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Top 10 TV Sitcoms That Go To Walt Disney World & Disneyland

Top 10 TV Sitcoms That Go To Walt Disney World & Disneyland

Welcome to TPMvids Disney beat where we talk about all things Disney! If you’re new to the channel hot that subscribe button and click the bell icon to be notified when we upload a new video So for any Disney fan, seeing your favourite
TV sitcoms head to Walt Disney World has always been one of those must watch episodes. The 90s especially were filled with these,
and even more recently, some shows have also filmed at Disneyland. A common theme that runs between all the series
is that they air on ABC & most of them had a premiere between April and may. This was probably done to coincide with the
start of the summer tourism months at Disney. Spanning over 3 decades worth of TV shows
and in chronological order, today we’re gonna be counting down 10 TV sitcoms that
filmed at the Disney Theme Parks. Number 10- Full House
For the season 6 finale, Full House did a two part episode titled The House Meets the
Mouse which aired on May 11th & 18th of 1993. This is probably one of the more memorable
and iconic Disney World episodes of any TV sitcom. I mean who can forget DJ thinking that every
male cast member including Indiana Jones, Prince Charming and Aladdin were her boyfriend
Steve. Funny enough, Scott Wagner, the actor who
plays Steve is the voice of Aladdin. And who could also forget Michelle becoming Princess for the day, which I’m pretty sure
is a completely made up promotion at the park. Now we’re just gonna assume they had park
hopper tickets cause they’re all over the three theme parks, but you actually get a
glimpse of an extinct attraction at MGM Studios. So Joey takes a tour of the animation production
facilities, which used to be part of the backlot Tour and were also used to animate Disney
films. It’s also really cool seeing two old retro
parades: the surprise celebration parade at Magic Kingdom and Aladdin’s Royal Caravan
at Disney MGM studios. And you can’t forget all those Disney characters
to go along with that 90s retro Disney style. And naturally the episode ends with fireworks. You’ll come to realize that fireworks are
a common conclusion to a lot of the episodes. Number 9 – Family Matters
In season 6, Family Matters also did a two part episode titled We’re Going To Disney
World Part 1 & 2 that aired on April 25th and May 5th of 1995. Most of it takes place at Epcot where Erkel
is demonstrating his transformation chamber at Innoventions which actually just opened
in Sept of 1994. This episode was probably created specifically
to promote the Innoventions pavilion. Although most of the episode takes place in
Epcot, they do show clips from Disney MGM Studios and Magic Kingdom, and ride various
attractions including Splash Mountain. You actually see quite a few characters too
including Cinderella who helps facilitate one of the most elaborate proposals ever that
would probably never actually happen in real life. A couple of extinct attractions also make
appearances. The first being the Streets of America at
Disney Hollywood Studios that have now been demolished to make way for Star Wars Galaxy’s
Edge. Next was the Character Bus which used to make
appearances around World Showcase at Epcot, and that ended around 2005. The end of the episode actually sheds light
on another extinct part of Walt Disney World That wont be necessary being the working studio aspect of MGM Studios Production services for Family Matters provided
by Disney MGM Studios in Florida That slowly faded out through the late 90s. Now, although the focus is more on the presentation
at Epcot, the second episode doesn’t end with fireworks but the first one did so that
kinda counts, right? Number 8 – Roseanne
In season 8, Rosseane had a two part- episode that aired February 20th & 27th, 1996 titled
We’re Going to Disney World & Disney World It should be noted that 1996 marks the year
that Disney fully acquired ABC and you’ll notice an influx of sitcoms that go to Disney
World in 1996; thanks Michael Eisner. Although this was two parts, they actually
don’t get to Disney World until the second episode when Roseanne says Park opens in 15 minutes this is not a drill. So wait: they’re still at the hotel 15 minuets
before the park opens and then they manage to be the first ones at the park ready for
rope drop. Have you seen the morning crowds at Magic
Kingdom? Anyway the family starts in Magic Kingdom
but once Dan realizes they don’t serve beer at the park he ends up running to Epcot. Now did they get park hoppers or just single
day tickets again? Now quite a few characters make appearances
in the episode but I just wanna point out how there were no crowds around any character. Shoo Pooh
If only it was this easy to meet Disney characters at the parks. Now assuming the family has park hopper tickets,
