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Trump’s Weird Flex About Mount Rushmore

Trump’s Weird Flex About Mount Rushmore

>>Donald Trump gave a lengthy speech when
he announced that there would be a truce between the United States and China in the trade war. And in that lengthy speech, as he often does,
he went off script and said a bunch of insane things to brag about himself and make himself
out to be some incredible person and the best president of all-time. Nothing made that clear than this weird rant
he went on when it came to Mount Rushmore. Understand, by the way, before we go to this
video, that there are Chinese officials standing next to him, they’re there to announce the
signing of phase one of this trade deal. And this is the weird rant that he decided
to go on.>>We’re gonna do a big fireworks display,
right? Mount Rushmore, we’re going over, I think
I’m gonna try and be there on July 4th. So the governor called, she ran a great race,
a tough race. I was a tough competitor you had, right? A big star, but she was a bigger star it turned
out, Lindsey. But she said, do you think we can get fireworks
back at Mount Rushmore? I said, why? They haven’t been there for like, for 20 years,
I said why? Environmental reasons, I said, you mean you
can’t have fireworks because of the environment? Yeah, environmental reasons. I said, what can burn, its stone, its stone.>>So nobody knew why they just said environmental
reasons. So I called up our people and within about
15 minutes, we got it approved and you’re gonna have your first big fireworks display
at Mount Rushmore. And I’ll try and get out there if I can.>>Okay.>>What? I mean, I was watching this speech live and
I was like, here’s Mount Rushmore, by the way.>>It’s all stone.>>There it is.>>Wait, what’s that green stone at the bottom?>>My God, there’s green stones sprouting
up all over the place.>>Green stones everywhere, right, okay.>>It’s surrounded by a forest.>>Okay, this is crazy and I just assumed
that he was lying about all this. He is lying about a lot of it. Let me just note that he is not going to go
to Mount Rushmore for the 4th of July that is, I would be shocked if that were to happen. Can you imagine Trump saying like, you know
what, I’m not gonna go tomorrow Lago I’m going to go to South Dakota.>>Yep.>>He’s not gonna do that. He doesn’t care about South Dakota, he doesn’t
care about Mount Rushmore, doesn’t even care about this issue. Which is why it’s so strange that out of nowhere
he decided to start talking about this. So I, of course, wanted to look this up and
see if there was any truth to it. Apparently in May of last year, the Governor
of South Dakota, Kristi Noem announced that they would bring back the fireworks back in
2009. They stopped doing fireworks at Mount Rushmore,
because they were concerned about wildfires, okay? And given the fact that there have been extreme
weather conditions caused by climate change and that has led to out of control fires. It’s probably smart to not have fireworks
in an environment where it’s likely to start a fire. And so she announced this back in 2019, May
of 2019. Turns out that the state had struck some sort
of deal with the Department of Interior and they agreed under the Trump administration
that they would allow the fireworks to happen. Okay, that’s what’s going on, but that was
May of last year. It is now January of 2020, why is he randomly
talking about this?>>Yeah, I mean, I don’t know why it came
to his mind, but I think I know why he’s talking about it at this meeting.>>This is about signing a trade deal with
China. That’s the whole reason why there’s a Chinese
official next to him.>>Some of those products are fireworks, let
me ask you a random question? Is there anything, sometimes you’ll get really
into something and you wanna talk about it with somebody? What’s something you wanna talk about with
somebody right now.>>My dog.>>Your dog, or Deep House.>>Or Deep House.>>Or the cheating scandal in MLB, or whatever,
you just wanna talk. And you’ll do that, because you are in a relationship
with someone you love, and you have friends. What if you didn’t have any of that?>>That’s a good theory.>>And you had a camera shoved in your face
occasionally and a whole bunch of people had to be there. You might sometimes rant because you’re desperate
to talk to a human.>>We all know everyone hates Trump including
people who pretend like they like him. So I think that there is some validity to
what you’re saying. But Trump is campaigning non-stop, everything
he does is part of his campaign. So, even though this is supposed to be about
a trade deal with China. He has used this opportunity to talk about
a host of nonsense, including, like he wants to make himself out to be like this big patriot,
right? I’m the big patriot, I’m bringing fireworks
back to an environment that is likely to start a wildfire. I am very proud of myself and you should be
too.>>Well, that might. Another alternative explanation is if I mean,
you might have noticed that he’s been talking a lot about light bulbs and pipes. So it might be that he, what he has found
is, I want to pretend to my audience that I’m doing something to help them. I’m standing betwixt to them and the government
and I don’t wanna actually change anything fundamental about healthcare, their loans,
