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We are Railwaymen – Software Development Station

We are Railwaymen – Software Development Station

Railwaymen is a software development station delivering innovative solutions for our clients We focus on building functional well-designed and fully-tested web and mobile applications My name is Łukasz Młynek and I am CEO of the company Since the very beginning I am responsible for the company growth Together with my two colleagues we decided to set up a company called Railwaymen Our main goal was to make it professional and friendly for both: customers and employees and I think we have been successful in that field Our HQ is located in the centre one of the biggest polish cities – Krakow Besides the beautiful views Krakow is one of the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe Innovative and talented IT professionals Our company brings together a number of brilliant engineers with a great commercial experience in the market As a result we are able to find solution which meets customers expectations We use Agile methodology for project management which gives our clients transparency My name is Agata Kozicka and I am a Project Manager at Railwaymen I am responsible for project development and close work with our clients and with the team of developers My day-to-day tasks include: at the beginning – finding out what are the client needs then planning every stage of the project and finally coordinating the work of the whole team Our projects are mainly based on Ruby language Ruby on Rails is a framework which contains everything that is need to build modern web applications At the same time it vastly reduce development time Our clients have the possibility to extend or change the approach during development process My name is Kamil Baćkowski as a CTO on the Railwaymen I am responsible for the technical aspects of our projects The best thing about being a CTO is a possibility to learn from all of our projects and share knowledge with other developers Treating customers with respect trying to understand what their goals are we build long-term relationships Therefore the big amount of our customers come from references Step by step development enables you to achieve maximum effectiveness and profitability by minimizing cost and duration of the project We have a set of requirements like 100% code coverage and code review sessions We follow community guidelines regarding code styling we make use of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Our process allows us to deliver quickly and often high quality code In the nearest future we plan to expand to the other new markets We are mostly concentrated on United States and Western Europe markets Recently we expanded to Australia to Canada and to Middle East countries We would like to constantly raise the team competences Our goal is to increase our brand recognition: participating on multiple IT events conferences and trade shows Railwaymen We are railling brilliant ideas to you

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