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Thorested Development

Thorested Development

Now the story of a thunder god who lost everything. And the one brother who had no choice but
to help him out. It’s Thorested Development. Thor was visiting his adopted brother Loki in prison. You must be truely desperate to come to me
for help “hermano”. Aghast brother. (No touching!) I did not cometh here for one of your tricks. Illusions Thor! A trick is something a QUIM
does for MONEY. You must know that if you betray me, I will
kill you. I won’t. He did. Now free from prison, Loki found himself in
a different kind of prison. His family. This is Jane. Her? You mustn’t cometh. It is far too dangerous. Ha! what do you think I am, a chicken? Cha chi cha chi cha chi! Cha chi cha chi / Cucka Cucka Cucka Kaw / A
coodle doodle doo / Coo coo ca cha Hath anyone in this family even cast his eyes
upon a chicken? I’ve made a huge mistake. On the next Thorested Development. Thor loses a hand. I’m a monster! And Loki contemplates his life. (Hello darkness my old friend, i’ve come to
talk to you again…)

100 comments on “Thorested Development

  1. Someone needs to make a Reaction Video for this XDDDD
    Thor: I'M A MONSTER!!!

    Loki:….. "Hello Darkness my old Friend. I come to talk with you again…." 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Let’s all take a moment of silence for those poor souls who have never experienced the masterpiece that is Arrested Development and didn’t get any of the references in this

  3. Next time, on Thorested Development
    Thor and Loki finally find their long lost father
    Odin: I’m going to die
    Thor: 🎵 what you trying to say to me? 🎵

  4. This is still my favorite video. I remember after watching this the first time I panicked and thought Thor would really lose his hand.


    But now he really lost his eye 😢

  5. Loki: A trick is something a quim does for money!
    Me: Dead laughing on the floor xDD
    I see you guys have done your research xD

  6. WHY IS THIS NOT A REAL TV SHOW!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?! I NEEED MORE LOL!!

    who do you think I am? A CHICKEN?!? cha chi cha chi cha cha chicha!

  7. "And the thunder god who lost everything."

    Me: looks at Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War
    How did ya know!?!?

  8. god its 2 am and i cant sleep and im crying over “what do you think i am? a chicken? chachichachichachi.” and im genuinely tearing up
    and “has anyone in this family even casteth their eyes upon a chicken”

  9. Jane: What do you think I am. A Chicken? makes Chicken noises
    Odin,Frigga and Loki: Also pretending to be chicken
    Thor: Has anyone in this Family even cast his eyes upon a chicken?

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