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WaveMaker – Enterprise Low Code Development Platform

WaveMaker – Enterprise Low Code Development Platform

WaveMaker Rapid is the easiest way to build
web and mobile applications for your business. This is the only platform that combines the
simplicity of low- code development with the scale of devops automation. You can even deliver cross-platform, hybrid
mobile apps that are native in every way, with access to device features and offline
data. You can visually develop responsive apps without
writing code, using inbuilt templates, layouts, themes and widgets. It is very easy to connect to any data source
and just as simple to design your own data model. The platform automatically generates all the
APIs so that you can bind the data to the UI in just a few clicks. WaveMaker is an extensible platform as you
can create custom components, called Prefabs, and reuse across projects or teams. You can secure applications and data with
robust authentication and granular role-based access control. Since the code generated by WaveMaker is of
the highest quality and readable, you can collaborate with your team and customise every
last detail in WaveMaker or your favourite IDE. Your applications are ready to go with one-click
testing and deployment to release pipeline in the cloud or on-premise infrastructure. With an open source runtime powered by proven
frameworks that millions of developers rely on, customers and industry experts have come
to recognize WaveMaker as the most open and modern application delivery platform. Start your free trial today-

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