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The World Just Hit Dangerous Climate Change Milestone And No One Cared

The World Just Hit Dangerous Climate Change Milestone And No One Cared

Earlier this week, the world hit a dangerous
and potentially deadly climate change milestone and that was that the level of CO2 in our
atmosphere reached 416 parts per million. Now, if you’ll remember, we’re supposed to
get it at 350 parts per million or even less than that and we hit 416 parts per million
in case you were wondering how bad that is. Let’s put it this way, it’s been over 1 million
years since the Earth’s atmosphere has had more than 416 parts per million of carbon
dioxide and a lot of this is coming. Yes, from the bush fires that took place in
Australia, that released a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, but the just general increase
in co two in our atmosphere is continuously coming from the burning of fossil fuels. That’s it. That’s the thing, and the burning of fossil
fuels exacerbating climate change is what helped cause these wildfires in Australia. The bush fires, it’s all related. The more we release, the worse it makes the
planet causing even more to be released. Folks, that’s what’s happening now. This story, 416 parts per million. Let me ask you all a question. Where did you see this reported? What news outlet did you turn to to find this
story? This was first reported on February 10th did
you see it on MSNBC? Did you see it on CNN or Fox or you know,
NBC news, CBS, ABC, anybody and anybody see it on any of these networks, and I hate to
call other folks out, but did you see any other folks on YouTube talking about this? This is the problem and this is actually part
of the headline of this story from common dreams. Talking about this. Nobody’s talking about this. It’s not even a blip on the radar of most
folks. And if you want to know why it’s cause people
don’t care. Climate change is an issue. Yeah, it’s a little bit complicated. It’s not sexy. It’s not Sean Spicer going out there and offering
sexy Valentine’s messages for $200 it’s not Donald Trump tweeting something stupid. You go look at the views of what this video
has on it right now. I don’t even care when you’re watching it. It may be six months ago this video was posted
and compare it to all of the videos on our channel around it. Which one has less traffic? I guarantee you if this one doesn’t have the
lowest for the last couple days, it’s at least in second or third from the bottom because
people just don’t care. That’s what gets so frustrating about covering
these climate change stories all the time. Not that, Oh man, I’m not getting the views. It’s that not enough people are learning what’s
really happening on the planet. That is devastating because this is the kind
of issue we can’t actually ignore and I don’t care if it’s not getting clicks. I don’t care if these videos aren’t getting
ads. I’m going to continue talking about it because
it’s my duty as a human being to talk about the issue of climate change. Folks, we were given 12 years, about a year
and a half ago and nothing’s changed 12 years before the really bad effects of climate change
pretty much became irreversible. Year and a half gone and we’ve done nothing
as a, as a planet. There is still time. There is lots of time and that’s why I like
to talk about these issues. Hopefully to help motivate people. We’ve got some great climate activists out
there on the, uh, in the world right now telling us these things and they’re getting people
energized, but until we have a media, both corporate and independent that actually covers
these stories, the average American citizen, those, they’ll see people like Greta Thunberg
and they’d be like, Oh cool, cool. Yeah, she’s doing great. I’m going to go over here. Now I’m going to, you know, tune to something
else. I think Trump’s had some funny on Twitter. Oh my God, that can’t be it. That can’t be how we react to these stories
of climate change. This is an issue that affects every single
person on this planet. Rich and poor alike. Doesn’t matter what religion you are, it doesn’t
matter the color, a color of your skin, doesn’t matter how big your bank account is, doesn’t
matter your sexual orientation. Climate change will affect us all. And I think it’s beyond past time that we
start treating it as the massive global issue that it is. Because there is still time we can do something
about it, we can fix it. We can come together as a species and solve
this problem, but we can’t do that until two things happen. One, we get the money out of politics and
therefore get the deniers out of our politics. And two, we get the media to start actually
caring about what’s happening to the planet.

100 comments on “The World Just Hit Dangerous Climate Change Milestone And No One Cared

  1. Climate alarmists laid out a "New Deal,"
    Straight out of some Shangri-La fairyland!
    Human-caused warming is simply not real,
    based on this snowball I have in my hand. '-)

  2. The sad part is all US car manufacturers are stoping all new cars and only building SUV's and trucks that gets 6 miles per gallon while destroying any one that builds efficient cars.

  3. Nope many do care. With that said, the masses worldwide needs to take their heads out off wherever they have it; and behave as if this their planet is theirs much as the richest humans.

