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Trump In Deep Trouble As Key Witness Changes Testimony To Confirm Extortion

Trump In Deep Trouble As Key Witness Changes Testimony To Confirm Extortion

Well, Donald Trump’s week has gone from bad
to worse as his, uh, ambassador Gordon Sunland to the European union revised his testimony
to house Democrats in the impeachment inquiry. And the revised, uh, testimony says that yes,
there was in fact a quid pro quo and Sunland clarified saying that the military aid that
the United States was withholding from the Ukraine was in fact being withheld because
Ukraine would not yet say that they were investigating Joe Biden and other Democrats. That is the new revised testimony from ambassador
Gordon Sunland, who I know Trump likes to say that all these people testifying against
him are never Trumpers. Sunland is a hardcore Trumper gave money to
Donald Trump. That’s how he got his ambassadorship has been
a supporter of Donald Trump. And the reason he even revised his testimony
was because he had lied initially to the investigators saying that, no, there’s no quid pro quo. None of that ever happened. I don’t know what any of you folks are talking
about. Let’s move on with our day. And then according to Sunland himself, he
said he refreshed his recollection after hearing the testimonies of everybody else who came
in and said, yeah, there was a quid pro quo. At that point, Sunland was looking at perjury
charges against him and at that point he realized, you know what? There’s only so much defense I can offer of
the president. There’s only so many times I can lie for him
before I myself get in trouble. I’m not willing to do that, so I’m going to
go ahead, revise my testimony rather than look at these perjury charges and say, yes,
the president did exactly what you think he did. So obviously this is a big story, right? I mean, this pretty much confirms everything
that we’re trying to find within this investigation. Now Trump has come out and he said, no, no,
no, no, no. Sunland wasn’t able to provide any additional
evidence. This is allegedly all hearsay from Gordon
Sunland, the guy who was in the thick of all of it and who was talking with other ambassadors
about the fact that, yeah, we’re withholding this information or this aid, excuse me, until
they give us this investigative, uh, information, or at the very least come out and say that
we are investigating Joe Biden and other Democrats. Now, that’s the part that really stuck out
to me and other Democrats. Now we know that Donald Trump has said that
he thinks Ukraine was somehow involved in the DNC hack, but who are these other Democrats? Is it just Hillary Clinton? Are there other ones involved in this? Were there other people that Donald Trump
was trying to dig up dirt on because I think that’s going to come into play in these impeachment
proceedings. The bottom line is this. The white house is very obviously running
out of defenses for the information that has come out so far. Most of the people who have testified, if
they knew anything about it, have in fact said, yes, there was a quid pro quo. This is what happened. This was extortion. Probably a better word for it there. And Trump did it. We knew he did it. We helped him along with it. And now we are where we are. The Republicans in Congress are going to have
a very hard time justifying their no votes against this because very soon, once the Democrats
wrap up all these closed door depositions, this whole thing is going public. Everybody’s going to be able to see the hearings
from here on out. There’s going to be no, Oh, well you gotta
look at the transcript. None. No, no, no, no. This is going to be live. This is going to be broadcast. We are going to see first hand here with our
own ears and see with our own eyes what all of these people have to say about the horrible
things that Donald Trump has done. And at that point, it will be impossible for
both the Republicans and some of these Democrats who think that there’s nothing to this to
deny what we’re seeing for ourselves.

100 comments on “Trump In Deep Trouble As Key Witness Changes Testimony To Confirm Extortion

  1. Sondland might have a conviction for perjury. But now he has to watch his back. Radicals of the Trumpanzee Cult will be out to get the "traitor".

  2. Trump: I did nothing illegal!!!

    Trump the next day: I did it, and it was illegal, but I’m blackmailing the GOP, which isn’t illegal, by the way, and my base is really too stupid to figure that out.

  3. Quite an Ambassador this Gordon Sondland, he can't even convince his friends he's not lying. Good Ambassadors have to form a mutual trust between them and the country they are in. Gordon seems to not be able to tell a good lie or convince people he's telling the truth "this time"

  4. This is childish but……. liar liar pants on fire😒😒😒😒😒😒. This administration is just full of liar and criminals so sad 😞😞😞😞😞

  5. Sounds like these bums are changing their "Testimony" at will. This loser should be charged with perjury and jailed immediately.

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again if Trump gets re-elected despite all of the garbage he's involved in he's the Antichrist because everything that's happening in the world right now is falling right in line with Bible prophecy according to Revelations and all that needs to happen is when the man of sin reveals himself and when that happens he's going to turn this country and this entire world upside down.
    Whether or not you people believe in Bible prophecy doesn't matter because it's going to happen and so far Trump displays many of the characteristics of the Antichrist and I hope to God that I'm wrong but it's something to think about.

