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The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Joaquin Phoenix

The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Joaquin Phoenix

The brilliance that award-winning actor Joaquin
Phoenix displays on camera is unparalleled, but his private life is far less glamorous. Even the best screenwriters couldn’t capture
the hardships and devastation the actor has lived through. This is his tragic real-life story. “Think what you think about me, hate me or
like me, just don’t misunderstand me.” Growing up Phoenix After spending his formative years in a cult,
along with his family, Details reported Joaquin’s parents struggled to provide for their five
children once they left the sect and moved to LA. Phoenix remembered a time when they lived
in a one bedroom apartment that didn’t allow kids. When the owner would stop by, he and his siblings
would have to hide behind a laundry machine for hours. He told Esquire, “I don’t forget that. It’s f—ing crazy to me. I’m just really, really fortunate. Luck. That’s what it is.” He calls it luck, but some might say his hard
work paid off. In 2006, he purchased a $4.8 million pad in
the Hollywood Hills. And in 2013, he plopped down another $1.3
million to purchase his neighbor’s house. Not bad for a guy who once shared a one-bedroom
apartment with his entire family. A tragic loss It was Joaquin’s eldest brother, River, who
emerged as the breakout star of the family. River made a name for himself after appearing
in 1986’s Stand by Me and 1991’s My Own Private Idaho. “I’d like to go someplace where nobody knows
me.” It seemed River would seamlessly transition
from child star into more mature roles, but before he could realize his full potential,
he died of a drug overdose outside of Hollywood’s Viper Room in 1993. He was just 23 years old. Grief-stricken, Joaquin took a two-year break
from acting, per the Independent. But despite putting on a brave face in the
press, some suspect the loss of his brother damaged Joaquin more than he would admit. Rumors of a meltdown When Phoenix was cast in 2005’s Walk the Line,
fans anticipated it would be the most successful role of his entire career. “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash.” The movie required Phoenix to channel the
troubled musician, who battled drug and alcohol abuse. Many suspected that River’s death may have
haunted him during a scene depicting the death of Cash’s own brother, but Phoenix denied
reports of an on-set meltdown, telling Newsweek, “You know, the press has kind of imposed upon
me the title of Mourning Brother… and all this s— that’s just not there. I don’t need to pull from my experience for
a character.” But there were other signs pointing to a downward
spiral. “What’s with the black?” “Looks like you’re going to a funeral.” “Maybe I am.” Spending time in rehab It wasn’t until after shooting wrapped, that
Phoenix realized he had a problem. He told Time Out magazine, “It was then that I became aware of my drinking… I was leaning on alcohol to make me feel okay.” He checked into a rehab facility in 2005,
and following his stay, began attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. According to the New York Times, he later
called the network, “… the best thing I ever did.” His filming process “I can’t write, I can’t breathe, couldn’t
remember the reason for living, and when I did it wasn’t convincing.” With a decades-long career in the film and
television industry, you’d think Phoenix would be as cool as a cucumber in front of the cameras. But he told Interview magazine that he suffers
from “incredible anxiety” claiming, “They have to put f—ing pads in my armpits
because I sweat so much… For the first three weeks of shooting, I’m
just sweating. It’s pure anxiety, and I love it.” His own worst critic Phoenix has starred in some incredible films,
including Gladiator, The Master, and Two Lovers. He even snagged a 2006 Golden Globe for Walk
the Line and a 2017 Cannes Film Festival best actor award for You Were Never Really Here. His reputation as a critically-acclaimed actor
is well-deserved, but there’s one person who’s not exactly a fan of his work, and that’s
Phoenix himself. “You said, ‘I hate the last movie I do so
much that I feel that my next job is gonna right a lot of wrongs.'” “I think I did say that.” Phoenix told The New York Times, “I don’t watch myself… I can be really affected by things like, ‘Do
I look good?’ ‘Do I look bad?’ I want it to be what I’m feeling as opposed
to something outside the experience.” Lonely at the top Being a superstar who’s surrounded by fame,
fans, and the media sounds like a life to be envied, but looks can be deceiving. Phoenix has talked about the dangers of being
in the spotlight and just how isolating a career as an actor can truly be. After wrapping Walk The Line, he told The
Times, “It was really hard for me to leave the movie. I was angry and hurt and felt abandoned. I didn’t know what to do.” “Film is never gonna live up to the experience
that I had, that I felt.” But Phoenix may have had a good reason for
feeling an emptiness post-filming. Walk The Line director, James Mangold, told
the Times that Phoenix had completely embodied his character for the film. He remembered, “I could shoot Joaquin from the back, and
without seeing his face, you would be able to tell what he was feeling. He never impersonated Johnny Cash, he became

