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Warrior Training Advancement Course (WARTAC)

Warrior Training Advancement Course (WARTAC)

>>Graphic: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Seal and Logo>>Text: WARTAC
WARRIOR TRAINING ADVANCEMENT COURSE>>Narrator: Is it hard to imagine a life without serving
our great nation? Have you thought about what is next for you
and your family after the military? As a Servicemember, you understand dedication
and what it means to serve your country. Now, as you prepare for the transition to
civilian life, why not consider a career that extends your commitment to service? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
is a place where thousands of former Servicemembers just like you have found fulfilling careers
serving their fellow Veterans. VA offers a unique program to help transitioning
Servicemembers acquire available positions within VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration:
WARTAC, the Warrior Training Advancement Course. What is WARTAC? WARTAC is an entry-level education and training
opportunity created by VA and in partnership with the Department of Defense (DoD) for Wounded
Warriors and transitioning Servicemembers still on active duty. WARTAC participants complete 10-12 weeks of
training while serving in the military. This training prepares Servicemembers transitioning
into the civilian workforce for a VA career in a role critical to processing VA claims. Those who successfully graduate from the program
have the opportunity to interview for VA jobs across the country. If hired, WARTAC graduates are required to
begin VA employment within 75 days of graduation. Veteran George Williams said “This is an
amazing program that you can start a new career in and continue to help veterans and fellow
Soldiers.” Veteran Jeff Tavernaro stated: “I recommend
WARTAC to every Servicemember I meet, even if they are not ready to leave the military. I let them know the opportunity exists to
continue the sense of duty and selfless service to their Battle Buddies. We still share the comradery and mission focus
as when serving in uniform. We are Veterans helping fellow Veterans.” The Department of Veterans Affairs values
your experience and commitment in serving our Nation. The WARTAC program provides training for,
and oftentimes employment in one of the following VA career positions. Veteran Service Representative (VSR)
or Rating Veteran Service Representative (RVSR) VSRs explain benefits programs and entitlement
criteria, conduct interviews, identify issues, gather relevant evidence, adjudicate claims,
and input data necessary to generate the award and notification letter required for VA Compensation
and Pension claims. RVSRs serve as a decision maker for claims
involving rating decisions. RVSRs determine service-connection, percentage
of disability, permanent and total disability, entitlement to Compensation, Pension, and
a host of other VA benefits. Veteran Taeshia Tyler said “I would definitely recommend WARTAC to transitioning Servicemembers. WARTAC allows us to still serve our country by assisting our fellow Veterans to obtain any benefits they may be entitled to.” Is WARTAC right for you? Are you willing to relocate where possible
VA jobs may be available? Do you like working in an office setting full
time? Are you someone who has an interest in medical,
legal, or human resource information and has good attention to detail? Are you passionate about serving and supporting
Veterans? Most importantly, the WARTAC program not only
offers valuable training that may lead to employment opportunities; it is also a way
to serve those who serve us. Whether you are Army, Marines, Air Force,
Navy or Coast Guard, consider if the WARTAC Program is right for you! Learn more from your local Career Service
Program coordinator about training qualifications, upcoming class dates and additional program
information. Thank you for your dedication and service.>>Graphic: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Seal and Logo

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