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China has demanded that the United States
“immediately cancel” a proposed arms sale to Taiwan. The deal includes 108 M1A2T Abrams tanks,
250 Stinger portable anti-aircraft missiles apart from several other pieces of equipment
like machine guns and is estimated to cost around $2.2 bn. This deal if executed will be the first major
deal between the U.S & Taiwan in decades and is expected to aggravate the deteriorating
ties between the US and China. Viewers may note that the US and China are
already at loggerheads on multiple issues which include the South China Sea and Trade
war. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang
stated that Beijing had lodged formal complaints through diplomatic channels expressing “strong
dissatisfaction and resolute opposition” to the proposed sale. Shuang called the proposed deal a “crude interference”
in Chinese internal affairs that harmed “China’s sovereignty and security interests”. He added,
“China urges the US to … immediately cancel the planned arms sale and stop military relations
with Taipei to avoid damaging Sino-US relations and harming peace and stability in the Taiwan
Strait,” “Nobody should underestimate the Chinese government’s
and people’s firm determination to defend the country’s sovereignty and territorial
integrity and oppose foreign interference.” In this video Defense Updates why China is
opposed to M1A2T Abrams tanks & Stinger sells to Taiwan? Let’s get into the details. This video is sponsored by War Thunder, the
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and play War Thunder for free using the link in the description below and also get a free
bonus tank or aircraft and three days of premium account. Taiwan has been ruled separately from China
since the end of a civil war in 1949. But China considers it a part of its territory
and has threatened to bring it to its fold even if that needs military intervention. In 1979, the United States normalized diplomatic
relations with the Beijing government under the Communist Party of China. Since then the relation between Taiwan–United
States became unofficial and informal and is governed by the Taiwan Relations Act. The Taiwan Relations Act is designed to maintain
ambiguity and does not state if the USA will or will not intervene militarily if the PRC
attacks or invades Taiwan. Under the act, the U.S is obligated to sell
“arms of a defensive character” to Taiwan. Beijing has stepped up diplomatic and military
pressure on Taipei since the election in 2016. In the election, Tsai Ing-wen became president,
whose Democratic Progressive Party refuses to acknowledge that Taiwan is part of “One
China.” Taiwan economy and the defense budget is a
fraction of China’s. In purely military terms, it is hugely outnumbered
in both men and material. Taiwan’s foreign ministry said in a statement,
“Taiwan stands in the frontline of China’s ambitious expansion and faces enormous threats
and pressure from Beijing. This arms sale of M1A2 tanks and various missiles
will help greatly to increase our defensive capabilities.” US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)
stated, The proposed sale “will contribute to the
modernization of the recipient’s main battle tank fleet”, improve its air defense system
and “support the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to
improve the security and defensive capability (of Taiwan)”, The agency added, it would not alter the “basic
military balance in the region” and Congress has been informed. Abram was first introduced in 1980 to replace
the M60 main battle tank which was introduced in 1960. It was significantly more potent than the
M60 and featured many top of the line components like a fire control system that allowed up
to 90% accuracy at ranges of 2,000 meters. The tank was technologically well ahead of
most other tanks of its era. U.S military has kept on upgrading the tank
to maintain its edge. Taiwan will receive the M1A2T which is a special-configuration
of the M1A2C. M1A2C is the latest variant of Abram and contains
many improvements over its predecessor and is better equipped for current battlefield
scenarios. This includes an Ammunition Data Link for
improved targeting, the addition of enhanced-infrared sights for superior night fighting capability
and an auxiliary power unit (APU) that will allow the tank to keep running communications
and sensors and maintain battlefield awareness without having to use its powerful 1,500 horsepower
gas turbine engine. M1A2C will see better protection as it will
add passive armor as well a new explosive reactive armor (ERA) package, known as the
Abrams Reactive Armor Tile (ARAT). Another important upgrade is the addition
of the Trophy Active Protection System (APS). It is an active or ‘hard kill’ protection
system which consist of sensors that are capable of detecting and tracking incoming anti-tank
projectiles and has the capability to neutralize them with an interceptor projectile. A better gun will also be present. The main difference between the M1A2T & M1A2C
is that it will have tungsten carbide armor instead of depleted uranium armor. The M1A2s will likely be added to two armored
battalions in northern Taiwan and is expected to replace some of aging M60A3 “Patton”
and CM-11 “Brave Tiger” tanks currently in service. FIM-92 Stinger is a Man-Portable Air-Defense
System (MANPADS) that operates as an infrared homing surface-to-air missile (SAM). Stinger entered service in 1981 and is manufactured
by Raytheon Missile Systems. FIM-92 Stinger is a passive surface-to-air
missile system consisting of a launcher and missiles. Stinger is light to carry and easy to operate. It can be used by a single person or a two-member
team consisting of a team chief and gunner. The missile is 5.0 ft (1.52 m) long and 2.8
in (70 mm) in diameter with 3.9 in (100 mm) fins. The missile itself weighs 22 lb (10.1 kg),
while the missile with its launch tube and integral sight, fitted with a grip stock and
IFF antenna, weighs approximately 34 lb (15.2 kg). The Stinger is launched by a small ejection
motor that pushes it a safe distance from the operator. Then the main two-stage solid-fuel sustainer
propels it forward and accelerates it to a speed of Mach 2.54. It has a maximum range of 8 km or 5 miles. The missile has Infrared homing & UV detector
for guidance and 3 kg or 6.6 lb High explosive annular blast fragmentation warhead. The US shrugged off China’s complaints and
have stated that the equipment would contribute to “peace and stability” in Asia. US legislators have 30 days to object to the
sale but are unlikely that the deal will see any hurdle. Taiwan has been requesting many types of equipment
as it needs to replace its cache of obsolete assets. The Chinese military buildup and diplomatic
coercion have increased Taiwan’s urgency further. The U.S has wary of large defense deal with
Taiwan in recent times & has been taking a cautious approach instead. But this deal under the Trump administration
is going to change this and in the larger context indicates American willingness to
keep helping Taiwan. Both of the equipment is mobile and will add
a lot of tactical flexibility to Taiwanese forces. These will go a long when it comes to the
ability of Taiwan to counter a Chinese thrust in the event of an invasion. Taiwan’s Republic of China (ROC) Army has
been requesting the Abrams for some time now. The U.S.-Taiwan Business Council (USTBC) stated
in a press release that “despite initial concerns over the efficiency of the M1A2 Abrams
platform on Taiwan’s coastal wetlands and in its mountains, the U.S. has provided the
Taiwan military with the equipment it has requested, trusting to Taiwan war planners
and military strategists to make their own determination of Taiwan’s needs.” In the larger context, it’s clear that China
is worried about the deal and knows very well that this could pose a problem when it comes
to scoring a quick victory.

