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time for a change…

time for a change…

Good morning guys. It’s the morning when I’m filming this. It’s probably not the morning when you’re
watching this. Anyway, I just wanted to switch the camera
on, and do a little update about how I’m feeling, because I’m feeling a little bit out of control
at the moment. Because I’m going from a cutting phase, of
like shredding, cutting fat, to a bulking phase, where I’m actively eating more calories
than I need, to try and put on muscle. And with that I will also put on fat. So I’m just like, I don’t really know what
I’m doing, and I’m just worried I’m going to put on all the weight again. But before I start, thank you to Squarespace
for sponsoring this video. Squarespace are a platform where you can build
a website. Whether you need a website for your business,
or whether you just want a website or a blog to document your life, or maybe your weight
loss journey, then they’re the platform to go to. But anyway, I’ll talk more about them a bit
later on in the video. But yeah, as you guys know, I’ve been documenting
my transformation. Mainly over on Instagram where I talk about
sort of the struggles that I’ve had with losing weight, and the good things about losing weight. I’m at the stage now where I have lost a lot
of fat. Technically in my weight I’ve lost I think
42 pounds. But I will have lost more than 42 pounds worth
of fat, because I’ve also put on a little bit of muscle. Which is great, and I’m really happy with
that. And as I always bang on about my before and
after photo, that is something that I’m really, really proud of. And it took a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot, a
lot, a lot, a lot of hard work to get there. The last bit of fat is just not shifting,
not shifting at all. It just won’t go. I’m eating 1800 calories, which is way below
what my body should be burning. I’m working out Orangetheory like four to
five times a week. Sometimes in my biggest week I did eight sessions,
and each session burns about 800 calories. So that’s math I can’t even do. Plus going to the gym on top of that. So nothing is happening and I’ve done some
research and seen, and maybe some of you will go, “that’s really obvious”, but I think my
metabolism has really slowed down. Apparently if you eat in a deficit for long
enough, your body goes into starvation mode and is like, “I’m not letting go of this fat.” And it will do everything to keep ahold of
that fat, including burning muscle, which I think is probably what has been happening. So it sounds really counterintuitive. But with all the research I’ve done, they’re
like, if you are not losing fat and you’ve been in a calorie deficit for awhile, it could
be because you’re eating too few calories. Which goes against everything I’ve always
known. Which is in order to lose weight, you need
to cut your calories. And you’re not losing fat because you’re not
cutting your calories. So it goes against everything I’ve known. So over the last about five days, I’ve upped
my calories by about 500. So I’m now eating about 2,300 calories. And I might up it even more. And it’s been really, really lovely. It’s been amazing to eat all this food. But at the same time it’s been really scary
because it literally, I know some of you will be thinking, “Get over it Joel, enjoy eating
the food.” But when for two years I’ve been monitoring
what I’ve been eating, and lowering my calories gradually, gradually, gradually, it feels
really scary to eat more. Because I’m like, I do not want to get back
to how I was. I don’t want to be that person ever again. And I know some of you as well, will be watching
going, “Well you didn’t even look that bad then.” But that photo doesn’t just… I don’t like what I looked like there. Aesthetically I don’t like it. But at the same time, it’s more to do with
what that represent, about how I was feeling at the time. I was so unhealthy. I went to hospital for a procedure, because
of my unhealthy diet. That’s how bad it had gotten. And as well as that, my mental health was
not good. I was just miserable. So that represents more than just fat loss. That represents a change in my whole life. Losing weight has changed my life. So I’m really, really scared of putting on
this weight. And it’s not the scale. So I should say, I’m scared of putting on
fat, which is naturally going to happen when you build muscle. You need to take in more calories than you
need, so your body can grow the muscle. But equally because you’re taking in more
calories, you’ll build muscle, but you’ll also gain a bit of fat. That’s just part of the process. So I’ve had to do some mental work, and I’m