debt, anything like that.>>Right.>>But I can give them bad light bulbs and
I can like blast them with water. And these fireworks restrictions Dems led
governments always stopping you from shooting fireworks.>>You make a really good point. In fact, I have some evidence to reinforce
what you just said. Now this was not during his speech in regard
to the trade deal, but he’s been talking about dishwashers a lot. Let’s watch.>>But I’m also approving new dishwashers
that gives you more water so you can actually wash and rinse your dishes without having
to do it 10 times, 4, 5 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.>>That was during a recent Trump rally in
Milwaukee.>>How high is his IQ? 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.>>That was amazing.>>But what’s even more incredible is how
riled up the crowd is. Like, Dishwashers, wait, do we have any problems
with our dishwashers?>>Yeah,>>Like seriously, do you believe in the past
30 years->>Wow, woo, dishwasher, woo, woo.>>Do you think he’s pressed the button to
start a dishwasher in 30 years?>>He’s so proud of himself.>>Even if, let’s say, that there wasn’t enough
water flowing the solution wouldn’t be>>It’s amazing because he’ll give them nothing
and he gets so excited about it.>>Yeah, well, I was thinking after the damage
report, they have been trained to think that the government won’t ever help them, and even
if the government did try to do something, it would be a big failure. So he can’t really promise anything from the
government’s point of view, they don’t think that that’s really possible. They trust him on the white identity stuff
and they think well, it doesn’t matter if he’s talking about dishwashers or whatever
he’s gonna ban Muslims from coming in and he certainly hates people from South of the
border, so we got that. Okay, now give me a show. And so it’s like when you like when I would
go to like a Brian Regan show people are yelling out do the one about the yellow one is the
sun like your favorite comedians got Bitsy likes you shout it out. He’s got stupid bits about light bulbs and
fireworks and stuff.>>That’s so depressing.>>And if your expectations for improvement
of your life, even from your chosen leader are buried in the Earth’s crust. Then sure you just go and you have fun. You get drunk and you listen to him talk about
how your toilet want flush. It’s funny you know, the jokes on us but it’s
funny.>>This is so depressing. All right, well, he also talked about how
he was told that he’s the smartest president, the best president this country has ever had,
even better than Washington. This is during his trade deal speech, and
it’s just, it’s embarrassing it’s incredibly, it’s just embarrassing. I don’t even know what else to say about it. It’s entertaining, it’d be entertaining if
it was some other country, but this is the man representing the United States on an international
stage, with foreign officials surrounding him as he’s talking about something that has
a real impact on farmers here in the US. And it’s just crazy, because his self-perception
is actually so sad because he knows, he knows he’s a failure, he probably hears his father
in his head, constantly telling him that he’s a failure, that he’s bad. He’s a baby, whatever it is.>>It’s sad.>>And so he overcompensates by saying all
these ridiculous things about himself.>>Yeah.>>But he has an opportunity, I mean, he is
the leader of the most powerful country in the world, right? And he has the ability to do amazing things
that do lead to real love, real appreciation toward him and he squanders those opportunities
and chooses to focus on self enrichment, violating the Constitution, dismantling our democracy,
destroying freedom of speech and freedom of press, and also, dumbing down Americans. That’s what he does, that’s who Trump is and
it’s really sad.>>And it’s also possible, I mean, as vain
as he is, as much as he wants to be recognized and literally every way, there’s a possible
like maybe he’s bringing up Mount Rushmore constantly cuz he wants to like put it out
there. Like yeah, maybe another face on Mount Mount
Rushmore, maybe. Look one other thing I wanna say that we talked
about a little bit on the damage report we were talking about this stage manager Skip
gave us the idea. If you’re this obsessed with pipes and water,
there are serious issues with water quality and access to water in the United States,
you could fix that. And think about like if instead of $18 billion
being spent on building the wall if he took 50 or 100 billion dollars and fixed every
single lead pipe across America. Put to work God knows how many people and
made the future for our children across the country better and brighter and safer. He would get so much credit, the media would
be tripping over themselves to talk about how presidential it was.>>100%.>>He finally solve this problem that nobody
else could solve and he could totally do it. The Senate would vote in favor of it, the
House vote in favor of it, it would be a huge win. It would buttress him going into the general
election. Even if he just got started by then, but he
doesn’t do it, because he wants the recognition, but he doesn’t do simple, easy, unobjectionable
things to actually get there.>>So sad.