  4. I agree, it's imperative that action must be taken. I've been working towards improving my carbon footprint for the last two years and still keep going. All life needs it. Thanks for letting me know about the 416 parts per million. I am looking for more sources on this, so I am wondering where common dreams got their information from? It's odd that no other news outlet mentioned it and I'm also trying to figure out why? I'm trying to get to the bottom of it because it speaks volume on either end of how you look at it.

  5. No, there isn't over 10 years to act. There is no time. If we completely quit fossil fuels NOW, the C02 already in the atmosphere will continue to heat the biosphere for another 30 to 40 years. The loss of the aerosol parasol which currently attenuates the higher temperatures by over 0.5C will wash out of the atmosphere in about 2 years, so that half degree will kick in rapidly, taking us over 2C above preindustrial baseline.
    Coal mines, active and closed, are emitting methane with no controls in place.

    Fracking has opened large areas to free emitting natural gas, completely uncontrollable, as is the free emission of methane and CO2 from the subsea and subterranean methane hydrates. We control only a portion of GHG emissions, the rest are free to run and are expanding relentlessly.

  6. I think a lot of people have fallen into a depressed cynicism regarding climate change. It's like they are moving through different stages of grief at different speeds. Its too bad they didn't start the process 30yrs ago because I'm not sure we have time for them to catch up.

  7. Maybe if all the Prophets of this climate hysteria ACTED like they believe in their own bullshit, more people would believe it's an issue. The climate has always changed and always will. We can't STOP it. Yes, we need to stop polluting. Yes, we need to be less wasteful and better stewards of our resources, but that is completely different from the globalist agenda of wealth distribution…aka Climate Change Alarmism.

  8. I'm reminded of a George Carlin bit , where he talks about this very thing …. As George said , " The planet isn't going anywhere …. We are ."

  9. They've been giving us "12 years" for more than 50 years….
    For science and data based, factual information, visit this excellent channel:

  10. People are awfully thick about climate change, but now we are starting to get our face rubbed in it. Most suffer apathy about everything but the rut they live in, and all they do is follow the days and for most it's just the same, and the days follow the 3 monkey rule, and see hear and speak nothing outside of the usual ever gets the time for right nows adding anything that takes time from their ruts except for a tisk tisk naughty naughty passing word on the fly. They live the path of least resistance.

  11. Everyone listens to politicians, celebrities, instagram stars, and pro athletes. No one listens to scientists, economists, doctors, professors, and other educated people. We've always been doomed from the start

  12. This needs to be the number one issue – Period. Otherwise, we are all screwed and we do not have the right take all the other species down with this insanity of our making.

    I check this daily. The big thing is it happened in February and annual CO2ppm usually peaks in May!!!!

  14. I do care but I can not do this by myself we all need to help stop this from happening and it's not going to happen with Trump and his cronies in power and them denying that climate change is real and then continuing to try and take away our democracy

  15. Thank you from a Canadian (People’s Party of Canada) for your honest, heartfelt presentation. May it get us up off our asses…! ♥️🇨🇦🇺🇸

  16. It is pretty obvious that nothing is going to be done. In 3 short years Lady Liberty has been repeatedly raped by the Trump Regime. And the Republiklan controled senate condoned it. So get use to it. Any rule of law in America is a thing of the past.

  17. Well we are so Fuck The Republicans is Dumb, Evil and Hateful as Fuck and the Democrats is weak as Fuck. We are just Fuck and we all gonna suffer.

  18. To be honest I feel for this earth but it's not that we don't care it's that there's nothing we can do, the assholes at the top don't give a fuck about anything but money…and we don't have individual voices, that was all too pointed out when Trump was elected in the 1st place. In all honesty I'm just praying people have seen the error of that giant mess of a decision and don't repeat it~

  19. Where I am we are fighting for our lives to stop LNG pipeline! Hit them in there capitalism! blocking railways major roads and the throne speech, we have there attention but still get no support! Still fighting!

  20. What will happen when Australia's bushfires, heatwaves, and flooding rains becomes common throughout the rest of the world? … … Australia is the canary in a coal mine .

  21. You have something against plants because higher c02 levels means bigger and stronger plants. Call a nursery or hydroponics shop plants thrive in higher c02.

  22. I saw a very short segment on this topic yesterday. They said that in 50 years there will be 30% fewer species on the planet due to mass extinction..

  23. I read about it in the SZ and saw it on Tagesschau. In terms of American media I first heard about it on Democracy Now and then on TYT and The Damage Report, I think also The Rational National and maybe The Majority Report.

