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Tips 20 – 20 Tough Tips for App Startups

Tips 20 – 20 Tough Tips for App Startups

– Hi, my name’s Joe
Russel, and I’m co-founder of Melbourne app development
agency, DreamWalk. We were established in 2008, and over the last 10 years we’ve worked with literally hundreds
of startups and businesses to design and develop apps that have gone on to top
the app store charts, to be featured by Apple, and that have kept
informed and entertained millions of users around the world. Now, these are my top 20 tips for anybody considering
developing their first app. Tip number 20, why, why, why? So, my final tip for new app entrepreneurs is a tip that could really
be applied to any business, or any start-up venture. And that is to ask yourself why constantly throughout the start-up process. Why would people want my app? Why would people want to use this feature? Why would the media report on my launch? Why would someone pay 2.99
for this in-app purchase? Ask yourself why constantly. And if you don’t have meaningful answers and evidence to support those answers, then take a step back and reevaluate. You can download a free glossy eBook containing all of my top 20 tips from our website at Best of luck with your app. (smooth electronic music)

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