still doing it. To be like, “Oh, it’s okay to put on fat. It’s all right.” I’ll put fat loss aside for the moment, try
and get as big as I possibly can over the next 10 to 12 weeks. Basically all the way up until Christmas. And then in January, I can start fat loss
again, and take the calories back down. And try and get rid of some fat and reveal,
hopefully, more muscle. But anyway, it’s just a game. It’s really tough. I’m enjoying it at the same time. Like I say, it is like a game. I do see it as building a body and I’m like,
I’m enjoying it. But it’s just crazy. Why can’t bodies just be simple? Like I lowered my calories, surely my body
should just burn the fat. But my body’s like, “Nuh-uh.” But do you know what? I actually think I look leaner, having eaten… I’ve probably eaten, I’ve gone over my calories,
as I always do. But I think I’ve probably eaten about 2,600
calories over the last few days, which is a lot more. It’s nearly a thousand calories more than
I was used to. And I’ve been worried about getting fat. But every morning I looked in the mirror and
I’m like, “I think I look leaner. I think I look even more lean than before.” Which is weird. And I don’t know if that’s true, but luckily
I don’t seem to put on any fat in the last five days, which I know is quite unlikely
that you would, anyway. So what I’m doing now is I’m still going to
Orangetheory, maybe slightly less than I was before. So I was doing about on average five sessions
a week, and I’m going to go to three sessions a week. But that said, hell week is coming up. Which is basically eight days, because apparently
there’s eight days in a working week in hell. So it’s eight days, and you want a complete
five out of the eight workouts. And each workout is like even tougher than
the normal workouts. Hence why it’s called hell week. So I’m going to trying to do five out of the
eight sessions that week. But apart from that, I’m going to take my
sessions down. Because you don’t want to burn too many calories
when you’re trying to bulk up, because that just means you’ve got to eat more. So which for me sounds amazing. And I’m like actually maybe I will keep doing
Orangetheory, because then they can eat even more calories. Because I’m greedy. But I’m going to up my workouts at the gym,
and they have been. Last week I think I went five times. I’m just dressed now already for the gym. It’s legs though, which is why I’m procrastinating,
and I’m doing this video. Because I got ready for the gym, and I’m like,
“I don’t want to do legs. I hate working out my legs. I hate it.” I see growth in my thighs. Like my thighs, oh my gosh. I look in the mirror and I’m like, “Damn Joel.” I really like them, but my calves, they just
don’t grow. I’ve never seen any growth in my calves. And apparently is because there’s only pretty
much one exercise you can do for calves, which is calf raises. So calf raise is basically going up onto your
tip toes like that, with a weight. Or you can do it sat down on a leg press machine,
but basically it’s the same movement. It’s just the movement of going up and down,
and your calf sort of lifting up. I don’t know what this was. This is not helping to explain it. But yeah, my calves are tiny. My thighs are getting bigger and bigger, which
I like. But yeah, anyway. I’m very aware as well. Like you guys know I’m too self-aware, and
I apologize for everything. But I just feel like I have to apologize for
something before anyone’s even been triggered by it. Because I know the sorts of comments that
I’m going to see. And I know some people are going to be like,
“You’re vain, you’re too shallow, why do you care about that?” But as I said, it’s like a personal goal. It’s an aim for me. I find it fun. It’s a game. It’s a game and an aim. Do you know what I mean? It’s good fun. And the nice thing is, my middle brother Ben
is also doing the same sort of thing. So he’s just signed up with a PT. His calories have gone right up, and he’s
looking to build some muscle. So it’s actually nice to have someone on the
same journey as me. And hopefully, when I’m back home for Christmas,
we can compare. And then be like, “Who’s got bigger biceps?” Hopefully me, but probably not. But as you can see, they need a lot of growth. They’re nice and hard, but it’s not as big
as I would like. But anyway, I just thought I’d keep you guys
updated on my “weight loss journey”. But I guess I shouldn’t call it a weight loss
journey anymore. What do I call it? Body transformation? I don’t know. I don’t know what to call it. This is the thing. This just goes against anything I’ve ever
done in my life. I know how to lose weight like that. It doesn’t happen like that, but I can do
it. I know the things to do, because I’ve been