100 comments on “The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Joaquin Phoenix

  1. I definitely fell in love with him for the way he played Freddie Quell in “The Master”. (an amazing production next to the genius Phillip Seymour Hoffman) He really got to me as a person through his work. You can’t play a character like that in so much depth and detail without having an extremely advanced inner reality.

  2. He is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. I would never imagine he would feel anxiety and emptiness. Rich, young, famous and good looking. What can he be missing?

  3. 0:30 wait, why he and his siblings had to hide for hours when the landlord was collecting the rent? how long does it take to collect rent?

  4. OK Joaquin I have seen all your movies, you are handsome intelligent, and you are real.,I know you miss your brother, but, ask God to restore you, and acknowledge him always. I live you Phoenix, I think you have everything, kisses, love always and forever.

  5. Too bad he is going to be the next joker. He isn’t right for the part but here is hoping he can pull it off! Best as Johnny Cash so it’s not like I don’t like the guy!

  6. Greatest actor I've ever seen. I suggest anyone who hasn't seen the mockumentary I'm still here where Joaquin plays himself to go see it. The acting is so good that I definitely can tell he has some actual demons and darkness in his life. The plot is basically Joaquin losing it and quitting acting when he's still high in demand to become a rapper. After watching him in that and the master, I had no doubt when the stills were released for Joker.

  7. He’s gorgeous and one of the most talented actors alive. You Were Never Really Here is a masterpiece. I can’t wait to see him as Arthur. I love Joaquín.

  8. Just like Heath ledger became the joker in the dark Knight. I mean he used to lock himself up in the hotel room…

  9. Another great actor claimed by drugs. He died so young.
    I would like to know how would it have been if he played Batman and Jaoquin the Joker

  10. Oh yeah. The life of a movie star is so tragic. Bad things happen to everyone of every walk of life. He just chooses to act like a little bitch.

  11. "Busy little bees…", "Swing away…", I can relate to this man… but without the fame… and the millions. I love this man.

  12. think he's a phenomenal actor also think a lot of people misunderstand him,does have unique quality and not everybody sees the shade in which he's feeling,acting or portraying, there are some people that it does influence in a good way not everyone though but what counts is the individuality


  14. Dude has gone through hell and back and still aspires to more and more – working harder and harder, and always thinking about what he can do better. A model for this next generation (and all of us) that is much needed.

  15. GREATEST LIVING ACTOR. FACT. watch 'The Master' and tell me of a better job ever. He is hauntingly good in that. Transcends acting…he is that person in that film.

  16. Mi dispiace che lui abbia una delle vite maggiormente devastate di Hollywood. Da quanto ne so era innamorato di una famosa modella di Los Angeles ma quando ha speso tutti i suoi averi per lei ha iniziato a soffrire di ansia e schizofrenia.

  17. Everyone has their demons and everyone has pain the difference between winners and losers is the way they use those experiences you can fight or lay down and die

  18. "he never impersonated johnny cash, he became him"…. So that means if he impersonated joker, he became him . Woah now i got a goosebump.

  19. Hopefully Joaquin doesn't go down the same path Heath Ledger did. His version of the Joker is very similar and he is extremely good actor to say the least.

  20. Damn. My Dad's brother died when they were late teens.
    Drug overdose…
    I wish ppl would take it easy w these things. I had my close calls….
    Completely sober now. For years. Besides nicotine.. Lol

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