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Top 10 House Of X Facts That Change Everything

Top 10 House Of X Facts That Change Everything

The newest series in the long long story of
X-Men really looks at shaking things up. It examines the mutants beyond their struggles. This is a story imagining a world of togetherness
between all mutants and a sense of culture. In uniting we see just how strong they can
become. It’s frightening, cathartic and awe-inspiring. This goes beyond the X-Men as we know. Today we’ll be talking about the House of
X series as we count down the top 10 house of X facts that change everything. I mean this whole series honestly feels like
it has already changed everything in regards to what we thought we knew about the mutants. Ultimate retcons galore here. Also if you haven’t read the series yet, maybe
don’t watch this video as there are some spoilers. Instead I’d recommend giving it a read and
then coming back. And I really would recommend reading this
series. Not only is the art and story fantastic, this
is in my opinion story retelling at it’s best, where the history isn’t discarded. And the colours are so phenomenal, they almost
brought me to tears at one point. A reminder as well to stick around till the
end of this video as we have some bonus content incoming. Alright, let’s get counting. 10
It’s Not A Dream, if It’s Real A phrase that has appeared throughout the
series has left many readers contemplating the meaning behind these words. There are a few different important ideas
and facts I’d like to touch on surrounding these and other words we see in the series. It is possible the meaning of the words could
be related to the fact that this world, Krakoa, and the series is actually based in some kind
of illusion. That it isn’t a real world at all. That would seriously diminish all the work
that has been done to build it, so I personally hope that isn’t true. Some have speculated that it is a reference
to the dreams of Xavier or Magneto. Xavier’s dream was originally humans and mutants
co-existing which doesn’t seem accurate but maybe Erik’s dream of fighting to protect
mutants and their rights could be a reference there. Another quote that floats about from the series
is one Xavier actually psychically sends to all of earth in his speech, “While you slept,
the world changed.” To me these quotes are connected in a more
symbolic way, a realisation of dreams. The words in the series bear importance because
in and around them we also have the creation of a new language, Krakoan. The language of the land the mutants reside
on, actually created by land itself, being sentient. Only Cypher can understand the language fully
which also gets us started on another important fact of the series, the reinvention of the
way we see certain mutants and their abilities. This series highlights Cypher’s usefulness
as a mutant, singling him out as the only one who can understand Krakoa who can work
with the land in creating programs that the mutants can use as well. Technology meets nature. You can find a cipher for the heiroglyphs
of Krakoa at the end of House of X, issue 3. 9
Krakoa X and Magneto come together in this series
and the glue that seems to have brought all the mutants together is this land of Krakoa. What I wonder is if the land itself has some
kind of empathic or psychic influence on the mutants that reside there. None of this has been hinted at of course,
but what Krakoa does seem to do is allow everyone to co-exist in magnificent harmony. Well, as far as mutants go. Krakoa is still a bit of a mystery especially
in regards to all the area of the island that the mutants live on and the other parts of
it which they would like to leave accessible for humans. The machinations of where it came from and
why it works also continue to remain a mystery. The existence of Krakoa itself has changed
everything we thought we knew about many characters’ goals and desires and has caused a huge shift
in focus for many mutant leaders. 8
Franklin In issue 1, Cyclops knocks heads with the
Fantastic Four. They have Sabretooth in their custody and
he offers to take him off of their hands so that he can be judged by his own kind. When the Fantastic Four seem uncomfortable
with this and express concern for the actions of Xavier and the mutants, in regards to the
creation of their own separate nation of Krakoa, Cyclops becomes brash with them. And understandably so, really. He responds by asking them if they truly expected
mutants to just sit back and take all the abuse that has come at them since the beginning
and that he remained allied with Xavier and believed in his vision. He also reminds them to inform Franklin Richards
of his home with the mutants. X-Men and mutant kind are kind of always looking
for Franklin to join them. While he has always remained with his parents
and the Fantastic Four, I’m hoping this series will potentially see him join his mutant family
on Krakoa. On the omega level mutant list, Franklin is
the only one who is listed as human instead of Krakoan. I feel like this is an indication that we
may see him switch sides. I even have a theory he may end up being the
Red King though there is more evidence that this will be Kitty Pryde and that the King
part is just a misdirection of the writers. 7
Moira Mactaggert Many mutants are getting reinvented and reacknowledged. It’s as though the series really wants to
highlight the power of not just the main crew of X-Men or the Brotherhood but also use the
series to rise up everyone and to expand the mutants in regards to the importance of other
characters. Included in this expansion was Moira Mactaggert,
who many were surprised to find out was also a mutant. Moira has an ability that up until now has
gone unnoticed as it is a unique one. She relives her life with the knowledge of
her previous one. Giving her oddly specific information that
allows her to shape not just her own destiny but that of the world and especially of mutantkind,
who she quickly immerses herself in while she wrestles with the consequences of her
powers. What will end up meaning for the future of
mutants? What happened in her sixth life? Both questions whose answers will surely change
the story of mutantkind forever. You can read more about Moira and her backstory
in issue 2 of House of X. 6
Everyone Together The implications of how well mutants seem
to be finally getting along is astounding. Many conflicts throughout the years of series
have been internal ones, with different leaders of different evil and good factions arguing
the best to progress, the best way forward for mutants. We now seem to be at a point where Krakoa