100 comments on “Trump’s Weird Flex About Mount Rushmore

  1. When Trump says he approves new light bulbsdishwashers etc'… You bet your a$$ some wealthy contractor is giving one of his fake shell companies millions of dollars for it.
    He has no idea on anything that doesn't benefit himself,and him counting to 10,is his way of getting his base approval as a positive thing so that when the conspiracy that discovers how much money he's making on the side for it comes out,they are already primed to disbelieve.

  2. The real question is: would you like to get laid at Mount Rushmore? Or would it be uncomfortable to have sex there?

  3. I just thought of something: we should have trumps face on mt. Rushmore!
    This is the best president in the history of the world.

  4. It's truly disheartening and sad to see someone with eminence political power to slip into the depths of delusional madness. It's common for sociopathic narcissists to end up that way. Caligula 2.0.

  5. Support Mount Trumpmore 👍

    I think it's a great idea to have a symbol of hope and unity in these very divisive times.

  6. current trump supporters frighten me. I'm also concerned for them. I know their ignorance is a threat to our community at large, but seriously, you're cheering for fireworks, dishwashers/toilets, and being "able" to say merry xmas? Education and mental health aren't only important in the face of diseases but also in just an average person having a well educated and thought out mind. How is an entire community lacking that?

  7. If I may remind you younger folk, Trump may actually be wanting to be depicted on Mt. Rushmore, after all there was a serious movement to have Regan included.

  8. Trumpanzee has gone from orange to bright pink … is the Adderall finally doing its magic? If he ever says he's going to put his mug on Mt. Rushmore …

  9. You're right, donald is wasting a precious opportunity to take much-needed action on vital issues, while posturing about nonsensical and irrelevant things — much as did James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce and Millard Fillmore, the Presidents who came before the Civil War.

  10. Does trump get kickbacks from the water and electric companies?
    Do his supporters realize their water and electric bills will rise if the bulbs and appliances don’t restrict flow but instead allow for free flow?

    I just don’t get that
    More for the sole sake of more
    More isn’t always better

  11. I think he was stalling because all of the networks were focused on the impeachment not Trump and like Forrest Whittacker said in Good Morning Vietnam "He likes a big room". And if he wants his face on Mount Rushmore we can get a sharpie and he can draw himself on the Mountain.

  12. Who talked to Trump for 45 minutes about their grandchild? It set him off and said "who could do that?" Trump said that at a rally yesterday, "I have a beautiful grandchild. What else is there to say?"

  13. Mount Rushmore, a symbol of manifest dystiny, accomolished largely with the help of the railroad. Largely built by Chinese laborers.

  14. Borrowing a nickname from a comment above, Count Flushmore can be the first President with a full body with toilet sculpted on Mt. Rushmore because he brought the full-flush toilet back. Sorry Trump fans, no impeached President on Rushmore or anywhere. He'll live on as a joke.

  15. Anyone else thought Trump was going to propose… no, demand, to have his head carved in the mountain too? I'm surprised he didn't.

  16. I'm tired of 'laughing at Trump'. He's a fuckin' embarrassing and disgrace. Those idiots cheering for him are human cockroaches. Let's get rid of this fuckin' bum.

  17. only way Tsjump is gonna be on mount rushmore next july 4th is if the american public drags him over there to throw him off

  18. he's talking about mount Rushmore because one of the sycophants in the white house told him he deserves to be up there with the other great presidents…mark my words in a few days/weeks he'll utter it at one of his rally's

  19. Trump supporters are like dogs…..Like when you do baby talk to a dog and they wag their tails violently ….hop up and down….and making sounds….yeah….Trump supporters are like that.

