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What advancements are being made in colorectal surgery? – Reston Hospital Center

What advancements are being made in colorectal surgery? – Reston Hospital Center

– One of the things that we are working on at a few centers around the country, there’s probably about a dozen
centers around the country, are looking for ways to refine the technique
of transanal excision. So, many polyps and some tumors of the lower rectum, in the past, have required radical surgery and even a permanent colostomy to cure. Colotomy being an
external appliance or bag that’s worn on the abdominal
wall into which your intestines empty. It’s disfiguring and something that everybody wants to avoid. However, it can be life saving. In order to avoid that,
one of the techniques has always been to go through the rectum, to go through the anal opening and to work inside the rectum
to remove tumors and polyps. This obviously has some technical challenges and
logistical issues with it. Now with the robot, we’ve applied robotic techniques to this where we can, with the
patient fully in anesthetized, insert an operating
instrument through the rectum and work inside the rectum
using very, very fine robotic techniques under
3D, high-def, visualization. Just seeing in that area
can be very difficult but we’ve been able to
extend our ability to remove significant polyps
and tumors that are higher up and in the past, where we
were unable to reach them we needed to do abdominal
surgery to get to. Or even cancers that were
very difficult to access. And, we’ve been very successful
at Reston Hospital Center doin’ this with the X iRobot
which is the latest technology. Robotic technology that really
doesn’t exist anywhere else in Northern Virginia but it’s
being used around the country and we’ve been applying this, I’ve been applying this to
extend our ability to do these operations in a minimally invasive Fashion and avoiding a colostomy in many cases. I’ve had number to cases where the patient had been recommended
to have radical surgery and a colostomy and we were
able to do this without- it’s basically incisionless
and the patient goes home usually the next day.

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