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Tony Earley Business Roundtable Sustainability Report

Tony Earley Business Roundtable Sustainability Report

I’m Tony Earley with PG&E. As we look out over the next few decades … we see an incredible opportunity for our country
and our state, California, to create a brighter energy future than most of us have ever imagined.
Because of the technology and innovation happening today, we’re able to see a path forward
on goals like cutting greenhouse gases, making our energy supply safer and more
reliable, improving the energy productivity and competitiveness of our economy and,
making America more energy independent. I know we can achieve this. These goals are
within our reach. And our vision at PG&E is about building the
electric grid of the future that helps make this a reality. In a lot of ways, we’re re-making the grid to be more like the internet – smarter,
more flexible, more dynamic – so that it can be a platform for all of these new energy
technologies to work together and deliver maximum benefits for our customers. The grid we envision is what we call “the
Grid of Things” … like the internet of things, with millions of interconnected
devices and systems working together. To deliver on this vision, PG&E is investing
in a host of new technologies. For example, we’re modernizing our infrastructure
to accommodate more rooftop solar and other renewables – advancing our industry leadership
on both fronts. To support the growth of vehicle electrification,
we’ve proposed installing the nation’s largest utility-owned network of EV charging
stations. And we want to accommodate things like smart appliances and grid-scale batteries and other new technologies that we’ll see in the near future. In the end, the 23,000 men and women of PG&E are focused on doing the work today that will usher in a more sustainable energy future for our customers.

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