can bring everyone together. A lot of this also seems to come out of the
alternative perspective of Xavier, especially in regards to working with Magneto. Charles and Erik do work together every now
and then but this goes beyond that. It’s a marriage of philosophies now. In fact, many fans are speculating as to whether
or not this constant cerebro-wearing Xavier is who he claims to be. Could he be an imposter? Magneto and Xavier’s close relationship, working
with Moira’s knowledge of mutants previous defeats has also allowed us to see villains
like Mystique, Mister Sinister and even Apocalypse brought into the fold. And the end of issue 6 show even family feuds
within the X-Men being seemingly erased. Wolverine and Cyclops are chummy. Jean and Emma share a drink. This is some intense stuff. 5
Krakoan Flowers The flowers of Krakoa change the way in which
the mutants can get around. There are gates into Krakoa which are monitored
connected to biomes all over the world. These biomes were created by mutants when
they planted Krakoan flowers and give them close proximity and easy access to cities
and countries all over the earth. This concerns many different nations as in
the event of war, this would make mutants almost impossible to defeat. But it also means that as long you have some
flora–sorry, fauna–you have a way home to Krakoa as a mutant. The flowers are also the secret to the drugs
that mutants are able to produce which cure various human diseases and ailments including
alzhemiers and certain types of cancer. They even have drugs that can also be used
to prolong life. This is of course what Xavier offers the earth
in exchange for acknowledgement of the nation of Krakoa and amnesty for its citizens. 4
Orchis This organization assembled to watch the progression
of mutant kind. They are comprised of different groups who
are designed to protect the earth and humanity in their own way. Some are more noble than others. They list AIM, SHIELD, STRIKE, SWORD, ALPHA
FLIGHT, HAMMER, ARMOR and even HYDRA as being part of their makeup. Originally Orchis was created to simply watch
undetected the progression of mutant kind but since they have found that humans probably
only have 20 years left before they become extinct, they are now working to fight back
against mutant dominance. Beyond Sentinels, they are working to create
a Mother Mold and Nimrods. Mother Mold’s create other Master Molds which
in turn produce Sentinels but beyond that Mother Mold’s are believed to be advanced
enough to eventually create Nimrods. Nimrods are many up of adaptable nano-tech
and are near indestructible and 100% anti-mutant. Moira encountered them in a previous life
and so she and Xavier created a system to watch for tech thresholds being breached in
regards to the possibility of creating this kind of tech. 3
Amnesty for Mutants One of the asks that Charles had was that
mutant kind not be permitted to be judged by human law. In exchange for the pharmaceutical drugs they
had created to benefit humankind, they asked to be seen and treated as their own nation
of people and for amnesty in regards to human law. Mutants cannot be convicted of crimes anywhere
than on Krakoa. Only mutant law may judge a mutant. This means that no super-prisons will ever
try to hold them. While not every nation has agreed to these
terms, many have, which ends up meaning that Sabretooth after being captured and tried,
is released by the White Queen herself, Emma Frost, who escorts him back to Krakoa. 2
Mutant Law When I was originally reading, I thought Sabretooth’s
freedom would mean he would also be forgiven by his fellow mutants. At this point many villains had joined up
and were even apart of the Quiet Council, categorized by different “seasons” which are
each comprised of their own leaders who collectively appear to rule over Krakoa. I was wrong however. Sabretooth instead stood before the Quiet
Council to be judged by his fellow mutants. They decided to make an example of him and
thus punished him under mutant law. The mutant of Krakoa have decided they do
not believe in prisons or capital punishment, which in their minds would ultimately lead
to resurrection, instead they exile you. Within Krakoa. Sabretooth is plummeted to the depths of Krakoa,
to be held there in the sentient land, unable to move for forever or just a very long time. As Xavier has said they may offer an opportunity
for him to redeem himself. Eventually. Mutant law being this severe should help to
keep all these separate mutants in check, in theory. 1
The Five and Cerebro It is also revealed in the series that cerebro
is not just used to enhance Xavier’s communication. It has been used to help save psychic imprints
of mutants minds and basically their souls. Why is this useful? It allows Krakoa to be able to fully resurrect
any mutant lost. In fact they are working to bring back as
many mutants they can each day in the aftermath of the events of Genosha. We have also had a few other mutants lifted
up to be on or Xavier’s level of playing god. There are also five mutants with whom these
resurrections would not be possible. And some of them might surprise you: Goldballs,
Eva Bell, Proteus, Elixir and Hope Summers. Using DNA of the fallen mutants, this group
can bring back seemingly anyone. Thank you so much for watching, nerd squad. I hope you enjoyed this list. Have you read House of X or Powers of X yet? What do you think of the series so far, be
sure to let us know in the comments below. And let us know if you want any other specific
comic series covered. I personally have been loving both series
so far and the exploration of mutants who tend to play smaller roles in the comics. While you are on your way down to the comments,
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notifications. As promised I also have bonus content for
you in the form of comments from one of my previous videos, Top 10 Scary Mister Sinister
Facts. Oooo, spooky. Grubkin Tiddlefits says, “You’re on the point
with the outfits.” Thank you! I love dressing up and as it is October you
can expect to see a little more cosplay from me before the month of Halloween is over. Glad you enjoy my latex Cyclops! It’s certainly fun to wear! James Clark says, “I never picked up that
Cable is named after Mister Sinister.” Me too. I honestly clued into myself when I was writing
that list. They are both Nathan’s. Pretty creepy. But also pretty cool. And that’s all the comments we have for today
folks. Keep commenting and stay tuned to see if you
maybe get a shoutout in our next video. This is top 10 nerd and I’m your host Amanda
McKnight, reminding you as always to stay nerdy, YouTube.

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