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100 comments on “Tucker: CNN’s climate change town hall was an act of wanton cruelty

  1. This is such a joke . They ve proven global warming is cyclical cycle ! Thers not a dam thing anyones gonna do about it ! Its a left wing fear tactic to push everyone towards the NWO ! All it is ! MAGA

  2. Exxon themselves researched and proved our impact on climate change. They infiltrated politics to create doubt so they could keep up business as usual. It worked because the right refuses to accept reality now 30 years later.

  3. Hey Tucky: Back when you were maybe 15 and thinking about the future did
    you think, 'When I grow up I'm gonna be a turd-polishing, fart
    catching, toady for a faux-populist fascist, and will aspire to be Groom
    of the Stool?.'

  4. "we are not going to take away your burgers"
    "We are not going to take away your guns"
    "We are not going to take away your agency"

    The left is a plague. The people need to be cured of these parasites.

  5. I do believe that God is watching as poison is being beltched into the air. Nevertheless, CNN and the Democrat Party continue to beltched their poison on a daily basis.

  6. I just recently dealt with a crazy website that's selling shirts about saving animals and eating humans instead. I tried to confront the website and they did not respond professionally at all. I have photos on my phone that I took of the conversation I had with them and even the shirt on there website itself.

  7. I'm a republican but we DO NEED TO LOOK AT THE CLIMATE.
    Yes, other countries are a problem but we need to be leaders in this.

  8. Fox and CNN love to twist what the other side says, this is just painful to watch. How can you believe anything this clown says? What a bunch of sheep who can't think for themselves. I wish there was an unbiased news source


  10. “Yelling at you…”

    He literally did the exact opposite of yelling.

    Sure, they’re mostly all hypocrites. That’s assumed. Funny you jam a reasonable Bernie clip in there and pretend he was talking about starting a charity called “Abortions 4 Africa”. He’s talking about giving women autonomy over their reproductive cycle. How is that a hard point to confuse with coerced abortions?

    Good god 🤣

  11. Its Been Proven Over And over,Climate Change Is The Biggest Scam In The History! Yes Climate Changes, But Man Can Do Nothing At All About It? Carbon Is The Root For Life? China Pollutes The Whole World, If China Will No Change Its Imposable To Fix Anything!

  12. Straws are a drop in the pond! What we really need to do is drastically reduce buying products from China. They have little to no environmental policies to protect us or the environment. They work people like slaves in factories under horrendous working conditions!!! Please FOX talk more about the issues with plastics and human rights of manufacturing abroad! Bring the atrocities to light instead of dark on a store shelf. It is so out of site and out of mind! With people buying reusable straws made in China….

  13. Don't eat red meat as they can't be having strong of mind and body healthy males fighting against their regime, they want weak, feeble vegans with no brains.

  14. They want the people to willingly give up their rights and let the government tell them what to do, what to eat, what to THINK. Crazy assed fools actually think people will go for this communist manifesto. What is next, they will tell people they have to live within a mile or two from where they work so they can walk to work? Just like they do in communist countries. Oh, but not for the rich or for politicians. They can fly anywhere to do anything. With video conferencing available, none of these politicians need to be in the same room for a town hall meeting. And why is a news station putting on this propaganda filled town hall meeting anyway? It isn't because they are in cahoots with the fear mongerers, is it?

  15. 3:00 Notice the blank look on his face as he reads his lines like a robot. There's no way he truly believes that fracking is okay.

  16. All fox news does nowadays is cover what other news networks are covering. They talk about AOC and 'the sqaud' just as much as they talk about the president lol. Tucker will talk about CNN, complain about CNN actually, as if he has a place to criticize another news network, or anyone else for that matter.

  17. Women should have the right to their own bodies …just don't ask the government to pay for your birth control pills

  18. I hope you believe that if you are favoring fewer babies, you are also DEMANDING BIRTH CONTROL AND, LIKE THE CHINESE ONLY ALLOW 1 CHILD PER FAMILY!
    But remember that they finally gave that up because there were too many unforseen problems, and it just didn't work out! Too many girl babies were killed because so many wanted boys to carry on the family name!

  19. Changing dietary guidelines and taking your meat directly out of your fridge is two completely different thing ya doofus. Lol.

    Maybe you in particular SHOULD lay off the hamburgers big boy, looks like your neck is trying to escape your collar.🤣

  20. Que triste saber que estos payasos son tomados en serio. (Escuchan los aplausos de los estupidos). Si la gente fuera mas inteligentes y no acudieran a estas perdidas de tiempo se les demostraria a estos corruptos que no somos tan imbesiles como ellos piensan, pero es todo lo contrario siempre hay personas que les gusta ser controladas y ellos saben como manipular. Solo majaderia., Pero esto no es nuevo, lamentablemente siempre ha sido asi. La politica y la religion son el opio del pueblo. Hasta cuando ustedes los imbeciles despertaran de sus sueños. Yo lo dudo, esto ira de mal en peor. Asi quieren los imbesiles, hay que manipularlos y aprobecharse de todos ellos. Triste! FTW.

