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VMware Zero Trust: Technical Overview

VMware Zero Trust: Technical Overview

hi my name is Peter Björk today all
companies are struggling with security vmware believes we can change how we
approach security using the zero trust framework Forrester first talked about
zero trust to solve shortcomings in traditional IT security architecture
Zero Trust is not a fixed architecture and means different things to different
people let’s explain VMware’s viewpoint and how we can help you on your zero
trust journey the foundation of IT security has looked very much the same
for over 30 years it’s built around static information such as if the device
is to mange and whether the user has the correct password but most importantly it
is built on the notion that the good guys are inside the firewall and the bad
guys are outside this approach lacks both the depth and breadth needed
especially in today’s dynamic and mobile world over time we have evolved the
model slightly adding VPN a multi-factor authentication to cope with the external
access VPN a multi-factor authentication are not bad technologies and if used for
the right reasons they can still play an important part in your overall security
architecture vmware is dedicated to the zero trust vision and for us zero trust
means building a modern security architecture that is much more dynamic
and builds trust on a much broader and deeper basis the zero trust architecture
has five pillars covering the device user transport application and data we
need to be able to establish trust in each pillar to make decisions to grant
or deny access once the decision of granting access has been made it is
important to constantly or at least very often validate
the trust if the trust level changes we must be able to take action by
establishing trust across the five pillars we gain visibility and can
gather analytics across the board and with visibility and analytics we can
build automation and orchestration let us have a closer look at which
parameters characterize each pillar by interrogating the device posture we know
if the device can be trusted we know if the device is compliant according to our
policies time after time password based user authentication has proven
insufficient therefore as a part of zero trust we must make use of more secure
user authentication methods a strong conditional access engine that can make
decisions using dynamic and contextual data is required by using the principle
of least privilege access to resources we limit access rights to users we give
them only the minimum permission they need to perform their work with the
modernization of user authentication allowing single sign-on to applications
we gain not only security but also an improved user experience with
traditional applications that are not designed for zero trust we add
protection in the form of isolation finally we must make sure that the data
stay secure VMware is uniquely positioned to help you on your zero
trust journey we have the broadest portfolio of solutions covering all five
pillars of trust VMware can provide you with in-depth device knowledge and
management across all devices using our unified endpoint management solution we
offer application lifecycle management and
action as well as rich contextual conditional access and our platform
covers not only modern applications but the traditional, often business
critical, applications as well our platform services allows us to get
contextual information across your entire environment with this context
awareness we feed intelligence allowing us to make just-in-time decisions and
use automation that can help to remediate potential threats full api’s
across the platform allows for extensibility and a broad partner
ecosystem all this provides you with not only great management and security but
also visibility across your whole environment but you are not the only
winner your users are delighted with a user experience second to none this is
VMware’s workspace one platform the easiest method to get started with zero
trust let us look into a little more detail about how the vmware products map
into the five pillars for building device trust we have our market leading
unified endpoint management solution called workspace one uem and to perform
device authentication we have our unified access gateway product with the
help of workspace one access and intelligence you can perform strong
authentication and perform dynamic conditional access when it comes to
securing the transport for the session we make use of our unified access
gateway and horizon products NSX-T provides segmentation of resources to
help implement least privileged access on the network horizon and workspace one
uem allows us to implement application trust and workspace one access performs
single sign-on based on strong user authentication and
for data trust workspace one uem horizon and NSX-T provides the ability to protect,
control and ensure the integrity of data with all pillars of trust covered we can
also offer visibility and analytics and on top of that build automation and
orchestration we do this with VMware workspace one Intelligence workspace one
uem workspace one access and horizon to learn more about zero trust or more
technical details about our products please visit

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