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What Changes Need To Happen Now For Climate Change | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

What Changes Need To Happen Now For Climate Change | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 comments on “What Changes Need To Happen Now For Climate Change | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Greed and willful ignorance coupled with their refusal to believe in proven facts from the GOP and from the orange PoS is making any progress hard

  2. Americans join the rest of us in just getting on with seriously addressing the issue, rather than seeing profoundly stupid people in the flyover states drawling that their winter is cold/summer is hot, so there ain’t no climate change etc etc, leading Trump and others to reverse what limited actions your country has been doing to address the matter.

  3. Our planet, just like our lives, is ever changing. We adapt to Earth as Earth adapts to us.
    Everything will be ok! 👍

  4. Let the world burn, you fools are just slaving away making your own cage. 
    You wouldn't know value if it filled your belly and kept you out of the rain.

  5. Thank you for that. Get rid of that mad president and rejoice the fight against global warming. EU has just decided to make its priority with environment during this term office of the commitee.

  6. Some day in the distant future when civilization re emerges they'll dig up a plaque in Iceland that was placed this year that lists the countries responsible for Our demise… usa#1 🙂

  7. Reminder that "activism" is not action. If for the last 50 years we had been unplugging appliances, and growing our own food, instead of "takin' it to the street", then we would be in much better shape today! "Activism" is a placebo. Wakey Wakey.

  8. Sadly too late. If all fossil fuels were outlawed as fuels now, it would be 40-50 years before there would be any positive change, and meanwhile, there are other sources of greenhouse gases, and the population is cutting down all the forests at a catastrophic rate.

  9. Maybe we should pull all funding for fossil fuels and put funds into renewable energy such as mining for lithium. We could battery pack and turn every home to solar.

  10. Americans have always been a"can do" nation. It's time to throw off the old and imagine the bright new future that waits for us. There will be plenty of money for those who take climate change seriously and prepare for it. We will leave people like Trump in our dust as we move toward a bright new tomorrow.

  11. Anthropogenic Climate change is a bureaucratic money scam anyways, but funny how the mindless sheep-useful idiots get scammed by democrats to blame “Americans”.. “The GOP” etc, or bring over a possessed Linda Blair Euro teen to scream them down, while juxtaposed with top democrats and their families making millions lobbying and promoting Ukrainian and other foreign FOSSIL FUELS.
    That’s the shear stupidity we’re up against, folks.

  12. The Earth is constantly going through climate change. Mother nature takes care of herself, she doesn't need help from humans.
    Trust me, she's been doing it for 4.5 billion years already. Your records go back what, 150 years. Lol.
    Now that's funny

  13. “Climate Change” has ALWAYS been part of the earth’s history. (Not to mention drastic/catastrophic)
    * Ask the Ice age Mammoths buried and fossilized in DEATH VALLEY.
    * Ask the Egyptians a about their sunken cities of 10 millennium ago.
    *Ask the fed govt. about their “virtual ice age trail” expanding across the US.
    * Ask the archeologists that find palm leaf fossilized in the Arctic.
    * Ask the enemies of the Huns, Ming, Khan and all others who faced Climate changes that benefited these dynasties.
    1ks of other examples but you get the point.
    What is new is that bureaucrats not only want to charge and restrict humans for and from basic needs, (while they live like Caligula) for natural climate change, but there’s enough mindless sheep on the planet to grant them that power

  14. Like California, it's been a bad few weeks here in Australia, with bushfires. And it isn't even summer yet. In my state of South Australia, we had our hottest day on record last summer in our capital city, of Adelaide. It topped out at 46.6C, January 2019. I dread what is in store for us this summer, I won't be surprised if it hits 47 to 48C. Worse still, if it goes on for a week. My sincere sympathies to those in America affected by raging bushfires. We know all too well, the devastation that's left behind.

  15. Republicans have NEVER been on board with protecting the environment. It’s almost like they don’t have children or grandchildren.

  16. The only change that needs to happen is for the left to admit my that the decades of climate alarm have been a money raising scam.

  17. It's too late… "Sounding the alarm" now would be like a fire alarm finally going off in a building that's been burning for 30 minutes…

  18. We could choose to divert enormous funds, our best and brightest to develop a bomb or to go to the Moon. It only takes strong leadership and will to galvanize a nation like the United States to achieve what others say cannot be done.

  19. in the 70’s we were going to die from the next ice age, then we were going to die from acid rain, then we were going to die from the hole in the ozone, then we were going to die from the ice caps melting…see my point?

  20. The NWO will be ushered in under the auspices of climate change,think about it, its perfect,people will support it, and war will never end. Shame because we all love this planet and would love to see an end to its destruction , there intension is pure,but it is and will be hijacked .

  21. Read : Behind the Green Mask, by Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 21 was Agreed upon by 179 Countries in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Now the Sustainability Measures are being Implemented LOCALLY under Different Names. Also in Cities All Across the USA, even under Trump. And U.N. Agenda 2030 is being Implemented Nationally in Most European Countries. All Systems are being Standardized for the Coming World Central Control. The " Do what thou wilt " Mindset with its Moral Depravity will Only Grow Worse. Turn to inner Spirituality God bless

  22. Sooo….let me see, CA is trying to implement higher and more restrictive auto emission rules but…they have no problems with homelessness, popping in the streets etc and needles all over the place?! Stupid is as stupid does. Real question is who is on the take and making money off of this crap, literally and figuratively?