  20. I doubt Trump even knows where South Dakota is located…..let alone Mt Rushmore, or even the Presidents that are engraved in those stones.

  21. If you're lazy and don't rinse your dishes before you put them in and clean your filter at the bottom of the machine, yay it's not going to clean your dishes. Doesn't matter how much water you throw at it. Your dishes aren't going to get clean. HMMMM imagine that!!!!

  22. It's really sad that the crowd cheers that. I mean we have serious issues we are dealing with and this dumbass is talking about a dishwasher. I bet he couldnt even show you a dishwasher. The intelligence level of most of his followers isnt much bigger than their shoe size.

  23. I could have sworn he was going to say "I commissioned a likeness of myself to be placed on Mt. Rushmore". After all, he is best president bigly.

  24. It would be funny for Benny Hill to Ramble On like this but it's not funny for the president of the United States to Ramble like a blithering idiot !!

  25. So Trump claims credit for pausing the trade war he started with China, as he claimed credit for pausing the actual war he tried to start with Iran. Give him the Nobel prize for economics as well as peace! But he isn't going to go to Mount Rushmore unless they add his face to it (don't try to tell me he hasn't thought about it).

  26. Wasn't this the same speech where he named everyone in the room? He was just trying to steal tv time from the signing of the articles of impeachment, house speeches, presenting articles to the Senate. So he just riffed on whatever popped into his head.

  27. A programme to replace lead pipes across the UK was undertaken several years ago with the costs being borne by the utility companies. You need a government that cares about its people to make things like this happen; does anyone think that utility companies would undertake to do it unless they were forced to?

  28. Trump is actually doing a good job as president, and most definitely better then Obama. The only actual criticisms I hear for trump is what he says and his tweets…not about what he has done so far.

  29. I want to see that trump wildfire at mount rushmore! xD

    John's theory about trump ranting on camera because he has literally no friends is great.

  30. He,s probably hoping that the Chinese gentleman next to him says we make brilliant fireworks we,ll sell them to you at cost. Plus when was the last time tRUMP wash any dishes or did any laundry , plus it wouldn't surprise me if he started going on about having his face on American money

  31. Only thing Genious about trump his lying!! . Its just sickening to lusten to his rambling bullshit . Might start fire dumbass . ! Trump is an idiot!! .

  32. This Rushmore fireworks brag is reminiscent of his supposedly bringing Christmas back, as well as the light bulbs and dishwashers thing. And it has that very Trumpian quality of taking belated credit for what someone else did several years ago.

  33. Everyday he makes himself a bigger embarrassement of the country and the presidency. His constant need to self glorification. Imagine the outrage from republicans if any Democrat was such a moron. It will take years to get America's dignity back.

  34. Imagine being so ill-informed, so deluded, so sheltered in a cloister of repetitive self-indulgent narcissism, that you honestly think you are smarter than the president of the United States.

    Just imagine that level of arrogance. Astounding.

  35. The thought about dishwashers: cheap, dysfunctional dishwashers or poor water quality can result in dishes not getting cleaned (or looking clean) after a dishwasher cycle. They are cheering as Trump "asserts" control of a slice of the economy. Pay attention to "I have approved new dishwashers…" this asserts that new models of dishwashers have to be approved by the President before any company can sell them to consumers.

    That isn't even late-stage capitalism. That's straight up authoritarianism. Governments who dictate their economies like that are often anti-capitalist to the extreme. Look at how that crowd cheers for an end for capitalism. This should scare the pants off of Wall Street; because it represents a stifling of innovation seen only in North Korea in the modern age.

  36. Dishwashers?! The fat fuk orange peel doesn't even know how to operate a frickin umbrella, and that geezer is talking about windmills and dishwashers and taps and flushes. Likely the turd doesn't even wipe after a taking a drumpf.

  37. Can I just add to this discussion. I believe that the reason for fireworks being banned is also, due to all the animals that live there… It is very stressful and dangerous to them…

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