100 comments on “U.S TO SELL M1A2T ABRAMS & STINGER TO TAIWAN !!

  1. For a long time Taiwan's leaders claimed they would retake China from the communists. Has that changed? Taiwan needs to just get on with it and accept they aren't going to retake China anytime soon, and if they attack China, they are on their own. But if China attacks then help them, somehow. It may be blockading China's oil and other imports, hence China building up the island strongholds.

  2. The US demands that China stops hacking every aspect of its industry from civilian to military and they have the gall to demand who the US can sell weapons to . Funny how demands work

  3. LOL. China blabbers about peace but cannot control its citizens. Illegal fishers in anywhere territory they fish. Injured some Korean, crashed a fishing vessel in the Philippines. A Chinese mom who made her child poop in a public park, a Chinese woman who poured a sweet soya delicacy on a police officer who just tell her not to bring food in a public place (because of the rule on the place), a Chinese who sexually harassed two girls.

    Hah! China. Your people reflects your country. Try to fix them before anything else.

  4. America selling out dated weapons to Taiwan – machine gun, stinger compared to China's Hypersonic weapon and operational railgun. On top of that, China is a nuclear capable country. America doesn't even dare to touch North Korea – hiding cowardly behind their lap dog Japan.

    America: I have nuclear bombs to destroy the world 1000 times over.

    China: I only need nuclear bombs to destroy the world 1 time 🙂

  5. Great! I hope the U.S. makes enough money off this deal to add more combat systems to our Combat Commands. We have enough heavy lift capability, but what we need is more something better than the S400.

  6. So y does China come and stick its nose in Africa when it should b staying in its owe part of the world so they can't cry wolf when others country s are concerned as to what they are up to

  7. I'm helping Taiwan's economy. I recently bought the Kymco Downtown 300 scooter. So please my Taiwanese friends, take some of that money and buy our weapons systems..

  8. Yes we should stop at once because we should listen to China as they take control of Intrnational water ways by force and threaten to invade Hong Kong. We are living in times of peril. We can only arm our selves and friends and hope that we can remain resolute in the face of Iranian, Russian and Chinese Tyranical activities.