  7. Can you just imagine Trump patting
    Sondiland on the back after his first testimony. The two of them would’ve been having a right laugh. Now the worm has turned things aren’t so funny huh!

  8. Sondland is the perfect example of how truly fragile and empty the 'loyalty' these people show to Trump is when the cards are really down. They're happy to lie and steal and cheat…as long as they don't actually suffer consequences. The moment they do, welp, they will just as easily backpedal and magically 'remember' the way things really went. Funny how that works, isn't it?

  9. Farrah/Fredo just soiled his Depends in excitement once again!, let follow the play by play, you hapless dimbulb libtards went from Russia collusion to obstruction to bribery, what's next Trump is a picky eater?, these are the facts, Trump is a winner and you Nimrods are pathetic losers and always will be. TRUMP 2020!!

  10. All this dose seem bad and all, unless your a Trump style republican in witch case, Obama once wore a tan suit and that's Trumps everything else… Pun intended.

  11. Keep Egghead Sondland at home ‘cause he’s not trustworthy enough to extort EU any more.
    And the transcript of the telephone call was only an overture and is not important anymore. Directed anyway. Only the file in the conceiled computer is important, so get THAT!

  12. Ok so with all this evidence my question is when will this fat fk shut down the government again? Because you know he's going to do it now that his backs against the wall

  13. We are back to "crimes aren't crimes"? Sad days, next time I get caught for a crime I'm going to use the Donald Trump defense.

  14. "Republicans are going to have a hard time justifying their no votes." To who? The cult doesn't live in reality or care, the media will move on and the dems let Republicans wipe their asses with subpoenas 🤷🏾‍♂️

  15. Trump: Sonland who is that looser, I don't know him, he's a never trumper, he's bald, he's a sorry lier, never met him, no quit pro quo,maybe bribery, extortion, but no quit pro quo, Chaaiinnaaaa.

  16. Next years Halloween party will be a hoot ,
    I can just image how many kids with Trump face masks and dressed in prison clothes will look .

  17. The trouble is, Trump is behaving exactly like many Republicans and all the dumb hicks think one should behave! American civilization faces an existential crisis posed by the social rightwing

  18. WHO is Sondland ? The gerbil on the wheel, aka the potus…running, but, never arriving…Trump says if he had a …Quid …..for every Pro Quo, it would be….. perfect. The genius must be working overtime on the his newest denials, slow but sure, the con gets a little more IMperfect.

  19. "Trump In Deep Trouble As Key Witness Changes Testimony To Confirm Extortion"

    OH really…so now a confirmed liar, changed his testimony to fit the dems narrative…not very reliable or trustworthy…

  20. Okay, for refucklibans and trumptards that don't understand legal lingo as most of them have not gone beyond second grade.

    You need to say:
    1. Subpoena bad
    2. The proof of bribery bad
    3. President trying to enrich himself from tax payer money : bad
    Trying to date my daughter: bad
    Having sexual relations with a porn star: bad
    Having Pence stay at trump cockroach nest at tax payer money : bad
    Meeting russian intel officers in white house: bad

    Destroying putin meeting notes: bad

    If after this much evidence, if the dunce republic of moron America does not wake up, kindly, leave them afloat on the atlantic headed east.

  21. Do you solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of your ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.?
    I don't know…..I haven't read it…..Maybe… We'll see what happens…. I'm going to run it like my business…
    Check with Rudy. He's my lawyer.

  22. Time is running out, Trump……HAHAHAHAHA!

    Same goes for the Trump-supporting republicans, and the two democrats that voted "no" on moving forward with the impeachment proceedings.

  23. The swine Sondland should still be indicted of perjury. How can one revise an initial crime ? This is obvious mafia style, criminal extortion. Only idiotic, racist trump heads will see it otherwise, and continue to blindly, hail trump their criminal leader. #ImpeachConvictRemove

  24. Leningrad Lindsey is now saying that the stable geniuses policy in Ukraine was incoherent so it can't be bribery hmmm who to believe the unmatched mind or Lindsey 🤔

  25. When testifying before Congress… I didn't know you were allowed do-overs… like seriously… You are allowed do- overs?

  26. Fake news Dan BonGino said your a lier fake fake fake just to bring down a president to cover – up the Democrats crimes trump 20/20 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. Only a crazy, amoral and extremely arrogant, moronic and sociopathic person lies with such frequency, with such ease, and in such quantities, as, Donald Trump does.

    How can one human being be so despicable?!?!

  28. We should be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay pass Impeachment by now and be discussing the 25th amendment. Also, call your Congressman and demand a snap Presidential Election before November 2020.

