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Warframe  Guide – How to Get a Kavat and Kavat Upgrade Segment [1080HD]

Warframe Guide – How to Get a Kavat and Kavat Upgrade Segment [1080HD]

Ahoy thar, Legion! So you got yerself a Kubrow of every size
n’ style, but maybe you wanna scale things back a bit and try something a little smaller
and hands-free? Sounds like you want yerself a Katbrow! Or a “Kavat” if ya wanna be weird about it>.>Let’s take a look at all the things you’ll
need beforehand: Numba One: An Incubator Segment I’m gonna assume you have this one installed already as ya kinda need it for a Kubrow, but if you don’t and ya need one, check out our previous pet guide to get ya up to speed on that in a jiffy! I’ll put a link up on screen and in the description if ya need it. Numba Two! A Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment Ironically this one isn’t top priority, but
you’ll need one eventually. I’ll give ya tips on that in just a sec, but to craft this you’ll need 100,000 credits,
1 argon crystal, and 120,000 alloy plate. Protip: that’s just to equip it onto your
ship. In order to actually hatch up a Kavat that’s
gonna cost an Incubator Power Core which itself is another 100,000 credits and Argon. Prices are a bit steep, so if you are just
getting started and don’t have a metric ton of spare materials like this lyin’ around, feel free to make and upgrade the weapons
you need first and come back to Kavats when you can more easily afford it. If you’re still here I’m gonna assume you’re
serious about getting yourself a space kat, which is good because you’ll have to be for
this next part: Kavat DNA samples. You’ll need quite a lot of em to get anywhere
with this process, and my what a process it is! In order to scan a Kavat, you can’t just scan
a Grineer version, oh no, you need a wild, feral one. These guys only spawn in Derelict missions,
which means you’ll need to make Derelict keys. Might as well equip a Dragon Key while you’re
at it for a shot at corrupted mods, you’re gonna be here awhile. Kavats… cloak. So you’ll NEED to use the scanner to see them. If you are lucky you might spot them shimmering
like predator before say, you activate the survival mission, but as that only works when
they aren’t aggrod on anything, and since they can wander all over the level,
probably not gonna get this very often. So in practice you’ll have to take a few steps,
scan, take a few steps, scan. And on the really long, twisty derelict tilesets
this can get monotonous fast. You can sometimes see infested fighting something
instead of you, that’s a good time to whip out the scanner and take a look. So ya found one, but how to you scan it? Assumin’ ya got one of the Scanners equipped with ammunition for the shot, go figure the things are both fast, jittery,
and really skinny so holding the scanner on them long enough to take an action shot isn’t in the cards. If you’re not taking a picture of them docile you’ll need an ability to stop them in their
tracks long enough to scan them but not strong enough to kill them, as you can’t scan a corpse. I opted to take Inaros as I can lock em down fairly safely with his stun, but take whoever ya like. Note: that previous tip I mentioned about
getting the kavat segment? Since you’ll be doing a lot of derelict runs, odds are you’ll clash with Grinner quite a few times. When you see the cat ladies with flame throwers, keep an eye out. These have a chance to drop the blueprint free of charge and I got two this way after I bought one. If you do need to buy it, hit up your or someone else’s clan dojo, luckily it’s not really expensive once researched. The process itself isn’t overtly difficult, but the RNG involved can be quite brutal. Ya see, just because you scanned them doesn’t
mean you got a DNA sample from it. Each time you are able to get a scan you only
have a 15% chance to get DNA. And that was _after_ they buffed it ^_^ And if you or the enemy kills them off too
soon you get no scan at all. So you might be wondering, “Say, PsyCo. Couldn’t it be possible to get some really
bad strings of luck and not get any DNA samples for hours?” Why, that’s a very good observation, Legion! That exact thing happened to me! You need 10 to complete the Kavat incubator
and I was stuck at 6 outta 10 for a solid two and a half hours with many scans and no
luck at all. Quite a lot of fun and choice words were had hitting those extraction screens, I tell you hwat. But from what I’ve read, I didn’t even have it that bad. It took me somewhere between 68 and 88 scans to get the 10 samples I needed to make the incubator, and since you have to be thorough about this
and constantly have to check the scanner and be careful not to kill them accidentally,
and the levels can be dark and sprawling… you can’t exactly RUSH this process. So you just have grind the hours required
to get them. If you are doing this solo like I was and
the game just laughs at you and gives you zero credit back to back, it’ll
be a rather soul crushing experience. But, that mountain hath been climbed and with
10 samples at the ready I was finally able to make and craft myself
the Katbrow Incubator Segment! Now just to try our hand at hatchin’ one of
these real qui…. Ya need another 10 DNA samples? Y….Are you serious? [Distant] Hey uh, Lotus, just a quick question about these numbers here… WHAT THE F– Thank-you for watchin’, Legion! If this guide helped ya out or put a smile
on your face, we’d be honored if you’d like, favorite, and share this video with your fellow
Tenno! We always appreciates it when ya does! Good luck on your space kitty DNA hunting
extravaganza, I think I’ll just stick with my Kubrow for now. Might not be the brightest bulb in the drawer,
but by crickey I already have him unlocked so that’s fiiiine with me. Catch you next time, Legion! Have fun, enjoy your weekend, and Take care!

