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Vashte’s Center for Craft Advancement

Vashte’s Center for Craft Advancement

Hey guys, it’s Sokaran here with another touring video, right now we’re on the Maj’Dul server the decorator and owner is Vashte.
please let me know if I said that right, the address is the Personal
Library in South Qeynos on the leaderboard I’m not sure because I came
through the housing portal the house name is Vashte’s Center of Crafting
Advancement this is I believe the very first home that I’ve seen of Vashte’s, so
let’s get to it. That’s… a lot of sales crates… here’s a book welcome by Vashte. You guys can pause it and read it I’m going to skim threw it quick okay, and she has another book My Crafting Center um she’s saying all the ones that she has another depots, cool… okay so she has a bunch of sales crates… Is that a telaporter? No, what is that? Maybe it’s like a fff *gasp* is that her crafting tables?
um, I think, I don’t know… I’m gunna go look around and see if I can find crafting tables.
If I can’t find them, she put them in the floor, that’s a good idea I like how she
did that… and personal dojo, Vashte’s Dragon… Dojo. Felwithe Mansion: Vashte’s Design
Hub Portal… wait portals to the storage house in the projects done… and Portal Room by Vashte… Grandmaster and Reactants Looted and Other, I didn’t know.. oh how many can have per home? I thought you can only have one big one small, huh unless they changed it. okay, It looks like she sunk the elvish counters in, oh thats so cool okay, oh and she skinned the stairs nice. something you get a coin from this game
I’ve never gotten one do you only get a coin if your a paid
account because I’ve been messing with it since they first came out and I’ve
never gotten one, oh that is so cool Er-mer-gersh… very nice! I like how she used the benches as a fence, makes it looks all fancy … and she blocked off the down
stairs and, so maybe she put it in the book I’m guessing she put them in the floor,
we had crafting tables at the center of the platform … I should have read. lol, very cool so this is like the one that I have in my guild hall you just run over it and
you open N and you type in whatever and you select one and then you just
push craft and you can craft I think it’s very neat you don’t like especially
if you’re doing rush orders you don’t have to run from table to table and I’m
kind of lazy so I don’t want to move around while I do it very very nice,
look she’s skinned the stairs, since this is the first time I’ve seen of Vashte’s I don’t know if she’s editor but I’m assuming she does maybe if not this is just fantastic… so I guess that’s it I’m going to go check out her portal hub
wait portal room and projects okay well either way I’m
going to go to them and check them out if you see Vashte running around in game be sure to let her know that a great job she did… I love her Center for Crafting Advancement, very good idea. I’ll see you guys the next video bye

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