doing it for years. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve learned from those mistakes. I’ve tried this, I’ve tried that. I’ve tried that. I’ve tried that. Tried everything. I know what works for me. But I’ve never bulked before. I’ve never eaten more calories than they need
combined with the gym. Obviously I’ve eaten way more calories than
I needed. That’s how I got fat in the first place. But as well, I should say that eating more
calories, it’s not just, “Oh just eat what you want.” Because then you will get fat. You have to eat the proper ratio of proteins,
carbs and fats. So I need to hit about a minimum of about
200 grams of protein every single day. Yeah. If I’m being really good, I need to focus
on my carbs and fat ratio. But I can’t be bothered. But I need to be bothered, but I can’t be
bothered. Do you know what I mean? So I have reached out to my old coach who
I used to work with, to ask if he can help me and maybe do one PT session with me a week. Because my friend Vero said that you can get
bulking very wrong. And she was like, “You’ve worked so hard to
lose all that fat. The last thing you want to do is just think
you can do it by yourself without any help. And then put on all the fat again.” Because it is a very specific sort of thing
to grow muscle and not grow fat. So, yeah, even though I hate PT’s, I’ve only
ever had one PT session, and it was nothing against the PT himself. I just don’t like being told what to do. I’ve told you guys this before. I hate people telling me what to do. Even if it’s someone trying to help me, I
can’t deal with it. But I’m going to have to suck it up, and I’m
going to have to do it. So we’ll see what he says. I might be meeting him this week. So if you guys are thinking of either losing
fat or building muscle, or just getting a bit more in shape, getting a bit more fit,
upping your exercise or eating a bit more healthily, especially before Christmas, then
let me know down in the comments below. We can all help each other. I’d love for the comments in this video to
be you guys sort of sharing your tips and advice, not just with me, but with each other. Because it is coming up to Christmas. I know if you’re American, it’s coming up
to Thanksgiving as well, which we don’t have that in the UK, so it’s just Christmas for
us. It is coming out to a time full of lots of
foods. So it’s a good motivation to be like, “I’m
going to work really hard now. And try and do quite a bit of exercise, and
eat really healthily. Because I know when it hits the 1st of December,
I’m just going to be eating mince pies, drinking mulled wine. I’m just going to be going all out.” Joel Wood: That’s all I wanted to say, really. Maybe eventually I will, as I said, put together… You guys know that I’ve been thinking about
starting maybe a blog about, with my writing. But then I’m like, maybe my blog should be
about fitness and stuff. Because I feel like I’m not very eloquent
when I’m speaking. Some of you guys are very kind and I’ve seen
comments being like, “You articulate yourself so well.” And I’m like, “really?” I edit these videos and I’m like, “What am
I going on about? I feel like I’m better at writing.” Yeah, Squarespace allows you to create a blog. So if any of you guys are bloggers, or you
have your own business where you want to sell your products. Or you just want to advertise what you do. Then Squarespace is the platform for you. You can play around with it, and that’s the
best thing about Squarespace. You don’t have to pay anything upfront. So if you’re like, “Oh, maybe I do want a
website.” Then you can just go to Start your website for free, play around with
it. And if you decide, “Actually, yeah, my website’s
pretty sick”, then you can click live, buy the domain. And if you want the domain, then you can get
10% off with my code, which is, I think it’s just my name, actually. Joel Wood, or the link will be in the description. But give it a go. Honestly, Squarespace is amazing. I think having a website is super important
in this day and age, particularly if you run your own business. Because it’s the 21st century, and it’s the
internet generation. Thank you guys for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, then please give it a like
and subscribe. I post videos every single week. Sometimes they’re weekly vlogs, sometimes
they’re rants about my life. And my deteriorating mental state, but… They’re not. That’s a joke. I think some people think I’m unstable, because
most of my videos are me thinking about things. I find talking to a camera really therapeutic. If I think something, or feel something, then
I want to say it. And yeah, it’s my own version of therapy. So thanks for joining my therapy session and
I will see you next time. Bye.

