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Upgrade Your Laser Rotary

Upgrade Your Laser Rotary

Hey everyone it’s Chad and today I’m going to talk about the rotary that goes to my laser. As a lot of you know that I make cups laser etching for various things and I love this set up. It works great for most everything but I’ve had some issues doing especially these stemless wine glasses and even occasionally on some other tumblers but you can see on that one as well as this one how squished up it is. Essentially what happens is, well there’s two things. These cups are extremely light and they’ll slip. Also because of their extreme angles they’ll actually rub on the steel here and if you look very close you might be able to see where it’s actually kind of rubbing right there and so it’ll catch. I’ve done a couple of things to improve that as you can see here I’ve got this this t-square taped on here that was to try to keep the lip from riding over which I will not need anymore, so let’s take that away and the other thing I did, believe it or not I had a weighted juggling ball which fit perfectly inside of these and they would put enough weight on the cup to keep it from slipping. Once I figured out those two things I started getting better results but it still wasn’t ideal. I was on a Facebook page and one of the members is also somebody who makes a lot of stuff he’s a really good with a 3d printer and he created some designs that I’m gonna share with you guys and I think you’re gonna find them to be really be helpful at solving issues like slipping cups. This even works for those glass mugs with the big heavy handles so let’s get started. To do this project you’re going to need a tap and die set and my kit did not have this bit which at 10:32 and number twenty one drill bit. Of course you’re going to need a drill and some type of Center punch this isn’t the one I would normally use but I can’t find the one I’d normally use. alright let’s take a look at the kit it comes in several parts. This is the first part of the kit it comes with this roller and then also a smaller roller depending on the cup size and I’ll have to figure that out it has a spacer comes with a tool to take it off and some screws to lock this down the next thing that he has in the kit is a backstop and that comes with the two screws and the actual backstop and the last thing well there’s one more thing you can get and this is a slider stop so this connects to this to keep this in place so it doesn’t creep and I really have never had that issue until recently I was doing a bottle and it started moving on me and the last thing and I’m gonna put these on very last is an upgrade kit for the o-rings that are on the rotary and essentially what they do is they lift it up a little bit and I kind of showing earlier this is so close on these really curved shapes that it actually hits the metal roller and that can cause slippage so with the new o-rings that should lift it up just a little bit more so let’s get started putting this all together I can’t wait all right so now you can see I have some little divots and that’s where the drill bits going to rest here’s a quick tip when you’re turning this in make sure you back up about every half turn that keeps your drill bit or your tap sharp doesn’t dull it all right so the threads are ready and this will screw in just like that and I line this up so it’s pretty much flush but I also gave it some room to slide back and forth if I need it okay and you just push down on that Cup slips in and now you’ve got a positive friction point that rolls with the cup as it’s spinning all right so step two is putting a stop on the back of this so that this doesn’t ride off of the rollers so remove this and I’m gonna put that so that it’s kind of flush and like with the other one I’m gonna put the screws about midway that way I can move it back and forward if I need to so one of the things that he thought of on this kit there’s a screw here and there’s also he printed in a recess or didn’t print a recess I should say I don’t know he left a hole there so then it’ll slide back and forth over that screw without interference all right I’m gonna go ahead and remove the foot just so I can get a good angle on this riser and when you’re moving it let’s leave it loose once you get the position tighten it down that’s not going to slip so the last thing and the reason I waited to the end to do this is because I didn’t want any metal filings to get on these o-rings yeah this is another another good use for your ice pick there’s actually an entire video series dedicated to how to use your ice pick and it’s called the direst of us video series which I was lucky enough to be able to participate in all right so just take a quick side-by-side look at these see the difference yeah it’s not touching the middle you know let’s uh let’s go test to come back in the laser room got the rotary set up and ready to go I’m gonna slide this Cup in here well I guess that’s it for this project we did two cups I think that came out really well I was really happy with the results the only cup that we didn’t do was the wineglass and I’m probably going to shoot one and add that video at the end of this video so you guys know what to do hit the like hit the comments hope you’re all having a great day

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  1. Hey I super duper Appreciate you for taking the time to film, edit and upload your Awesome Video!! I wanted to personally take the time to let you know that I SEE Your hard work and I have NOTICED The fantastic impact you have made on the community. I am super glad to be YOUR Subscriber and I wanted to just say Thank You……."THANK YOU" ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do not own a Laser nor do I do any kind of decorating cups like you do….but I am always in a LEARNING Mode when I take the time to watch and enjoy your channel Chad….Thanks for being YOU!!!!
    Shelly Cole
    aka "MOM" ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Our epilog rotary came with the helper roller on the top but I'm going to have to look into the rest of these upgrades. I really wish epilog made a cone style like trotec does, I've been thinking about how I can convert or make an adapter or something for our rotary. Not sure if it's possible without being too tall.

  3. Awesome video my friend! I just found your channel and became a supporter ๐Ÿ™‚ Like #31. Keep up the great work!

  4. Couple questions. How much of a pucker factor was it drilling in to your $800 rotary? ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you shared this add on with Boss Laser?

  5. I have been keeping this tab open for a while…waiting for school to start to pull the trigger on this add-on. Looks like it's time to pull the trigger on this.

  6. We've been snooping around your channel ever since we got back from the New York Maker Faire and wow…you have some great stuff on here. Thanks for all your fantastic advice and encouragement this past weekend and we look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

  7. Very Cool.. I watched this video last week and ordered the upgrade kit right then.. It arrived 10 minutes ago. Time to install it..
    Thanks for sharing .. I can finally get rid of the makeshift wooden stop blocks and magnets.. peAce

  8. At time 10:51, the grey L-bracket on the left. Has that stopped the rotation? I would think if it's too tight you could run into an issue. Great DEMO though. I just finished testing the alignment of my first Laser cutter and have the same setup to test later on. Good accessories for it and the larger O-rings make sense.

  9. Here is a quicker and easier way to mount a clamp system. Installs in less than 5 min and the best part is No drilling or tapping required, it is quick and easy to install and remove.

  10. I was wondering what laser u have and vinyl cutter u use. I am trying to start a my own Business out of my garage doing powder coating and hydro dipping

  11. You basically made it like epilogue's rim jig. Be careful, that pinch can sometimes be too much and the cup (mostly shot glasses) will torque and ride up the free wheels. Out of everything I've tried on this type of jig, the best is weight. But it can't move and roll around. If you shoot guns, many companies make sand bags for table rest. I had 8 different sizes made, lengths/diameter that I stuff into the cups. Works amazingly. I'm not your about your O ring material but keep them clean, preferably with alcohol and they will stay nice oil free and sticky

    How do you like your boss? I've always ran Epilogue and Trotec but have been thinking about a 1416 for educational purposes

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