they hop, or maybe just sneak back into Epcot just in time for the episode to end with Illuminations. Number 7- Step by Step
In season 5, Step by Step also did a two episode that aired on May 3rd & 10th, 1996 called
We’re Going to Disney World Part 1 & 2. The Lambert family takes a family trip to
Walt Disney World and because of Mark’s Book, Jake wants to set the record of doing
every ride, show, food & gift shop in Walt Disney world within four days. Now thanks to this storyline you get a pretty
good look around a lot of Walt Disney World. And thanks to some Disney magic Mark gets
permission to monitor Jake from park headquarters and apparently Disney has scientists working
in their surveillance room. Either that or cast members from the imagination
pavilion at Epcot stopped by. But Between both episodes you get a look at
many rides including the extinct Mr Toad’s Wild Ride that closed in 1998, and that iconic
splash mountain shot. You can’t forget that splash mountain shot. You also see quite a few characters but is
it just me or does Minnie Mouse look really tall here, leave a comment below what you
think. Also while they’re on Tower of Terror this
bellhop cast member is coincidentally the same cast member from the family matters episode
the year before. Although it doesn’t end with fireworks,
they still make a point to watch Illuminations at Epcot. In the end its an entertaining two part episode,
filled with action, a creative story and lots of Disney magic. Number 6 – Boy Meets World
In season 3, Boy Meets World aired an episode titled The Happiest Show on Earth on the same
day as Step by Step’s 2nd episode on May 10th, 1996. TGIF on ABC, shoutout to anyone who actually
remembers that, aired Boy Meets world at 8:30 and then Step by Step at 9:30. Now unlike Step by Step where the entire episode
was in the parks, Boy Meets World only spends about two thirds of it at Walt Disney World. Most of the story actually takes place at
Epcot, specifically at the living Seas pavilion. One of the more iconic scenes is when we find
out Corey and Shawn spent the night in the logs on Splash Mountain. I didn’t get the girl I came for and I slept
in a log. Apparently Magic Kingdom security was off
duty this night and coincidentally the morning crew at splash mountain didn’t notice them
either, tested the ride, and the episode got its iconic splash mountain shot. Now where do we find a towel. Now the only two characters that appear in
the episode are the beast and goofy but its ridiculous how they jump from the Magic Kingdom
to the American Pavilion at Epcot making it seem like you could just run there no problem. Every show portrays this situation of within
minutes you can be in a different park but we all know how long those busses take to
get around. The episode may not have ended with fireworks,
but it still has a happy ending with Spaceship Earth in the background. Number 5- Sabrina the Teenage Witch
In Season 2, Sabrina the Teenage Witch premiered the episode creatively titled Disney World
that aired on April 24th 1998. It’s ironic that it’s titled Disney World
since they only visit Animal Kingdom but clearly Disney used the episode to promote the opening
of the park. Animal kingdom actually opened only 2 days
before this episode aired. There’s also no real reason why everyone
needed to go to Disney World aside from Albert bewitching the principal into saying: *insert
line* The episode tours the park with a good portion
of the story always cutting back to Kilimanjaro Safaris. The Hippopotamuses are among the most aggressive
animals in the jungle The episode actually does feature an extinct
attraction at the park and thats the Discovery River Boats which closed in August of 1999
due to low guest satisfaction scores. But Kilimanjaro Safaris, Discovery River Boats,
the Boneyard in Dinoland and the Tree of Life are the only rides and attractions shown,
but Disney does put a lot of emphasis on the safari. This is the only Disney episode to not feature
a single Disney character whatsoever, and in all honesty the episode feels a little
dry. I never doubted that for a minute. Is forgettable and doesn’t live up to that
grand Disney World title. Number 4- George Lopez
In season 3, The George Lopez show aired an episode on April 30th, 2004 titled George
Goes to Disneyland, with this being the first Disneyland episode on the list. Now with Disneyland episodes, its easier to
incorporate going to the park as part of an organic storyline, since the families already
live in California. The show spends less than half the episode
in Disneyland when a shot early on shows Mickey and Minnie conveniently doing a meet in greet
in front of Sleeping Beauty castle, cause that always happens. Although the time in Disneyland is so short,
they manage to show quite a bit of the park through the plot of the episode. They even find time to get that iconic Splash