100 comments on “time for a change…

  1. You can find me here too! Drop me a message!

  2. You have so much to be proud of Joel. Doing what makes you happy is a good thing. I happen to think you look fantastic right now and the body you have now is my goal. You look very healthy and you can see it in your face and eyes. It is radiating now compared to when you were not as healthy and happy. I love watching your videos because they inspire me to continue my journey, especially now with the weather getting cold again and using that as an excuse to not go to the gym. Thankfully you are giving me the motivation to stay focused to show up everyday and my thanks for that!! I hope you achieve your personal goals but also find an end game that focuses on all your positives and not worrying so much about any perceived imperfections. There is only one of you and that is what makes you the special guy you are!

  3. You make me feel less alone, lol. I often feel like I have no clue what I'm doing, lol. I've lost 130lbs and my weightloss journey is different now, it's more about the workouts and building muscle. I'm still trying to figure it all out!

  4. I love these therapy sessions…lol. I enjoy your videos so much. You are doing so well on your personal health journey: Mind, body, and Soul.
    Just wondering, but if Vero plans to cook a Thanksgiving dinner, maybe she will invite you and you can vlog your first real American Thanksgiving and what you think about it. I would love to see her tradition, especially with her Mexican culture.

  5. I’m so glad you’ve realized that your burning muscle actually by not eating enough calories, especially for a male. Please don’t overthink this, your doing the right thing for your body and your health. I bet in 6 months or less , we’ll hear and see how awesome your doing and looking. ??

  6. You might find Jeff Nippard's videos interesting on your bulking and cutting cycles or training in general.

  7. It appears that all your hard work is paying off: I think you look great 😀
    But, don't overthink it or obsess over your body image, because that can cause more problems than it fixes

  8. i was just wondering why you slowly took calories off your diet but instead of slowly raising how much calories you eating you just started to eat more? again i am just wondering.

  9. I've got some anabolic steroids Ahhaa! They're for a health condition from my endochronologist. I wonder what would happen if I started working out though?!

  10. When you lose it you do not want it back so I understand not wanting it back. When you go back to less calories you should regain muscle and lose any fat gained.

  11. So true about lower metabolism and how the body holds on to fat. I seriously doubt you'll gain all your weight back. You have changed the way you live. Regular exercise is a part of your life now. You should tape measure your arms, legs, chest, waist, etc. You will be able to see the change even if the scale weight might scare you. Muscle weighs more than fat. I hope you don't hate me for suggesting you measure your body. I know it shows me progress when the scale shows more pounds. I don't get so freaked out. Enjoyed your video.

  12. Get some heels, tromp around your flat in them! You'll have beautiful calves in no time! 😀 And hey, it'll help your balance too! lol That's got to be so damn annoying having one spot on your body where the fat is like… holding out. I'm really glad you're taking Vero's advice and having a professional help you with the process. Oh, dude… you have NO idea. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's… we're holiday- eating our way to 1 January at this point. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  13. Favorite line from this episode, “who has bigger biceps, hopefully me” spoken like everyone who has a sibling lol. It’s always interesting to hear about your journey. I wish you luck ??

  14. We could listen to you waffle on all day or night. Do you read any novels? Cause I would totally buy those. Good luck with bulking and enjoy those extra tasty calories! Tyfs.

  15. Joel, when you eat less… your body goes into Starvation Mode and will not release any fat
    When you fast….(intermittently) your body gets scared and chooses rather to break down your fat for USE
    That’s the logic behind that concept
    Good luck…

  16. You are amazing! You’ve worked so hard! Keep it up. There are calf exercises! Lay on your belly on a bench, scoot down to have your knees at the end and get someone to put a dumbbell between your feet. Then do a hamstring curl keeping that dumbbell between your feet. Only lift to perpendicular to the bench or you’ll drop it on your butt. I hope this makes sense. It will kick your calves!

  17. Joel, your audience loves you dearly. However, this is where the older wiser viewer in me comes out and has to speak up.