  24. Between the fires in Australia and the Amazon green house gases hit an all time high. Nothing will get done until rich people are directly affected by it more than the common man.

  25. Another thing how is co2 levels melting the glaciers from underneath or the ocean. Why when sinkholes happen if you fall in and it has water it's 50/50 on if you'll get boiled alive. Lastly how is rising c02 levels affecting the other planets atmosphere cuz they're changing to. Is c02 levels causing the increase in earthquakes and volcanoes. c02 levels must be attracting meteors to cuz it's been like 1 1/2 to 2 yrs since a week went by with no fireball sightings. Lastly the sun is the biggest influencer on our climate considering we're connected energetically and magnetically hence what happens to the sun happens to the mothership. Light reaches us in about 8mins just like the energy we send back arrives in about 8mins at the sun.

  26. What the ignorant refuse to realize is, that if they are wrong about Climate change being a myth, then it will cost the lives of every living being on earth, including themselves, of course the asshole Evangelicals could care less seeing as they get to claim that their twisted version of Christianity is right as long as the Armageddon comes. Too bad they are crazy and selfish, right or wrong, Evangelicals are never entering heaven, especially with the hate they have been spewing

  27. Main stream media doesn’t cover it because the people that own those corporations and their friends have investments in fossil fuels.

  28. A Generation of Sociopaths: How The Baby Boomers Betrayed America, A Book by Bruce Cannon Gibney. I highly recommend this read, the authors covers this topic.

  29. Half to 2/3 of the older living generations could care less. In their minds we can worry about and do something about climate change AFTER they're dead and gone.

  30. This is the first I’ve heard of it, he’s right! This should be front page, prime time on every single channel!! Wtf!

  31. Mr Cousins to truly care about the mothership's climate is to educate yourself with critical thinking involved. Then you would question how is what we're doing making the planet heat up from the inside. Is it responsible for the volcanoes and earthquakes. What about the boiling water found in some sinkholes. Are we the cause of Mars poles melting. The moon developing a atmosphere. Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, Venus all experiencing climate change we must be the cause of theirs to. Climb high enough up a mountain there's a good chance of becoming a popsicle. Float up to the ozone layer during a dusty area of space or when the solar particles from the sun or universe are high and your teeth might survive the fire since temps during those times go well past 2500 degrees. Critical thinking the art of if it don't make sense or add up ask questions. Knowledge isn't hard to achieve nor understand. Complicated answers are designed to make it harder for everyone to have the answers just like complicated questions are designed to make the answers hard to find. This way it's easier for the elite to stay elite.

  32. I care but lots of people don't we all breath the same air we might be breathing some good air now but in 50 years will your grandkids and their kids breath good air? I hope things change and they will. 😷

  33. Because oil and gas companies have lawers on every major news network to keep them from publication . my kids are fucked so some loser billionaire can make more billions .


  35. Were all like “lalalalalalalalala” while covering our ears. We need the media and politicians to take this seriously. The fear mongering over the radical leftists and the mean Bernie Bros are hogging the spotlight. The Green New Deal is radical? But we are not worried about the radical climate changes that could happen on earth? We are so short sighted when we chose the economy over the health of our earth.

  36. The greed induced monetary system is humankind's downfall. The few who have garnered most of the worlds cash hold all the cards for the planets health, and it seems we are powerless at this point to fight these power hungry psychopaths.
    Even though voting seems to be mostly a sham these days i still vote regardless and hope that maybe someday humanity will wake the hell up.

  37. You know here on the island of Guam, it's been cold lately. During the day the sun is out but it's cold. I was getting dry throat. Cus it's too cold. At night it's even colder. Very sad man.

  38. The American public has been dumbed down so much with Corporate Media's misdirection, we are now living in the age of Orwells 1984.

  39. Classic BS here in Germany: Tesla wants to build a factory, they start clearing the forest, the environmentalists demanding we shall all use electric cars block it. The poor fir monoculture…

  40. In Canada right now Natives are protesting a pipeline! All Via rail trains are at a standstill. We have to start following the Natives lead on this issue! No more pipelines!!✌💗

  41. "That can't be it, that can't be the end of the discussion of climate change." Other then bitch to my congressman who won't listen cause he's a corrupt republican, there's not much I can do about multinational companies laying waste to the environment. The only thing I can do is be stressed out about the situation which isn't going to help ether. I vote for progressive candidates only to have my vote marginalized by gerrymandering, and all protesting has done is make me late for work.

