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Turkey: Can democracy and Islam go together? – Docu

Turkey: Can democracy and Islam go together? – Docu

74 comments on “Turkey: Can democracy and Islam go together? – Docu

  1. It is not about if, but how. Democratic structures in many places occurred naturally on smaller scales (without conceptual knowledge of it) — like on a tribal/village level (council). Scaling up is the challenge.

  2. Democratic, secular movements across the Muslim world were destroyed by western powers because they feared soviet influence. Islam as a political force was thought up in Washington as a counterweight to communism (as Christianity was used in the US). The title sounds strange- can Buddhism and democracy go together? Protestantism? Catholicism? If anything it has to do with religion generally.

  3. It is naive to believe that democracy can coexist with Islam. It is naive to believe that Islam can be modernized or exits in a modern society. Turkey will be yet another painful lesson to modernity and liberal democracy proving that any religion, and in particular Islam, can not exist in a democratic society which fails to separate religion from the state and strongly enforce that separation by a vigorously enforced constitution.

  4. Interesting test case. Like in western democracies Christian parties are often obstructing liberalism on issues such as abortion, euternasia, etc., a Muslim party may be expected to do the same. However, in a country with 99% Muslims showing so much support for secularism, a Muslim government may turn out to be surprisingly tolerant,

  5. I would like to see Turkey become a full member of the EU, but they seem to be doing amazing things on their own. Modern technology will create a global economic boom and Turkey is in the perfect geographical position to benefit from this future increase in trade.

  6. as soon as any countrie claims to be jewish, islamic or cristian, it is not a democratic countrie! from Hitler till today Germany was and is ruled by the crisitan democratic partie, all europe america russia, is ruled by the vatican, even karl marx was a jesuit trained bitch, and a great antisemite but i bet most of you was tought somting else in shool and college. I personly think the turkish people are good peps but they need more secular goverment.

  7. No updates,That would be a real eye opener. 11 years on and a totalitarian regime with 1000s locked up for having a different view point.Get rid of erdoggy and you might be able to bring Turkey back from its run to the precipice.

  8. Having Frank Zakaria on was an EXCELLENT IDEA, he has a very clear-eyed understanding of how these issues intermingle and can explain what is really going on without ideological blinders. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to the VPro team for not only selecting an EXCELLENT commentator but also for putting forward such a fair & balanced documentary. This really is a big deal & is very important. VPRO & Horizon are now my top two documentary makers in the world.

  9. Even, the largest muslim population country in the world is technically a democracy country system without doing such secularism.

  10. Yes they can, Islamists leaning towards the center or left advocate for Islamic rule brought on by a democratic victory

  11. Mr. Zakaria is right in this matter. You cant keep them out of the political proces becouse they are Islamic,they have to be give responsebilities to manage there city,vilage,town,culural life,…The innner Anatolian people are very backward and need to come in to the light of Democracy by there own experiance.

  12. Not even the US is democratic, so stop crying. This doesn´t mean, however, that Turkey is not ruled by a totalitarian regime

  13. Look at the difference between the two parties rallies. The CHP rally feels like some gay ass liberal protest while the AKP rally feels like a festival / party.

  14. The apostate farid Ziko is Sad bc he doesn't want Turkey to go muslim. Sad kaffir indeed . No matter how kuffars try to stop islam it will be in vein motherfuckers . No body can fight the Almighty Allah . Islam is going to rule the world . Not only Turkey

  15. islam and democracy cannot go together. Secular and democratic people are oppressed by islamic conservatives and they just rig the elections.

  16. All religions should be BANNED! All of them! No exceptions. All those fairy tales have done way more harm than good to the humankind.

  17. Hell, no! Islam and democracy are deeply incompatible, like Christianity and democracy or any religion for that matter…

  18. Get rid of the ruling elite and the corrupt government controlled media. Stop the Islamification of Western countries now before it is too late. Tommy Robinson for PM.

  19. There has never been a true democracy in Turkey. Having said that there is a very rigorous mostly free and reliable elections yet when it comes to democracy there has been problems. In the past it was the army who had an excessive place now it is the religious mafia like movements However, the journey and the search continues.

  20. It is difficult there to come out and say that you do not believe in God or you do not have time for religion. This is difficult to do. There is still a lot of intolerance for diversity in religion and ethnicity. A lot of insecurity about Turkish identity which is an artificial invention of the 19th century. Before they worship Ataturk now they found other things to worship. Free thinking is in short supply. People do not read and not accustomed to criticizing the establishment in a civilized and intelligent manner. Because such approach is not tolerated so it is always very confrontational and often violent encounter.