  9. Fuck China and fuck all the red commie Chineese flags flying in Oakland's China town. When I was a kid they were flying Taiwanese flags and hated red China which they'd fled. Now we can't trust the bastards.

  10. Oh yeah i'm sure china is absolutely terrified lol!

    I hope china kicks the yank and japs' cunts right in.

  11. Why is China concerned ? They have grinning dragon planes and farting pig tanks , which are the best in the world.

  12. Here is a better idea: stop being trade partners with china completely due to trade wars that are pointless and stupid.

  13. @Matthew you are right, the CCP is the most hypocrite regime in the world that always twist law to their favor

  14. Taiwan is like a bowler hat with a narrow brim of coastal plain around the edges and two overlapping MSRs (Highway 1 and 2) on the WEST COAST (where they are easily able to be pounded by rockets or cut by swim teams off Subs or Disguised fishing craft…) with three more adjunct roadways crossing the mountainous interior to the east coast.

    If China decides to take Taiwan, it's unlikely that the latter will see it coming as the most ready means will be a sudden rocket attack, followed by air strikes which take down the ADGE radars and torch several key airfields and cut major bridges (and yes, China's DF-30 and DF-15T are accurate enough now, with GAIN augment, to do that) before airlandings, ala the 103rd Vitevsk Guards into Bagram in 1979.

    If you push the air assault forces right behind the conventional strikes, rushing across The Ditch with Il-76 and Y-20, you could get a sizeable GCE on the ground, decapitating political and securing infrastructure (power and transmission) targets while the Taiwanese are waiting for the horizon to stop wobbling.

    Done swiftly, this would tend to trap Taiwan's armored maneuver forces, sans political command echelons, on the north or south side of the island where they could be readily spotted and defeated in detail as they tried to move up and provide direct support against landings in Taipei and Kauhsiung at either Northern and Southern extremity.

    With roughly 15+20 airframes, they have enough to put an initial division load (two battalions), with gear, down on either major COG.  Lose those two cities and organized resistance will become untenable, very quickly.

    This is not to say that Taiwain would be flat backed for, like Switzerland, they actually have several underground ABs which can literally launch and recover jets from underground through Eastwards facing entrances.  Not an impossible target to door-slam but much harder than the primaries which are all MOB'd up on the West Coast for reaction time purposes.

    Here it must be noted that, like Sweden, the ROCAF also have significant roadway bases but again, the question is one of time.  The harder the mobile nut, the more you want to drop a really big rock on it before it can scuttle into dispersal-

    The ROCs are a tough bunch but they have a very difficult defensive problem for which, like England, their major protective offset has always been time-over-water as the Formosa Strait.

    Yet with 80 odd years to plan and much faster and more precise guided rocket artillery, the PRC has largely bypassed the tradition penetration and inter-sortie turn lag issues of conventional airpower.

    Myself, I would expect to lose 90% of the fixed wing fleet and most of the internal transport network within the first 30-50 minutes of any concerted effort to take the island which means that you are going to be vastly better off with two alternatives to mobile kampfgruppes and interceptors as supplements to the Abrams and Stinger deals.


    Brutus, Truck Mounted 155.

    It's light, it's cheap, it's mobile enough to run it out of a really deep hole with a complete list of preregistered fires options.  And then run it right back into garage when you're done.  See Iraqi MAZ-543 SCUD TELs in 1991 for how effective this can be.

    Combine the tube with some effective rounds like BONUS for tanks and M864 for ADEN against advancing Mech/Infantry threats and you can fight a sector by province, holding action until the Marines can load their gear at Naha and get into the TO.

    Part of this hold-to-win plan is going to be dependent upon a continuing ability to kill targets without a major radar network and could be fulfilled by something like FLAADS/Sky Saber.

    Something pops up over a ridge line or building roofline, especially given the weather Taiwan gets during the monsoon season-

    And it's probably too late to clip them as you're going to have very limited response times for LOS based shoulder weapons and a very aggressive diver profile for either PGM intercept or CCIP dive toss.

    CAMM is significantly bigger than the FIM-92 but it can be stacked in a VLS pallet atop most lightweight vehicles, down to 2 ton trucks I believe.

    Comparatively, Stinger is a relic of another era when we were playing whackamole games with Mi-24s in the weeds of Fulda or the Hoff.

    You want something small and cheap enough to disperse away from the primary PAC-3 protected baselanes as a secondary defense.  You want it to be all weather and self-declaratory as a function of active seeker volume overlay and two-way datalink confirmation.