    Don't be mad at me…….there are a couple of things I wish to point out. 1) As you age your metabolism DOES begin to slow down. Maybe you are on the beginning phases of that the closer you get to your '30's (yes, I know you are not quite there yet). 2) In watching your videos it would appear that you have a bit of a soft spot / sweet spot for none other than sugar. Although, you may in one sense be watching your calories to achieve a certain outcome consuming food items w/ sugar defeats the purposes of your efforts. 3) Despite you pairing with a trainer I bet you haven't been to a nutritionist; and I would also venture to guess that you are not telling your exercise trainer that you are also consuming sweets: fizzy pops, candy bars, dessert cakes, occasional candies, etc. If you were to, something tells me that either your trainer or nutritionist would pick up on implications for either medical warning signs or a deficiency in your diet somewhere that is still having you crave the sugar.
    None of this is a criticism. Just a concern. I'm sure I am not alone in seeing how marvelous you have done with your weight loss plan and want your success to continue. Loads of encouragement to you always. 🙂 .

  18. Joel do you have an OTF referral code? I'm going to join thanks to you and I'd like for to get credit for me joining.

  19. Don't fear the bulking phase…with the proper guidance it's very manageable. Hardest thing will probably be wrapping your head around "ignore the scale." It's counter-intuitive because we've been trained to mark our progress with numbers on a scale.

    You will also likely have to go from counting calories to monitoring macros. Bulking requires a different type of eating if you are to do it properly. It's not just about more cals, it's about more of the right ones. I highly recommend getting with someone who has expertise in that area. Matt Does Fitness is one of the best around (and he's near London)…he is actually how I found Joel and Lia. He has a great channel, maybe you guys could do some cross content creation!

    I've struggled for a long time with weight gain over the holidays. A couple of things that have helped me a lot is putting a time frame on when I can have cheat foods rather than just eating them over the entire month. If you want mince pies, or mulled wine, then tell yourself OK, Friday, or Saturday or Sunday will be my cheat day, or I will allow myself to cheat in this window, and then right back to the grind the next day. Yes it takes the spontaneity out of it, but it's stopping you from going crazy. Also on those days maybe try to get a little extra cardio in…300-500 cals will do a lot!

    For a longer holiday window, say Christmas Eve, to Christmas Day and then Christmas dinner I will allow myself a larger cheat window, and then Dec 26th back at it. During that window, I don't set limits, I eat and drink what I want. I find by doing those things, planning my cheats, it's much easier to avoid binging the entire month. Also I find if I want something really bad for me, I will eat it rather than look for a lower calorie alternative which is often a bit fewer calories and a lot less satisfying.

    You've done such an amazing job so far, and if you decide you are unhappy with bulking you can go back to your weight loss regimen because you know it works. But definitely get some good guidance from a trainer who specialized in adding muscle because they will arm you with some great tools that you will have forever. Best of luck Joel! You can do this!

  20. Look up Dr Jason Fung and his videos here on Youtube. Check out the set point weight theory, Intermittent Fasting and a Keto style diet and you will shred weight. Forget about counting calories! Cut all junk carbs and sugar, eat a lot more fat and do daily intermittent fasting.

  21. I've lost almost 50 lbs and realized that you have to face your issues with food and change your habits. It's hard but you can't just eat junk and just burn it off with exercise. Health is changes to exercise and food.

  22. To be honest your fear is a good one. I would have the same fear. You want bigger calves walking dose work not just lifts. But when you walk it has to be power walking. Anyway good luck ?

  23. A bycicle for your calves might be helpful but you have to spin on tip of your feet…and spin hard…possibly on steep road…

  24. You should be eating 6 times a day. Grains, veggies that take more calories to process, and high proteins. It will help you.

  25. Try adjusting your stance and do three sets of calf raises….one set with toes straight ahead…one set with toes pointed out …and the one set with toes pointed in. You can also try doing them on a step where your heel can drop lower before raising….good luck!