  21. Kamala would ban everything. Why don't these candidates educate themselves on what they are recommending and what the costs and effects their phony ideas will have on human beings. Such a bunch of CLOWNS !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Kamala Harris is a cackling with reminiscent of Hillary and her witch call and laughing at everything including the deaths in Benghazi. It should always be remembered the people who decide behind the scenes who you will be given as a choice for POTUS will always pick the most malleable and controllable puppet as the front actor for the real power behind the scenes. Where is Tulsi Gabbard? Where are those who would challenge the 'status quo' of innocuous, nondescript nobodies who supposedly represent the American people. Wake up it is always people like Hillary, Warren, Harris and all the other clowns in this circus who never have had a real life especially the lies that Warren spews out and Harris who are the most despicable people you could ever know not just have as a POTUS.

  23. Kameltoe Hairpuss can't tell me what to eat until she's at a healthy weight.
    Butiegieg on sin… So is your entire life and platform punk.
    Booker… You should be ashamed.
    These fools literally talking population control…
    Where are your minds democrats???

  24. Women have been forced out to work , so that our children can been taken over by left wing ideologies from Preschool to High school to brainwash a whole generation into their socialist agenda!! They will implement this thru climate change scare tactics and environmental regulations to limit the productivity of the West, and to cripple the West with these penalties and carbon taxes ,until our businesses fail and Big Government has to bail us out !! We Then end up under IMF control and unelected European regulators , from which we can’t extricate ourselves…ask Britain and Greece !!

  25. The dems running for the highest
    Office in the world should be confined to an institution…if one gets elected they will turn America
    Into the institution called …. BEDLAM

  26. Would you rather……Listen to this Town Hall on a non stop loop for 24 hours….or…..get waterboarded for 10 minutes?

  27. Massive Chinese Trade deal vs. no more fracking…

    Border control vs. no more plastic straws…

    Effective prison reform vs. no more guns or steaks…

    2020 is shaping up to be a nailbiter in the swing states!
    ROFL!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    God, moderates and purple-dems are EXTINCT apparently. I have to wonder if a moderate faction couldnt rise up and literally sleep walk into power. These commies are so awfully unelectable…

  28. I guess that women are supposed to control their bodies, true, but he didn't say WHEN!
    They only seem to be in control of murdering their children, anytime from conception to birth! Very little is said about conception, or the prevention of! If more attention is give to the PREVENTION OF A PREGNANCY, THAN TO THE MURDERING OF THE RESULTS,
    It would be much better! Why aren't these women so vocal about the necessity of aborting a pregnancy , just as vocal and strong for the PREVENTION OF A pregnancy?? It is MUCH EASIER, CHEAPER , FASTER, MUCH LESS INVASIVE OF HER BODY, and HAS Many Fewer REGRETS IN LATER LIFE,! and is just smarter, easier, moral and many don't want to admit, they are just becoming cheap toys for men to play and with no responsibility ever!
    All those times , 'don't worry, if you get pregnant, I'll marry you!, but when it happen, and obviously it works, they forget! If the results wou require surgery for the MEN, it would be VERY DIFFERENT! And MANY FEWER SURGERIES,!

  29. Yeah that's what's important. Don't let people make their own decisions, bind them to YOUR false sense on moral superiority with legislation. Legislation=liberty eroding away.

  30. Obama himself disproved Climate Change in 2 ways
    1) Obama went to Northern Alaska to film the icebergs falling into the ocean on August 31st 2015 That is the warmest couple days up there of the year Of course its going to happen
    2) Obama just purchased a beachfront mansion that they were renting this summer at Marthas Vineyard If you believe in Climate Change would you spend 14.8 million on a beachfront mansion that would be underwater in 6 yrs? These politicians think we are stupid Hypocrites they are

  31. This just proves how horribly the Democrats are treated.  Not  a one of them on that stage was even nominated for an Oscar for Overacting or Embarrassing Pandering.

  32. What’s with these Leftist hopeless dweebs? Do they really care about so called climate change? Or is there some other common “I’ll get back at society once and for all” motive at play here?

  33. Kamala Harris is half East Indian, the culture that worships cows. Stop importing the 3rd world migrants or our entire civilization is over with. WAKE UP OR LOSE EVERYTHING. 75% of Non-white immigrants vote democrat… that means communism and the elimination of our constitutional liberties, banning speech, guns, the right to privacy, the right to a fair trial… WAKE UP AND END LEGAL IMMIGRATION FROM THESE NATIONS OR WE LOSE.

  34. The amount of rhetorical fallacies Tucker uses is absurd and makes his argument for the most part logically impaired and unsound.

  35. Plastic is Drastic.
    Climate Change has been going on since Earth began.
    God's Son promised to Return when we see the Signs WRITTEN in the Book of Matthew Chapter 24.

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