    And you want to be able to launch a lot of them, out to about 15-20km, so that you can maintain overlap in a crowded urban zone after losing a couple launchers.

    None of this says 'Shoulder Fire' to me.

    I am certainly glad Taiwan chose to Buy American as we can certainly use the sales and I understand the need for political affirmation of a highly understated alliance.   But Taiwan needs to buy weapons for their own unique operational environment.

  15. Why should America stop selling weapons too Taiwan as they since the Chinese Communist Party civil war Taiwan has been it's own Government. Taiwan should also be part of the UN as an Independent Country.
    There is no agreement like with England an Hong Kong that a very large percentage don't want to be part of China at all, that China is taking over by force people go missing all fact yet the World stands by letting China do what it wants.
    Then you have the South China Sea again China is making a grad for all minerals in it no matter what other countries that border it, even after the UN told China it was illegal they just got up and walked out that is what they think of the rest of the World.
    They are also now starting too make claims too the South Pole yet they are know where near it again testing countries that do have more claim to it. Next you will have China claim they had Discovered it first, given a 1 mm they will take it all.
    I would love to know why China has 3 classes still the very rich Middle Class along with the very poor the rich drive around in top of the range most expensive Auto's in the World including private Jets Housing along with able to buy land in foreign countries while the poor have nothing.
    For such a Communist Country it's more a Dictatorship or capitalist's Country DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO.

  16. China complaining about their sovereignty being violated by the proposed sale. Have they forgotten already how they violated other countries' sovereignty by building artificial islands on disputed territory in the South China Sea?

    Not only is it very difficult to have sympathy for them, it's impossible to take them seriously. When it comes to being hypocrites, the Chinese takes the top spot — it's not even close.

  17. Is China telling us that they can’t handle some tanks and stinger missiles??? 🙃

    Sounds like they’re not much of a force to be worried about if this is true.

  18. Scared lol look abraham tank on the middle east they can deatroy the tank by only one man using anti tank missile carried of two soldier

  19. Mark my words: China will attack Taiwan before 2020 is over or if the USA goes to war with Iran. They will see the opportunity of an attack on Iran and the diversion of U.S. Carrier groups as the perfect opportunity to STRIKE!

  20. I think it is funny. That they demand President Trump to stop the sell. They must have gotten confused and thought they dealing with former President Obama. You think about now would get the idea. That playing hard ball only means he will play twice as hard with them.🤨🦅🇺🇸

  21. China promoting peace in the region, meanwhile drilling for oil in other countries economic zones off their shores, crashing naval boats into fishing and other countries naval vessels and drawing a huge line 100s of miles out to sea, and saying all this is ours. Also building islands for military bases because they can't even build or get the 1 aircraft carrier they bought from Russia functioning properly after decades

  22. To the US Defense Secretary Of State : Will you consider to boost the AIR DEFENCE 0f Taiwan (ROC) by selling and arming them with PATRIOT MISSILES BATTERY . As Well shall we ? .

  23. Selling last century arms at fucking stupid price is not how you help a supposed ally. The t (stands for taiwan) model Abrams will be refitted Iraq units which will miss the latest guidance update and suffer from radiation from the previous use of depleted uranium rounds. Americunts are conning the shit out of the Taiwanese populace whose weakarse president tsai (currently embroiled in a cigarette smuggling scandal and is the most inept president of ROC's history) is throwing away their tax dollars in return for U.S. backing before election. The next deal on the table are 60+ units of f16-v fighters priced at 170 million dollars a piece, twice the cost of the current f35A. With friends like americunt, do you still need enemies.

  24. I doubt China will do anything and I doubt even less that anyone would do anything to help them if they actually did. China is a stone throw away from Taiwan and everyone else is far away. China's economy is so entangled with the rest of the world, that it becomes far too complicated. Everything is manufactured in China, we don't have national economies anymore or economies that are just entangled with our allies. Our economies are entangled with those that we are competing with, it's a messed up situation and if the TRUE COST of Chinese goods is really calculated, we would find that it is far more costly to us and has done far more harm then it has done anything good!
    China has risen up and our economies seem to struggle along.

  25. So it's okay for China to support North Korea's murderous regime, but not okay for USA to support a liberal democracy. US should just establish formal ties and station forces in Taiwan and see what China can do.

  26. Maybe it will be better if Chiang didn't execute many CCP member which leading to Chinese Civil War and China will be as their past which is their glory time.

