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Voices for Change Educators Summit

Voices for Change Educators Summit

One of the major goals of the Educators
Summit is to empower teachers and to educate teachers, to take back what
they’ve learned in the summit about the events, the history, the people, the legacy
of May 4 back into their classrooms and communities. Our goal has been to help
them make connections to social issues that students think about, deal with,
wrestle with, in their everyday lives. It’s, it’s so much more relevant today
than it ever has been and just your voice being heard and the fact that you
are 18 19 years old or 16 years old doesn’t make a difference you have the
ability to perpetuate change and that’s what I want to instill in my students. I think the age of the people involved in May 4th is incredibly important
because I’m a high school teacher. These victims are not much older than my kids.
The students who were protesting on May 4th knew that they had a voice and they
knew they had to use that voice because they couldn’t vote at the time, so I
think those are the big things I’m going to take is that my students have a voice,
too. I think one of the most exciting parts
of the educators summit was that we were honored to have Dr. Chic Canfora who was a student witness to the shootings, her brother Alan Canfora, who was one of
the nine wounded, Dr. Tom Grace, who was also wounded and Dr. Laura Davis, who was a student witness to the shootings, all participate in the summit to work with
local educators to not only learn about the history of May 4, but to help make
connections to what the educational legacy of May 4 could be. I feel like I’ve seen a personal side of the tragedy I feel like I can put names to faces
I’ve heard the sound recordings. I’ve seen the photographs of the students.
I’ve walked the places where they walked. I think it’s important to make it very
personal for my students. These aren’t statistics this isn’t something you can distill into a simple analysis. This is something that’s a big picture and I
want kids to know that just like them, these are human beings and they’re part
of a big trend of protest in society that needs to be discussed. I find the teaching summit so amazing and so affirming and why it’s so
important for this teaching summit to take place is, I see this as a whole new
door opening. A new way of reaching hundreds and thousands of people so that
people learn about the facts of what actually happened. This is a timeless
story and it’s a timeless experience that happened to a lot of people. People
died, people were wounded and these things are living now and they will continue to have meaning, will continue to
have importance. I know that the learning and the knowledge is just going to spread
and that can only be a righteous thing and, and a productive thing and a
wonderful thing.

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