  21. The guy at the start, he says how can I be secular I am a Muslim. He thinks that being a Muslim prevents one from being a secular person. This shows clearly that he does not understand what secularism entails. This is not surprising because in Turkey secularism has always had a very hostile attitude towards religion for historical reasons. Yes it is possible to be a Muslim and be secular. That means you keep the religion within the private sphere of your life and do not exhibit as if it makes you a better Turk then someone who is not religious or may be an Alevi, or a Christian, etc.

  22. so the crux is liberal forces have subjugated their freedom for many years and they want to join EU to ensure their religious democratic freedom.

  23. Simple answer for this question: NO. As a muslim turk, we have to choice between being Islamic country or being democratic country. I believe we have to make turkey Islamic country again, like before.

  24. Turkey has failed to become Democratic country – 2019
    now has moved to Islamist – ! Islamist will bring a cancer that would be un-curable for turkey.

  25. Islam and democracy will never work smoothly together. Eventually, one will prevail over the other. This what happened in Iran, Afganistan, Syria and now in Turkey. Islam is a religion built on social control imposed upon large populations. Today's modern world causes many internal dilemmas in Islam and this is why Islamic countries are troubled. One the one pole there are the Muslims that wants to chase strict Quranic laws. This group is known as the "radicals". There are the moderate ones who are willing to distill some of the Quranic laws because they think those laws were for the past times. So they disagree on the women's position, unequal treatment towards the non-believers, application of religious law into everyday life, etc. There is also another distinct type of Muslims. I would name them "authentic Muslims". Those ones mostly live in Western countries. They are regarded as minorities and they themselves have the luxury of building their little Islamic world mixed with western practices (mostly in business, education, technology, etc.) They hold on to their religion not as part of a belief system, but rather as part of their identity as they have the minority mindset. This mindset helps them to survive the mixing up too quickly with the host country, acting as a boundary. They will always take the western life whenever money, business, and everyday life were involved. They side up with Islam if their identity is threatened. You know, just the basic human instinct. In the last group, some younger generation who mostly have lower social class and education are prone to be shifting towards the first group towards radicalization. They are more dangerous and more radical because they feed their hate with their social failure and class struggles. Nevertheless, there are also apparently middle-class Muslims who go radical. This caused confusion in people. Yet, the solution is simple. Islam, when applied entirely on a wider group of people, will leave no room for any other form of governance as it is meant to be a single governing body for all wherever the state boundaries are set. Anyone who is vainly denying this fact will be only awakened by the sirens call.

  26. Can anyone show me only one verse from the Quran which explains what "Islam" and "Muslim" is? I do not want your thoughts and conjectures I just want what Allah said in the Quran, simply "What Islam means". Peace

  27. If Fareed Zakariyyah wants liberal democracy, he should stay in the USA. No one is telling him to get involved in Turkey.

  28. Fareed Zakariyyah has NO Islamic Knowledge whatsoever but you guys go to him for Islamic information? Where did he find that there is nothing about public services or trade agreements and such in Islam?

  29. I think Fareed Zakariyyah got something wrong here. He sees Turkey becoming secular as a form of "modernization". This idea of modernization seems to be a very vague term and it depends who you are talking to. Actually, we don't need a secular state to make economic reforms and so on. I mean Islamic banking is now one of the most popular forms of banking in Istanbul. Trade agreements, treaties and so on are all based on Islamic tradition. We can look back to the treaty of hudaybiyyah, the dealing with the non-Muslims of Madinah, the relationship with the kingdom of Abyssinia, the delegates sent to Persia and Rome. If we look toward the time of Umar ibn Al-Khattab for example, you can see the public services he established and later even laws for public trash services during the Umayyad, Abbassid and such all derived from Islamic rulings.

  30. fascism communism and fascism are the enemy of freedom and modern world. china russia and many islamic countries are allies because their idelogy is similar.

  31. The answer is YES. Democracy can go together with islam. For example malaysia and Indonesia in southeast asia, are an islamic state that use democracy for decades and have no problems blending it in their religion. You guys should stop viewing islam only focusing on places with internal turmoil like middle eastern and the west. Islam is not backward, it is more flexible than what other people think.

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