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TRAEGER Pro Controller Upgrade–🛠Easy Install in Less than 7 Minutes!🔧

TRAEGER Pro Controller Upgrade–🛠Easy Install in Less than 7 Minutes!🔧

okay so here’s what comes in the package
and this says it’s compatible with all Pro Series Elite Series town & travel
series and commercial series I’m assuming that that means anything with
the digital readout like this which as far as I know that’s just about
everything unless you have a real old one basically it’s just the guts here
you’re replacing your original temperature and then it has two probes
and then two outlets for the probes everything else looks exactly the same
and there’s a button for probe selection last but not least it comes with an
instruction book and you’re if you’re a typical man you can just go ahead and
throw this away okay for this really easy install you
just need a few tools you need a Phillips screwdriver you’ll need a small
flathead screwdriver I’m using three different kinds and
you’ll see why and later in the video pair of wire Clippers and then a couple
of zip ties when you’re all finished let’s get started all right so not much
to pull in this thing off you just need a phillips screwdriver
there’s true two screws and they’re just threaded into the metal now the
instructions say to access everything from the bottom of the pellet cabinet so
I’m gonna go under there and see what it looks like okay so I’m gonna take my
finger through the front here so you can see this is where we just took out the
control panel there’s a bunch of wires here and then these are the four
connections that you’re after for the new ones so we need to cut these zip
ties that are kind of holding this group of wires together okay so here’s one two
make sure you don’t cut the wires because that would be a problem and three over here
you know if the bottom is loose just take this panel and we’re gonna push it
through this opening here and pull it through the bottom okay so once that’s
through that gives you lots nicer access to this cluster of wires right here
which is what you’re after and you can see that here’s the new controller this
is the old controller it’s all the same colors wires so it should just be plug
and play and should be good after that you will want to have a flat screwdriver
these are locking little plugs so you do need to stick something down in there to
get them to free up, the easiest way I’ve found is to put one on each side and it
will slide out and I think the easiest way is probably to do this one at a time
that way you don’t get these mixed up so I’ve just removed for the purple and
white and I’m just gonna put the purple and white from the new one back on okay this last one is up here there’s
not a lot of slack on it and I’m not going to be able to take a picture and
do it at the same time but same kind of connection and your colors will still
match up with the new one our last connection step is we need to take these
RTD wires right here the two white ones and just use a flat head and just remove
those and it does say that you can put these back in any order I’m gonna put
them back the way they are in there just because and it’s just a block terminal
so when you tighten that screw down it’ll hold that it just pinches it down alright there we go we’re all hooked up
and for future reference you do have a fuse block right here so for some reason
you can’t get your digital readout to come on and your traegers not working you always want to check that first because that’s the easiest fix okay so now that
this is all put together we’re just going to do this in Reverse so we’re
gonna come up through the back here put our screws back in before i zip-tie all my wires back up in
there I’m gonna power it on and make sure that I’ve got power okay here goes
nothing success I can hear my auger kicking on right now
so last but not least we’re just gonna zip tie all those wires back together
and we should be good all right it looks like we’re good we’re smoking now I’m
going to give it to the probes a test okay for those of you who did not know
this little hole right here in the side of your grill is actually to put a probe
through so if you’ve never used a probe before just feed it through here into your
grill my grill is a disaster right now so I apologize for that I think you
just take your end put it right here in the probe do the same to the other
once you get your two probes hooked up there’s a probe selector button and that
will let you scroll it says po1 I’ll let you scroll to see what
temperature each is at and that will stay on for a few seconds and then it
will flash back to your grill temperature

16 comments on “TRAEGER Pro Controller Upgrade–🛠Easy Install in Less than 7 Minutes!🔧

  1. Thx for the video brother. Will make my change out of the new grill so much easier… Think I'll do the upgrade as I assemble the new grill.

  2. Thank you! They should have pokeyoked those connections. Just wanted to see that the purple white goes to the hotrod

  3. Great video. Question: Why didn't you install the RTD sensor that came with it? Are they all the same or something? I'm coming from traeger elite and wondering if the RTD is any different.

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