  29. Trump certainly looooooves diggin up dirt on folks…hmmm…🤔…if that's the case, I wonder what dirt he has on his Republican cronies to keep them in line….

  30. We need to exile Don the Con Trump to North Korea to be with his lover Kim Jung-un Trump can extort the Jung-un regime.


  32. Yawn….the GOP will continue to move the goal posts until the only impeachable offense a president can commit is receiving an Oval Office blow job.

  33. Come on Dems…vote out all the liars, cheaters, scumbags, facist, racist, and treasonous tramps!!!! Vote Blue in 2020!! Republicans only care about themselves and money!! We the people are fed up with this trash….it's long over due to take out the trash!!!

  34. Sondland has decided he doesn't want to go to jail on perjury charges. Nobody was backing him up, so he tossed Trump under the bus. Trump must be so proud….he would've done the same to Sondland. Birds of a feather……

  35. Republicans: show the public!

    Committee: Are you for real?! Thought it would be harder than that. We would be glad to!

  36. What I'm disgusted about is while MSM is myopic about the Impeachment Inquiry, Trump is throwing children off of free lunch programs. Up to about 1 million. Trump and Mitch McConnell are putting Judges on the Courts who aren't qualified. There is a process, please check it out and McConnell went from 30 hrs. of confirmation to 2 hrs. The Bar Association has sent letters that these people are unfit, not all of them, but a majority he are being pushed threw. Vote out Schumer and Pelosi the Corporatists are protecting themselves. Same coin different sides, it's time to eat the rich. Vote Progressive for real change Bernie 2020. I'm retired and I receive my $$$ and Medicare, but I will never stop fighting for you, my grandchildren and their children and everyone's children. The Revolution is coming and I'm a Boomer lol who has always cared about people and Humanity around the world.

  37. lets hope we've reached the tipping point…

    if the republicans slowly but surely begin to realise it would be more politically expedient to turn on trump it will be hilarious to watch the excuses come out and stating they always believed it was quid pro quo to save their own asses

  38. The possibility of being charged with perjury — and going to prison for it — has a way to reinvigorate the good old memory bank. Funny how that works!

  39. He still committed perjury! We the people don’t get a second chance for perjury! We don’t pass go, or collect $200. We go directly to jail! The Incumbent Democrats are just letting these criminals go! We deserve to see justice for these fascist! Changing your perjury to the truth, is just admitting that you are guilty! These fascist should never be let of the hook for telling the truth after the fact, or resigning! This just lets the corruption to continue! If there is no consensus for their actions, what is the incentive for the future fascist not to commit crimes?
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” ❤️🤗🖖

  40. Not only impeached but imprisonment trump is terrified all the men touching his ass behind bars trump screams rape guards like save me some lol

  41. Extortion!?! Bribery?! OMG Please stop! LSHICB! This is the best comedy I’ve ever seen! BTW, LSHICB means laughing so hard I can’t breathe. Reaching for straws would be a solid foundation compared to this. I have faith that most Democrats are smarter than this, in fact I know that they are. I have Democratic friends with whom I have civil discourse on a regular basis. At the end of our debates, we make plans to have a barbecue on the weekends. Please don’t allow the media to form your opinions. Do your research, gather the facts, and then decide. Let’s get back to you civility shall we? And of course, now it is time for vicious and hypocritical attacks on my comments which only proves my point. That being: we can disagree without losing our dignity. God bless every American whether they agree with me or not

  42. Trump will in fact drain the swamp because he will take as many out with him as possible. Democrats and Republicans a like. 🎉

  43. This CRAP is so ridicules. When even the Ukraine president denies any thing wrong. You KNOW this FULL of SHIT. Who cares about their opinions. We have the transcript, all this is nonsense to get the media to control you.

  44. Key witness says yes quid pro quo, 3 or 4 others are saying the exact same thing, the whistle-blower saying it was, and Rudy Giuliani just hired 3 different lawyers. Yelp that should tell you something.

  45. It should be illegal for anyone to by their ambassador-ship. The person doing so may not have the country's best interest at heart.

  46. Trump really know and thinks highly of people that lie for him. Then if they tell the Truth suddenly he doesn’t know them anymore or they become liars as they quickly go under the bus. Didn’t these people watch the Russian and Stormy scandals? Life long devoted Trump people are in jail, lives ruined by doing Trumps dirty work. Cohen warned these people, yet they still lie for Trump. Trump has thrown the entire country under the bus yet he still has supporters. This is what sociopaths like Trump do, they get everything they can from you and throw you away when you are no use to them. Rudy, Mulvaney, Pompeo and the rest will be next. Then he’ll finish the country off and move on while we are all suffering more than we are now. I just hope it’s not in a catastrophic way. Wake up Trump supporters!

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