 classes because i didnt show up often, and this year isnt better. I'm kind of just staying home in bed not doing anything because its too hard to leave my house.

  33. It's sad to see that people make of fun people with mental health issues. in high school I used to stand up for those kids and defended them not with violence but with talking and explain to them how it would feel if they had a mental illness or someone close to them has a mental illness and told them let that just sink in for a minute

  34. This advert is so relevant, this is literally how I have felt in the past. I still struggle with it now but I have found a little more motivation to actually get out of bed and do something. But it is hard, incredibly so. And sometimes you will slip up, sometimes you will hit a wall. And sometimes you feel like you have no other option than to just simply give up because it's pointless. Life is worth living, but also there is so much more support that needs to be given within mental health services. That's not to take away the work you guys are doing, but there are mental health services that need a lot of improvement and it is so important to find the right one.

  35. Not sure about this one.

    I have been a teacher and i've been through chronic depression.

    I know this is a fictional scenario but I think this is too far off the mark.

    I am not saying that to be disrespectful but I think you should listen to feedback on these campaigns if it really is about breaking the taboo…

    Surely the whole point of these campaigns is to open up discussion?

    So if you remove my comment it is frankly a bit hypocritical.

    One step in 'removing the taboo' is to not treat people like victims.

    I understand removing nasty comments but it seems you are only keeping comments that absolutely agree with your pitch.

    And im no 'troll' – im someone who has been through severe depression.

  36. This hit me, man. I have Depression too. There's a lot of work that needs to be done to stop stigmatizing mental illness.

  37. I get some people are angry that this wouldn't happen but it raises the point people with mental health struggle.

  38. I actually want to do this in class. It's horrible how teacher's aren't fully aware or taught about mental illness. If a student was down, wouldn't it be nice for a teacher to just ask, "Are you ok?"

  39. Be the FIRST to have a day in a recovering addict's shoes by listening to the AWARD WINNING AUDIO DOCUMENTARY and know all about the stigma of drug addiction in Egypt!! LISTEN TO IT NOW!!

    #NA #Egypt

  40. This is a useful campaign, but my guess is that no one will mention the suffering caused by successive governments and their demonisation of the vulnerable as lazy and workshy.
    Mental health is not the same as physical illness, those with power have a vested interest in getting you to believe it is. GOOGLE, power threat meaning framework.

  41. I used this ad for my English assignment in 2016. We had to choose an ad and do an analysis on it. I remember watching it and just realising how hard it hit me.

    I never got help for my mental illness up until I was 19 & it was the hardest thing I've ever been through. Thinking about my assignment and this analysis I did, I gradually got help which was the hardest thing I've ever done… I remember i couldn't even tell my doctor about it, I just burst out crying. People say that I'm just being a typical teenager, that I'm just lazy, etc… but it's so hard to explain. I hate being in bed and not doing my work & I can't explain it back then.

    Thank you so much for this ad. It took a while for me to get help and I did it. My life is so much better now, not perfect but better. 🙂 I am 21 now, my relationship with my family is so much better and I am doing well in uni. Hoping to be a mental health nurse one day.

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