  26. Hi Joel! Hey your Spanish is improving! You’re saying Vero more properly. I can relate: I learned Spanish as an adult, since my husband is Mexican-American. Still learning too!

  27. I have currently started to control my calory intake. Want to get to 55kg. At the moment I am at 60 kg which is fine but I just wanted to give it a try

  28. I've been there, so I totally understand. The body reacts to protect himself, so beyond a certain point if you are restricting too much the calories, the body saves as much as possible to have enough for functioning.

  29. I’ve got to my weight goal and i want to take November to tone up. That means more food and i totally get the nervousness around gaining weight.

    Good luck tho! Excited to see your journey!

  30. I have a friend who had that problem where she didn’t eat enough and worked out like crazy but couldn’t lose weight….. she went to a nutritionist who made her completely stop running and going to the gym for 2 weeks, she had to up her carbs, and then she lost 30 lbs with the help of the nutritionist.

  31. I try not to stress about the holiday eating because that takes the joy out of it. I know it's so cliché to say, but – this is a lifestyle change! If you want to eat something, EAT IT! But be mindful that you're not going overboard and set limits on how much you allow yourself to eat. It's ok to treat yourself if you're still on track with your health goals. It may not be what you're used eating in past holidays, but you're still allowed to indulge a little and enjoy the experiences. You're an inspiration, Joel! I think if you were to speak with a Registered Dietitian they would be able to help you figure out what to eat to help get you to your goals without the stress of feeling like you're "undoing" all of your weight loss progress.

  32. Body builders go into a calorie deficit before competitions. They have that built muscle but to get them to pop at competition. They go into a major calorie deficit because fat goes first. But muscle and bone can go if the calorie deficit lasts long enough. Bone loss is Isa major concern as it is more difficult to build past a certain age. So, my advice. Get you bone mass or density measured. Some scales measure bone density. The body builders have more fat on them between competitions. So be aware of what is and isn't real. Actors aren't who they appear to be on screen either for roles.

    If you're really overly concerned about calves there are electrical muscular stimulators that might help that. But you would have to seek a out a physical therapist trained and willing to do that. It's best to grow muscle in a natural way though as this grows bone. More muscle helps to grow stronger bones.

  33. There’s a YouTuber/Instagrammer called Obese_to_Beast who is very inspiring and popular with over 600k subs. He lost over 180 lbs, was a binge eater, and is now very built. He’s come a long way.

  34. I know that you want to lose weight but you really don't have any to lose! Since you have upped calories, you have to keep up with the orange theory. You WTLL be alright! You look great to me!

  35. I am on a weight loss journey. You inspire me as well as a few other people. Keep it up! I have lost 72 pounds and have many more to go. This is mental more than it is physical for me and your sense of humor and realness make it easier so thanks! Love ?

  36. If all else fails and your looking for shredded go vegan with intermittent fasting and plenty of legumes. When bulking lean protein is your friend so you dont also take on alot of extra fat.

  37. Keep in mind it’s more important to be more selective about the foods you are eating to increase those calories. Remember balance. Balance is always good.

  38. I agree with the suggestion that you tell the trainer that you want to choose between two equivalent exercises every time you meet. That would take away the feeling that you have no control and have to suffer the mental pain of accepting whatever the trainer tells you to do without comment.

  39. Diet is like fingerprints…diets are unique to each individual. You will find what variation works best for you and then you will need to adapt that variation to you. So basically 7 people can be on the exact same diet but each of you will need to make small adjustments for that diet plan to work for you. Good luck with your body transformation

  40. I'm doing a squat challenge for the month of October. I have to adapt my workouts as well because my body has a mind of it own as well so I have to trick it so it doesn't get comfortable and stop burning fat.

  41. Just know that you are not that same person you were when you had all that weight …. you will never allow yourself to get back to that place
    It's a process physically yes but much more mentally

  42. Fasting for a day or two once in awhile helps to reset your system. Also swimming treading water burns tons of calories works all muscle groups. You look amazing dear don't fret too much.

