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Visualization Advancement in Music Games

Visualization Advancement in Music Games

Hello, everyone. My name is Sirawat Pitaksarit, so… I like to play music games, I will present about Visualization Advancement in Music Games. Music games, usually, we need a lot of songs. We need space for music files. So, the visualisation, we have to be smart about the space taken. To conserve space. Let’s see. The game from 2000. In the center is the visualization. You see, they just using the same image. Over and over, and just change the tint. You can only transform, and being clever about image used for visualization. And let’s look at Tweening animation From Korean game, DJMAX. Ah, you see, It’s a little bit fancier. But if you look closely, It still using Where is my mouse? It still using the same images. And use tinting, which is tint to red. And this one is tinted from black. And, this, Flower petals has been blurred from Photoshop I guess. If we hack into this game, we will find The image of each characters, each flower petals, Individually. Not a movie file. This is for conserving space. But, now, We can have full motion video. Because we have more space, And more computational power. This is from PSP. From the same company as before But please look, At the background video, It’s dramatically changed. So, what is the difference? If you look closely, This video is pre-rendered. You can use image processing techniques. These flowers is a particle. This is also a particle, The speedline. This is multiple videos playing at the same time. It’s precomposed, and then composed again. This is camera movement, You can place the cloud in the space and move camera. This is motion blur, You can achieve all of this because this is a video file. Made from program like After Effects. And this is the recent game, that is using FMV animation very heavily. You can play video in the background. just like this. Well, this is impossible to tween. Like the old days. And, the FMV is also used in UI design. Let’s look at the UI of, Beatmania 9. Kind of fancy, But it’s just tweening. And tinting. And adjusting alpha. But, fast-forward to today. You see, they can use video here. The UI became very beautiful. And camera also used in real gameplay. As seen in this game, just released about… some weeks ago? You see the track will move? Very exciting! People acutally play this? Sound Voltex! So quick. It’s very very fun. Yes, it’s the end. Question from Sakai-san? Is it enough? Yes! Thank you! I have prepared a slide to answer that. If you look at these games, It’s on mobile phone. Nowadays, music games is not on arcade anymore. It’s shifting towards mobile phone. And on mobile phone we cannot have those nice things. Like playing videos. There is a limitation of space so, maybe we can improve this. This is all still images. This is in 3D space but, the shading is not nice. It’s nice! But, It’s not fancy like lens flare, or blur. Thank you very much.

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