Mountain shot through a little bonding moment between George and his mom. It seems like this episode was used to promote
New Twilight Zone Tower of Terror The now extinct Tower of Terror opened at
Disney California Adventure on May 5th, 2004 and this episode aired 5 days before the grand
opening of the attraction, so they made sure to get this
I hear its a 13 story drop as well as ride footage, into the episode. Overall the episode has a lot of heart and
it’s great to see Disneyland getting some love in the TV sitcom world. Number 3- Modern Family
In season 3, Modern Family also headed to Disneyland in an episode creatively titled
Disneyland that aired on May 9th, 2012. Since the families also live in California,
this visit to the park fit perfectly with the plot and its one of the least Disney commercial
episodes out of all of them. You get to see them walk all through Disneyland,
going on Big Thunder Mountain, Dumbo, Great moments with Mr. Lincoln and you cant forget
that Splash Mountain shot. You do get to see some rare characters actually. Robin Hood appears with Little John, who actually
is depicted in an very rare situation. So we all know that fur characters at the
Disney parks can’t speak but here we have Hayley having a conversation with her ex boyfriend
Dylan who’s performing as little John. It’s really surprising that ABC and Disney
gave the green light to broadcast this scenario on television since character integrity is
a big part of the company. Aside from that, the episode is just an enjoyable
and hilarious look at a family at Disneyland without it being a Disneyland commercial. Number 2- The Middle
In the season 5 finale,The Middle aired a two part episode on May 21st 2014 titled The
Wonderful World of Hecks. Now although its a two part finale, they’re
only at The Magic Kingdom for the last 50 seconds of the first episode. Now the Hecks arrive at Magic Kingdom to find
out from a cast member that their park tickets are for Disneyland and they’re at the wrong
park. Thats okay. Now for the non Disney fan I could see mixing
up Disneyland and Disney World in conversation, but to not check the tickets when you’ve
been planning a trip for over 20 days is a little far fetched, but okay. The family spends the majority of their time
in Magic Kingdom, and you see a few attractions but they never actually get on any of them
because, well they have the worst luck ever and its TV. And it was never mentioned that they had park
hopper tickets but lets hope they did cause Frankie and Mike find themselves having dinner
in the France Pavilion at Epcot. Actually if you ever wanted to eat right here
on a normal day at Epcot, you probably wouldn’t be able to since its not an actual restaurant. Now while the kids are still at the Magic
Kingdom they finally manage to get on a ride and get that iconic splash mountain shot. Then using their non park hopper tickets,
the kids all managed to get into Epcot and the episode ends with what other than the
fireworks from Illuminations. Number 1- Black-ish
In the season 3 premiere, Black-ish was the first sitcom to air their episode at the beginning
of the season. The episode titled VIP aired On Sept 21st,
2016 and its a much different Disney experience than we’ve seen in other Disney episodes. So the Johnson’s make sure their kids are
able to experience a VIP trip at Walt Disney World with a VIP tour guide, or a plaid like
they’re sometimes referred to. They park hop between Magic Kingdom, Animal
Kingdom and Epcot, getting the kids to the front of all the line on a variety of rides
but again they make it seem like you can get from park to park within minutes. Now at one point Rainbow and the grandparents
go to line up for whats supposed to be Soarin but last time I checked, Soarin’s queue
is all inside the Land Pavilion. This is….i don’t even know what this is. And even if you were the grand marshal of
the parade, since when are guests allowed to sit on the Movie it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street party floats while they head down to
the hub? Try that on your next visit to the park. Aside from the inconsistencies, it’s a fun
episode and like many of the others, one of the last shots is of the fireworks. So whats your favourite TV series thats gone
to Disney world or Disneyland? Are you more of a retro 90s fan, or do you
prefer the modern sitcoms? And have you noticed any other inconsistencies
in the episodes? Leave a comment below and start a conversation. If you have any videos form the Disney parks
that you’d like to share to be used in future vides, follow the link in the description
below! Thanks so much for watching! Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe
to this channel and check out some of these other vides which we’re sure you’ll like.

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