  42. "People just don't care" is the correct fracing to this deadly situation and I do everything that I can to have a positive outcome to change the way this change it's going but according to this report, it just has not changed I bit. I talk to people about "Climate Change" and they think I'm weird and that is not affecting them but they don't think about the younger generation and that is going to be devastating to them because the World will not be the same as it is right now but even right now you can tell that the huge fires spread in California, Brazil and now Australia all the hurricanes we had last year that are caused by "Climate Change". We need is ACTION and not just talk about it and forget that this is even happening.

  43. ThAnk you for reporting on this. I don’t care what anybody says this is the single most important issue in the world.

  44. It’s becoming much harder for me to watch these videos without getting upset. Whether it’s climate change, President Shit-4-Brains, Democrats, Republicans and the corporate media, its difficult to try to be positive person.

  45. no one cared….not true…the evil people are in Trump empire. remove him. it can be done. he is the one who should be scared.

  46. Casting the world into poverty and assigning command and control to who knows who when there is no guarantee of a solution is insane. Especially when a volcano or asteroid could render the whole effort meaningless.

  47. Sad selling my fear an fake news an real climate change news gets so neglected by main stream media but that's media an it's population control

  48. After trying to get people to talk about climate change for 30 years, let me tell you what happens next… We die! #riphumans

  49. In Canada we have First Nations trying to prevent a Pipeline….6 Billion pipeline…..crazy world….

    Protect the Land!
    not Pipelines!

    Left is Best!

  50. That's not true Lillian's of us care that it hit the Milestone the problem is but 80% of the people in this country don't hear about it because the ones that are giving out the news doesn't talk about it so they don't know that's why

  51. If your mother was dying you'd want PROOF, right? Science NEVER said it was "PROVEN" you lying piece of fear mongering shit!
    If we need to SAVE THE PLANET from CO2 then why do they refuse to say it is 100% proven & finally end this debate before it's too late to say it? Or are they also 99% sure the planet isn't' flat?

  52. Actually Farron, there isn't still time. The CO2 that's already in the atmosphere and the feedbacks have already sealed our fate. If we stopped burning fossil fuels, the decrease in GLOBAL DIMMING would increase the warming greatly. We had our chances in the 60's and maybe 70's to make a change. It's literally too late now. I don't say this stuff lightly, they don't want to alarm everyone. Things will change exponentially and we don't have 100 years left. It may not even be 50. I have young adult children, so I am not making this up. I weep for their future and the future of humanity. We know not what we have done.

  53. The truth is if ppl knew the reality of what is happening they would be panicking. There would be chaos in the streets and rich folks well they would not be able to keep sucking money out of the economy at the expense of everyone else. Why is nothing happening you ask? Because the ppl taking the money dont give a f*** about what happens to everyone else. They have there apocalypse plan and you are not invited. But take comfort in knowing they used your dollars to funded it. The truth is TIME IS UP AND CHANGE IS COMING ALRIGHT. It is about time we just stop sugar coating whats happening, and stop parroting climate denier talking points

  54. We have to get the influence of Corporations out of politics. In Mar 2001, two months into George W Bush's presidency, he withdrew the U.S.from the U.N. Kyoto, Japan 's Protocol to reduce worldwide Greenhouse gases. Bush, along with the oil industry, reasoned that transitioning American industry from coal to cleaner electricity or natural gas would drive up costs and force rebuilding of manufacturing infrastructures.
    Now the Trump administration has done the same thing. The U.S. has become the followers of the world.

  55. I really appreciate what Farron says and does, but he and almost everyone is not aware of what has been happening behind the scenes for many years so I will try to explain as best I can and much of what I learned came from my American Indian friends who are in almost contact contact with Mother Earth and all he elementals and kingdoms. Back when the ozone circle opened up and grew bigger, that was because Mother Earth decided to to that to release the very harmful gasses that were affecting her and all her inhabitants and she has been getting much help from our unseen friends too. However, the dark souls who have been doing all this and so much more like spreading all the viruses including the corona virus, have crossed the final line and a major recovery is on the way because Mother Earth is ready to do a restart but that would be a disaster so there are many meetings to try to avoid that. I hope that helps.

  56. Good thing Canada kept their forests instead of turning them into economic advantage. Now we can sell the USA water, and air. You people are collectivly the stupidest.

  57. I was on Twitter today, and I brought up the fact that we'll facing the collapse of the grain harvest in a few decades (possibly even sooner). This will lead to global starvation. Someone thanked me for giving them a big laugh. I told them that the scientists aren't laughing.
    I'm guessing in about 2050, when he's starving to death, he won't be laughing either. Neither will anyone else.

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