100 comments on “Warframe Guide – How to Get a Kavat and Kavat Upgrade Segment [1080HD]

  1. After watching these I'm ok with not having cats. Dogs are worthless enough, going through that much of a headache for a second worthless pet isn't worth the time invested.

  2. Do you really have to scan them again after doing it first time if so F that unless when others scan them they count towards your own scans maybe ?

    Cheers for info.

  3. A Glyph sold from Cephalon Simaris gives you a 50% chance to get double scans every time you scan something, it helps a lot when hunting Kavats, also Oberon is a great frame to farm these on (because of his passive with animals).

  4. I got half my second set of Ten DNA during the Inaros quest – returning the Second Pot if I recall – running with an Ivara made scanning quite easy as the kavats are not cloaked at all in the tomb. Only issue was the mission timer…made extraction with 5 sec on the clock lol

  5. Along with these sometimes there are alerts where you get 5 DNA samples every week or so. Two of these and it's enoough for an incubator. Saved me a shit ton of time

  6. my sahasha kubrow died 🙁 and what's worse is that i can't even see him he got thrown to space 🙁 all i did was leave him for a year with no food or water i don't understand how he died

  7. I feel your pain PsyCo. You perhaps could have mentioned that if you are really patient , the occasion alert comes along that rewards you with 5 samples at a time. I got mine this way. Took me a few months though, but something to think about.

  8. i have the kavat seg. but i cant install it (it says that its offline and i need some kind of segement and i dont know from where i can get this thing … DX)

  9. just a tip…. Sands of Inaros has one part with TONS of feral kavats…. thats how I got all my samples

  10. To be honest I'd prioritize getting a Smeeta over creating some weapons or frames.

    You will get rare resources at a much higher rate after getting one and this is permanent so long as you use the cat which will be always if you want to maximize farming efficiency.

  11. Lotus: I'm sorry but I had to keep you safe
    Me: but kavat.. nine tail-ians ;c
    Ordis: punz for dayz
    Me: shut up ordis Dx I'm having a bad day already..
    Ordis: i wonder what's in your mind
    Me: O-o just.. seppuku
    Me: wait that's just my frame.. get me out of this chair!
    Lotus: You won't have enough energy to move around, I'm sorry ;c

  12. Run Sands of Inaros if you are really desperate for Kavat DNA, a bunch spawn in one part of the quest. I got ten in about 5 minutes but the downfall is Baro sells the quest and it is not repeatable. So once you do the quest you gotta wait for Baro to come back and get another quest BP for easy kavat DNA.

