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Triad Today: A chat with UNCG Vice Chancellor for Advancement Beth Fischer

Triad Today: A chat with UNCG Vice Chancellor for Advancement Beth Fischer

On Triad Today, we have first time visitor
to the program and she comes from my alma mater, although they don’t claim me. Next to me, the very lovely Beth Fischer. She is vice Chancellor of Advancement at UNCG. Welcome to the program -Thank you Jim -It’s always great to sit with an alumnus Oh yeah, now before I ask you about some of these technical things, like what your job means and all that cause that’s a fancy word- advancement First, just let me just ask you, very quickly what brought you to UNCG? – Well a couple of things actually, so first the leadership. Chancellor Gilliam and my peers across campus great people at UNCG Really fantastic But the thing that really sticks with me and has a lot of heart is that my mom is also a graduate. in fact, none of my grandparents had a college degree so much like a lot of our students now, she was a first generation college student and I know that the degree from UNCG changed her life and it certainly created opportunities for me and I am here to help do the same thing for our students. Great legacy there, I am glad Now let me get to the technical stuff, it says Vice Chancellor of Advancement folks at home might be saying, ‘wait a minute, what does that mean?’ what do you do? – A lot of things, which is why I like it but, what does it mean? I serve as the leader of the team that builds relationships, with our donors,
with our alumni and in our community. We make sure we are telling our story and we do all of this so we can gain philanthropic support so that all the deserving students have the opportunities that they need. Chancellor Gilliam and I have talked before when he was on the show, a lot of people mistakenly think that
you’re a public university that tax payer dollars pay for everything
and they don’t and rely on donors so I think that what
you’re doing is very important. Now you wrote something somewhere and I don’t know if I saw it in an email or an article and you were quoted saying ‘UNCG offers a transformational experience’ fancy, fancy phrase transformational experience for students, what did you mean by that? – Well, it’s a lot like my mom, we serve very high financially needy population- 80% of our students receive financial aid,
almost 40% are first generation, we have a large rural population and because of those things we grant a college degree, once its been earned, of course, and we transform their futures just the same way that my moms course and path was transformed and I know mine was too. Do you think that if, of course you weren’t
here 20 years ago, but in the statistics that you’ve come across, do the alumni from UNCG
tend now to stay more in the area or less in the area after graduating than they might have 20 years ago? – Right, that’s a great question So we have 120,000 alumni 35,000 are here in the Triad, 75,000 are in the state within about 150 miles of campus. Now say that again, 75,000 are within 100 miles of here? – Correct Good grief -but I will also tell you, I have visited
with Alumni in New York and D.C. and Atlanta, all over Florida, we have large populations
in California so, you know, we have a lot of Alumni who
stay put, but we also are really getting out there and expanding. Branching out and when you pass by the campus, you see a lot of construction going on -Yep you know cranes and all this stuff -Yep very quickly, I don’t want you to name all
of the buildings and all that stuff but my question is broader than that, all of the new buildings that are going up, are they going to contribute to this transformational experience that you’ve talked about? -Absolutely there is so much momentum on campus it’s one of the reasons I’m there and yes, we are building new STEM labs, we are hoping to expand and renovate our library, all of that contributes to the student experience and enhances it so they get a top notch education. I think that’s great, that’s great Now I want to put up on screen the general website and it can take you to a lot of places to learn about the university, and I’ll say it again for the
radio listening audience at WSAS, so if you’re interested in going there, if you’re a high school student or parent or a guardian, if you’re interested in making a donation, if you’re alumnus who would like to get more active. There are all sorts of places you can go on
that website to find out now Beth Fischer, thank you for coming -Thanks Jim for having me Thanks for all you do for the university Now we will be right back after this

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