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We Tried Changing Hair Color Instantly Like “The Craft”

We Tried Changing Hair Color Instantly Like “The Craft”

close your eyes maybe this is where we find out that we’re actually witches I’m scared right now we speak welcome back to our laboratory it’s Halloween we’re supposed to be scary it’s Halloween boo I know that you guys were like oh my god I think like two funky things Oh fun with your little black slippers no it’s freakin Halloween okay and in this time in our lives were like rebelling because of that we have no experts none no adults no medic then we might have a medic okay because legally we’re doing three little tiny apps where we dive into Halloween films and find out you know what one of my favorite ones is what basically there’s this girl okay her name is Sarah she shows up to his high school as I can get B she’s like who should I become friends with and then she sees these three girls who look like which is basically and spoiler alert they are okay so Sarah is like in class one time she’s like I’m gonna like do this like pencil thingy and then the other witches see it and they’re like yo you should like join our coven she’s like I guess I’ll go down with that also they dress really cute so they’re at this like teen witch sleepover okay since the pressure to be like an amazing team which is like super high Sarah is like I’m gonna prove that like I’m a boss witch and show you witches how good I am at glamour spells and then things get super scary she’s moving her hand or this like okay we do have a doctor no one’s a gun it’s a pentagram of his too then they’re all like people reading who do whoo yeah and then she’s like watch this that would have been cool her hair goes from brunette to blonde instantly and then she went beginning and then went back to brown no salon no money and this is like magic you know what this is real life we’re here to find out so how do we do this I already did it what what why is jazz here okay so we’ve got this thing alright let’s check let’s look at the box basically this not sponsored hair dye changes instantly at the touch of any kind of heat just a little pee poop hand press and it should change from smokey gray to invisible but in the craft sarah has brown hair that then goes blonde which only will work if your hair is already light to then make it dark because in the movie she goes from dark to light so we need voluntary Lindsey our directors blonde where else can you find blonde hair we do have a little prop from a couple episodes ago [Music] you got some things okay great a little oily but some here oh that’s okay that’s like not dangerous great it’s a pouty hi welcome to hair salon hey I’m Christy I’ve been doing here for about eight years um I moved here from the Midwest never goes right up only bow get rid of a friend all right so we’re not gonna put you through the torture of watching us do this strand by strand so next time you see her she’ll be done snack I’m sweating [Music] we’re in the craft now we’re basically which is because we have a pentagram in a pizza box let’s get freaking real okay we have one mission today and that’s to change brown hair into blonde without magic well actually I was thinking you should buy an actual spell maybe like this is where we find out that were actually witches maybe how many gigs of spell I think you have a spell yeah I just like yeah just in case endless moon pure and fair the hair gods endless moon pure and fair change the color of her hair clearly nothing happened you have to believe more okay we’re not real which is why are you so sad about that I was hoping this was a pool well that’s not now anyway here’s my smokey gray wig just something on you oh uh that’s what I get for funding another ground Wow does it look smoky grey yeah it’s not exactly brown but it’s the closest we could find basically your hands are going to change the colour of the wig this idea was supposed to be above eighty eight degrees the average human is ninety eight point ninety seven point it many six let’s do this [Music] are you sure they’re warm enough all right we gotta set this up we got to do all trick hold and ultra hot okay let’s put the wig in the freezer and then warm my hands up or we could like boil your hands it’s an idea super freezing wig let super hot hands wet hands lit hands if anyone’s lived in the Midwest you know about these little bad boys it’s some like crazy chemical reaction that makes it up to 150 degrees okay blow dry your hands sure ready beauty glamour fashion now can I just like take the hairdryer and put it on your head it really works oh my god so now that I’m blonde we have to be a conic craft moment and take it back to the nut whoa all right let’s go back to the lab don’t forget to turn off all your fake candles on the way out never wearing that wig again I feel like summoning demons Drayton’s you a little bit is it bogus it’s mostly bogus I don’t think hands are like warming up you need a freaking hair dryer laughs and hot air on your head as you’re doing it because technically I’m not hot enough at least we made a little coven oh that was fun OOP oh my god my hair is so frizzy oh my god should I get bangs no no I only ride my bike indoors with pumping EDM music [Music] who listen kalabaw sauce I do I live in Calabasas

100 comments on “We Tried Changing Hair Color Instantly Like “The Craft”

  1. Do you think if you guys would of tried a real candle and did it how she did in the movie you (put hand over lite candle) might've gotten a different result?

  2. As a witch I love the craft its an amazing the movie is and how fun it is. I wish you could do the kind of stuff in the movie irl but you can't sadly. You can do stuff close to it tho. But don't label witchcraft as scary and stuff cuz it's not it's buetiful. And it's a pentacle not a pentagram. And anyone can be a witch it's not something to joke about. There's no such thing As a "real witch". Honestly I was quite offended that you drew such a sacred symbol on a pizza box. Please try and be more respectful.

  3. “It’s Halloweeeen!”

    “Wait we’re supposed to be scary”

    “It’s Halloween…”

  4. Why didn’t you use a real candle to do the scene thing cuz it would’ve warmed your hands

  5. Chrissy: ITZ HALLOWEEN¡¡
    Selorm: yaaaaay 😀
    Chrissy:…..wait, no we have to be scary >:3. Itz halloween :0
    Selorm:……Boo :0

  6. you don't necessarily have to be born a witch you can do a spell it you practice and become a witch you just have to believe in magic and have a strong mind

  7. 4:01 "we are basically witches because we have a pentagram on a pizza box" AHAHAHa so funny XD I wasn't expecting that!

  8. Chrissy and Selorm: It's haloweeeeeeeeeen
    Chrissy:wait we have to be scary
    Chrissy and Selorm: it's Halloween

  9. We're not real witches
    Makes sad face
    Why are you so sad about that?
    I was hoping this was the moment
    Cool well it's not

  10. Actully hiw to make it is putt your hand in REAL candle (cause it's hot) and then your hair change

  11. – what if this is the time we find out we r actual witches
    – I mean maybe

    wAnT mE tO gOoGle A sPeLl

  12. as a wiccan, it makes me laugh watching the halloween vids abt witches n stuff because people act like it’s so strange? but being a witch is part of my daily life

  13. Ok time to go buy this movie on Apple TV, I am a Wiccan (I do witchcraft) and I’ve been wanting to watch this movie for a few months but never have yet lol

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