  43. I've plateaued with my weight loss for the past month. very frustrating. I love my Orange Theory too but, for some reason I'm always working in the red. which is weird because I don't feel like Im about to die 🙂 I know my fitness level has improved greatly since i started OTF over a year ago. Maybe it's my new Burn monitor i've been using. I know I need to talk to my coach about it but, our classes are 3G and she has NO time between classes. yes Im moaning but, hey. Thanks Joel. Keep up the great work!

  44. Alright, about a month ago I started my journey! Much like you Joel, I woke up one day and realized: this is not it!! I'm 23 about to be 24 and so far my 20s have been THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE but… they've been spent in a body I have not treated right or enjoyed being in! I know good and well that looks are not everything but if I've already been (literally) weighed down by body negativity for so long, ESPECIALLY when I have the ability to do something about it, WHY AM I ALLOWING MYSELF TO STAY DOWN?!?! I'm making the switch! I've got some milestone markers in mind and my hope is that by putting them in a small space on the internet, it'll reiterate my commitment to fulfill them! (Also, along with keeping track with your journey, watching Christiane's aka Backpacking Bananas, 'My Fitness Goals' video really helped me get out of the mental bog/unproductive mindset of fitness I've been in and see that big change occurs by accomplishing small goals) 
    SO, here we go! 
    -By my 24th birthday in February I want to lose 10 lbs.
    -By June, my sister's wedding I want to feel amazing in my bridesmaid dress. Hopefully, I'll be starting to add muscle. I also want to have lost 5 additional lbs by then.
    -I want gain a better understanding of my body in regard to fitness
    -I want improved flexibility and yoga to be a consistent challenge I work on. 
    -And lastly, by my 25th birthday, my goal is to have maintained the goal body image I am going for and for fitness and wellness to be a lifestyle I prioritize and have obtained rather than something I hope for so that I can walk into the rest of my twenties (or even more so the rest of my life) enjoying life AND the body I'm in!
    What will probably happen is someone will see this entirely too long, paragraph shy, of an essay and scroll on. However, I also wanted all this to be proof that you're actually making a difference in people's lives. So, thanks for that. It's all because you wanted better for yourself and chose to share your HONEST story for the world to see (oh, plus a lot of hard work). It's been encouraging, inspiring, and most of all practically insightful! 
    I'm excited for the next steps in your journey! I wish you all the best!

  45. You guys mentioned Keto lifestyle (not a diet!) disparagingly once. You're wrong. I remember in California you were amazed at young Asians eating cheeseburgers with lettuce instead of a bun. That's Keto. Read up on it and/or watch a few dozen YouTube videos, aiming at ones presented by M.D.s.
    It's basically to get us back to diet of Northern Europeans and Asians that is several million years old stretching back to pre-homo sapiens. We've been on grain diet for only 6,000 years in Med countries and 3,000 in North America. Incredibly, whole grain bread is worse than white, as our liver produces more glucose.
    Plus your mental alertness will rise within a week by 50%, Do research,.

  46. I totally understand how it's scary to feel like you're "indulging." I'm sure you're adding mostly healthy calories, not a lot of greasy or sugar-y stuff. You'll be fine. 🙂

    Re: calves: Everyone has the same muscles, but they don't build up/grow on everyone's body the same. I'm not a professional, by any means, but just look at the shape of pro athletes' calves, biceps, etc.: they're similar, but not exactly the same. I'm average weight & in good shape, but my own calves are large (childhood ballet lessons to blame) and it's actually quite a pain because NO skinny jeans will fit – they all bind up around my calves – so difficult to be stylish… Anyway, it might just be the configuration of your own muscles, not a problem with your workout.

    I think people's bodies have an ideal weight for health, and it might not be a weight that society finds acceptable. I've known people who were sick (colds, flu, etc.) all the time because their bodies responded poorly to being bone-thin; when they put a little weight back on, their overall health improved. What I'm trying to say is, you look great now, and if that's where your body wants to stay, IMO go with it; keep building muscle but don't over-focus on fat. Enjoy the new Joel!