  13. Hmmm u can play Sands of Inaros quest where are tons of kavats. So u just scan them and if u dont have enough u can abort the mission and get more 😛

    correct me if im wrong… i havent tried that yet

  14. 6+ hours farming due to high requirements and low drop rates (not counting time wasted if you happen lose them during a fight) OR pay 120 platinum (Less than $10/two hours work minimum wage) for a starter kit and ten extra genetic code from the market… I love this game, especially for the fact no money is really "needed" but they really push you to just buy the cool stuff.

  15. hehehe i fucking knew it ! comming back as an OG player and yup ofc.. farming is still the main thing in warframe and trading plat still costs credits.. hmm maybe i should just back off and not start again lol ill be bored and tired after a week !

  16. 1:40 first, Inaros for the win; second, I've also been getting two speed challenges a lot with the capture derelect, along with (as far as I have seen) 6 kavats… or more.

  17. Do you have a way to increase the chances of getting a Sunika or a Huras Kubrow, since kavats look to hard to farm for.?

  18. the double scan widget that you can buy makes it alot easier, you get 2 dna some times. well worth it, took me 10 runs to get 20 dna

  19. Just a quick question if I use an imprint from my Smeeta in my first imprint slat will I get another Smeeta but different colors and look???

  20. So I did the quest to find Kubrow DNA and I was crazy lucky because I found it after 2 rounds. All I needed was a core segment to get the incubator going. I quit the game and when I come back the next day my DNA is gone. What the hell happened to it?? Does this stuff expire or something?

  21. Or just play Sand of Inaros, I got 5 Kavat's genetic easily there. (depends on your RNG though)

  22. RNGeebus blessed me with 7 in 2 runs a couple of days ago. This was after a few days of coming up with nothing. But, I finally got what I needed and now I've got one kitty incubating now.

  23. They need to make it easier to get kavats they should make it atleast a 25% chance for them to give you the dna

  24. Whoever made the chance to get the genetic code so slim needs to be fired, it’s such a pointless grind.

  25. Wtf so i need 200k plus i need to go argon farm hppe that drops then i need to go too derilect and hope the invisible cats appear wow could u made it any "easier" it sounds boring but hey i need that cat

  26. BREATH. You literally dont pause at all in your videos, its just non-stop monotone for fuck sake! jumps out of window ::make the noises stop. MAKE IT STOP!!::

    BBC Breaking News: Queen Dead. Apparent Suicide. Could it be PsyCoCinematics pushed her to the brink or the cancellation of Taco Tuesday

  27. I'm definitely a cat person, but God damn. I'm already spending all my credits to make sure I never kill my dog again, I never thought even a fictional animal dying because of me would hit me like that lol I refused to even get another one for a loooong time, but now I have 2, and they're both in stasis right now because I haven't been playing much lately, and I know that they'll at least be safe there. It's weird to not feel anything killing endless amounts of humans/humanoids in games, and then feel like complete shit for accidentally killing one space dog lol damn adorable animals.

  28. Your reaction, was the same exact reaction I had, it took me almost a week to get my first ten, to come ta find out, that I was not done… WTF

  29. When I was low level, I got a side quest that gave be 20 genetic code samples. Didn’t know what they were at the time but they sounded important. Thank god I did that side quest

  30. thats how they make money. hide everything behind a "its free but you need to farm it where you would normally never go and you need a shitton of these. but you can buy them from the store!"

  31. Ok, i know some aspects of this video are outdated as I know for a fact I can scan corpses, but I have 2 questions
    Can I get a genetic code from scanning a dead kavat?
    Can helios' scans get me a genetic code?

  32. (Please correct me if I'm wrong and I've just had legendary luck)

    Codex scanner, solved all my dna problems, i got about two a run when i fully researched kavats, because it doubles the drop rate, so a 30% chance each scan has certainly helped me, and i hope it helps you

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