  27. Raytheon should offer Taiwan upgrade packages for their Patton tanks why get rid of them makes no sense they will need that extra firepower to deal with the enormous Chinese forces

  28. Fuck china, those cancerous people, they eat all shit all sell all buy all. They're demons in the wild. GOD BLESS THE GOOD AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  29. Ask yourself how long before the Chinese communists say your country is their undisputable territory……..

  30. These tanks will be useless if China decides to invade. The first thing the Chinese will do, before troops even leave the mainlaind, is wipe out all Taiwanese military bases with short and mid range missiles. Once Taiwan has no hardware remaining, the Chinese will negotiate with Taiwan. Actual land war on Taiwan will be very very far down the line …

  31. China is pissed because PRC and US have an agreement on this. But the peace loving US has been unilaterally violating a whole bunch of agreements and weapons treaties recently and then the propaganda machine goes all out to blame everyone else. Obviously.
    PRC doesnt intend to invade Taiwan. Its ridiculous. Most of Taiwan already belongs to mainlanders anyway and should there be war any tanks on the island wont matter as it will be decimated with missiles within minutes. All this is nothing but another deliberately antagonistic political move from the US side. It does nothing for Taiwan as such. The US wont start WW3 for a bunch of ching chongs on an island anyway.
    And why are you folks complaining about Chinas aggressive expansionism? Who do you think they learned that from? Good ol' US of A. Debt traps, base building, exploitation and regime changes. Chinese are doing it all, word for word as per CIA textbooks.

  32. You will see if China somehow reaches near to sun in future ,their ChingChong leader would claim sun as their sacred and inherited land.#####


  34. It is right that the National Government of China be defended and armed in its Formosa redoubt. The rival government on the Mainland has nothing to fear if it abolishes itself and opens its part of China to democracy and multi-party input.

  35. Hey China how about you go F yourself! We will sell to whom ever we want to. This does not hurt your sovereignty only helps Taiwan’s sovereignty as a free and independent nation and not a communist territory of yours!! By the way those islands the Spratlys and others aren’t yours either!!!
    Have a nice day you Gaping A-holes!!

  36. China only wants Tawain to not be able to defend themselves at any level. With the hugely out numbered Tawain defence forces against China is like a Fly on a Bull in comparison. The fact that the US is helping them at all is the issue. The reality, why should we really care? China has ripped the US off for 30 years and built that countries manufacturing base on the back of we the people here. This has brought to the forefront explaines the majority of what the US, Donald Trump is opposing. The Chinese taking advantage of our business relationship. The point Trump is making up on some US companies benefit from these sales and keep Americans working and considering the number of manufacturing jobs that have gone to China. I would imagine logically Trump will make sales to Tawain in an effort to Keep America Great n the picture frame. This is what he is doing, not cowing down like previous administrations. Who have done far more to benefit China technology leaps and gained our high tech military secrets from these same previous administrations. No names mentioned, but just this. Long Beach piers was sold to China by a previous administration some years ago. The great big Russian hoax is sort of a magic trick, slight of hand, move by the Dems. By the simple fact, look over here (at Russia) not over there at China. This move by the previous administration was take to further diminish the status of strength, we once had. By the very actions mentioned previous to the Trump administration. See you got to have enemies, to have none stop war, that is the Deep State (CIA) agenda, as conflict is good for our government contractors. There are 2 ways to go about it. The 1st like a businessman or 2nd as a bully. Of which is Trump a businessman who will sell our wears and goods that is putting America first. Bombing the shit out of some country, killing untold numbers of people, is the other way to make profit for those same government contractors. Trump is against the nonstop bombing the shit out of everyone around the globe by constant wars just to bully everyone. To keep the war machine chugging along, one nation after another. His approach to me, is logical. If you make more genuine legitimate profit, without killing people. But help others defend their own freedom, like a Tawain. Seems beneficial for American workers and building alliances with existing much smaller allies then the one nation interested in demanding there way be how it is. If any nation happens to not like Trumps "America First" policy. Maybe its because they are not benifitting the way they did before with wimps liars thieves and cheats as previous administrations. Who have sold out to the NWO, Elitist Fascist Banksters Kabal and their agenda. Trump is proving his policy is only looking out for America. The disruption of some people who now, not in power, can't get their bribes and kickbacks like once before. Could it upset the political establishments, status quo? Hell yea!!! It's ruffling feathers, here and abroad, so I say; Go TRUMP 2020

  37. Another classic case of stupid American foreign policy. God Americans are stupid!!! Fueling a standoff doesn't bring peace. USA should just let the unification happen, it is inevitable with a growing, powerful China. And America wonders why the world is slowly turning to the east…

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