  47. Recently I started eating twice a day and only before and after work. I didn't know until you started talking about 16hr intermittent fasting that that's what I was doing. Most recently I noticed that it is burning my belly fat.

  48. Sorry- you probably know way more than I do about this, but have you looked into eating Keto? Rather than fueling your body with calories from sugars and carbs (in addition to high protein) you fuel your body more with natural fat calories (ketosis). You already focus on eating high protein and intermittant fasting, both of which are in line with keto. As I understand it, if you eat sugars/carbs (that convert to glucose in your body) then your body goes to that first for fuel, and if you eat more than you need, the extra is stored in fat cells. but if you are eating very little glucose fuel, and more protein and natural fat (butter, olive oil, nuts, etc) then your body burns fat (ketosis). It matters where your calories come from and when you eat them, not just how many you take in. Hope you find something helpful if your read about Keto. You are a huge inspiration to keep improving my eating and exercise. (Absolutely no comparison!! ?) We all have our own journey.??

  49. 5 or 6 small meals per day and NEVER skip breakfast. That's what kickstarts your metabolism. Small meals throughout the day (along with your daily exercise and cardio routine) will keep your metabolism high. No fad diets. Eat protein, carbs, and fats and lots of raw fruits and vegetables. If you're really obsessed with the little bit of love handles that are hanging on, look into cool (or cold) sculpting. It's all natural and non invasive.

  50. Joel!!!! Your body goes into starvation mode… up your calories a little more than 2300 I'd say up to 2600 for the next two to three weeks and then gradually start bringing them down while hammering those workouts!! But keep going to the gym dont stop going through the bulking stage and your metabolism will kick back in soon

  51. But to build muscle you have to eat a lot . Okay I was a professional dancer for 10 years. I only ate brown rice, veggies, and chicken breast. I would wake up 2 times a night to eat a chicken breast Veggies … no iceberg lettuce ( no nutritional value) you want to eat kale, Romain…. just not iceberg. By 6am you should smash 4 turkey breast and and a sweet potato( good for vitamin c) and good for bulking up. You always want to eat food that will repair ur muscles ( because those gym exercises strain them)
    grilled chicken, Kalamata olives, peppercinis (baby peppers), cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers and hard boiled eggs, very good eat those after ur first workout. Make sure you do six meals with nutrient rich carbs and protein!!!

  52. Well when it comes to holidays ( thanksgiving/ Xmas) make sure ur family prepares healthy and tasty dishes that fit in ur diet!!! That’s like basic. Sometimes you will have to give the family recipes to prepare. As long as they are tasty, everybody is happy. My downfall is deviled eggs!!! So delicious but it’s like basically eating mayonnaise in an egg…

  53. Joel, I concur with Julie Holland. I think you need the advice of a good Registered Dietitian. Some of your methods and beliefs need some tweaking to avoid sidelining your objectives. I also agree with others comments that you have come a long way toward a healthier lifestyle, which will make you feel better. In my opinion, eating healthy foods in quantities to support your chosen exercise routine is a lifelong objective. A proper diet along with exercise is a regimen for a lifetime, not for a couple of months. Keep your great attitude going for life.

  54. Good luck during all the extra hard OT workouts of hell week. Maybe eat some cakes while you’re on the treadmill to keep your calories up. Who needs a nutritionist when you have unsolicited advice like this? ??

  55. For sure following the advice of a dietitian who has the knowledge to help with your weight loss journey, but I know carbohydrates are not a friend to anyone trying to make lifestyle changes in their diet. I have been on a "diet" as long as you have been alive literally! But everything you are doing is going to pay off for you. I wish I had the will power that you have. I think you look great, and you go to the gym more in a week than I have in a year! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Love your vlogs!!!!

  56. I wanted to tell you Joel that the best book on health and dieting that I have ever read is "BREAKING OUT OF FOOD JAIL" by Jean Antonello. If you have some spare time after you finish that book, you should read the three other books by Jean Antonello on the subject of food and health.

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