  23. The liberal socialists want to spend $50,000,000,000,000 to stop the 15% of the carbon that we in the US put into the global environment. Super idea!!!

  24. The globalists peer Evil Absolutely want TAX everything !!!!!
    Their is no such thing as Global WARMING IT"S ALL FAKE !!!!!!

  25. Al Gore is so worried about the big lies he's been spreading that he just purchased a $8.9 Million Ocean-view Villa on the beach in California. Like all good dims, Gore knows that you control the masses by keeping them in fear. His net worth went from $3,000,000 to $300,000,00 since he left office. Robbery!! Smart man.

  26. We need to grow more plants and trees, first of all. And schools are the best way to amplify it, especially elementary to middle school years. They could add to the farming industry's outputs, like the market's chefs/ restaurants and homes.

  27. “most scientists”
    Science has NOTHING to do with "most scientists" At least when I looked up the definition of science, I didn’t see most scientists in it. When I looked up the definition of the scientific method I didn’t see "most scientists" in it either.  
    But if I look up cult, it can be found.

  28. Oh my god, all the insane people in the comments saying climate change is a hoax… Humans are dying every day because of it!!! Stop listening to talking heads on conspiracy broadcasts, the reason the term “climate change” is used now instead of “global warming” isn’t because global warming was wrong, it’s because you morons were too stupid to understand it meant a rise in AVERAGE temperatures all across the earth combined over the course of a year (mostly accounted for by the oceans getting warmer on average, which is VERY BAD), which causes a collapse of the golf stream, which causes more extreme and, YES, sometimes even COLDER weather in a lot of places! It’s overall still a warming process, even if it sometimes causes extreme cold, but you simpleminds don’t get how weather works, so we had to start calling it “climate change” so you understand, yet you STILL think it’s a conspiracy! It’s the fault of people like you humanity is going to decline slowly and painfully.

  29. Schools promulgate many lies. Evolution is tripe. Never been proved yet. Dinosaurs are 100% total fake. Climate change is 100% Human invented Drivel. Fluoride is 100% Poison. Kills brain cells and causes over 100 known cancers. A processed Hi Carb diet is disease forming. All factory processed cereals are toxic to health. All processed sugars are Poison. Canola Oil is Poison as are most vegetable Oils. Search the Net on how Canola oil is made , you'll be sick watching it. Juicing is garbage. Always eat the whole fruit or vegetable. Vegans are Idiots. Never in all history has this mad diet been attempted. There are 1000's of Norms today that were laughed at just 100 years ago. Now look how sick most people are? Standard Western Died equals a standard level of Health which by todays reckoning is very average. Colds , flu's , stomach issues, constipation , poor teeth, high blood pressure and Diabetes are all 100% signs of a crap diet. Industry funded Garbage has poisoned human thinking and it's getting worse every year.

  30. So sad that we are probably all going to die a slow death 💀 with our children and grandchildren because we are ruled by knuckle draggers and evangelical idiots who want to destroy the earth 🌍

  31. Remember the ice age 10,000 years ago? When 3/4 of north america was covered in a 2 mile thick giant glacier ice sheet that formed the great lakes? Did they just feel like melting away or did campfires from the caveman create C02 and melt them? Years before that there was no ice at the N or S poles and the earth was much warmer with all or most of it tropical.

  32. A report said that POTUS has asked the UN to stop chemtrailing the USA last Fall, and the percentage of chemtrailing went down significantly, and air quality improved. So if it hasn’t changed in your area, then it means it’s beyond the Presidency to change it, and his security clearance isn’t high enough. (It may involve off- planet technology, in conjunction with the SSP.) Why don’t you complain higher than him, or the UN, and see how far you can get? The power is in We the People.

  33. Yang: I'll go on Fox News, but not MSNBC right now
    by Mike Brest
    | November 27, 2019 01:37 PM
    Print this article

    2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang revealed that he is more willing to go on Fox News than MSNBC at the moment. The remark follows a long feud with MSNBC, which culminated with last week's presidential debate.

    Yang's anger with MSNBC coincides with the last presidential debate, during which he felt as though he was not treated fairly. He then demanded an on-air apology, or else he would refuse to appear on the network moving forward. A person familiar with the situation at MSNBC previously told the Washington Examiner that a private apology was issued over the weekend, however, Yang has refuted that publicly.

    Following an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's show Tuesday night, Yang was asked by the Daily Beast if "he thinks MSNBC is the most useful target for a Democratic primary candidate given that Fox News, well, exists."

    Trump touts oil boom as he tries to turn New Mexico red

    Watch Full Screen to Skip Ads
    “I’m not on Fox all the time, so I don’t have the basis for comparison,” he answered. “All I’m saying is that I’ve been on MSNBC a number of times and they’ve still omitted me from over a dozen graphics, called me the wrong name on-air, asked me fewer questions in two debates. So at some point, you have to say this is not objective news coverage.”

    “I’ve been on Fox I think a dozen times and I would go back, for sure. I would take any opportunity to talk to Americans,” Yang added, before later saying that his "displeasure really just applies to MSNBC."

    He also pointed out that "we laid out very clear and reasonable requests" and added that he'd be "on their air talking to voters" the day after the network complies with their requests.

    Yang's displeasure of the debate stems from him finishing last among all ten candidates in talking time. While he spoke the least, he was asked the same number of questions as Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, billionaire Tom Steyer, and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. They all were asked one more question than Sen. Cory Booker.

    He has also taken offense at MSNBC misidentifying or forgetting him when it comes to on-air graphics, a trend that has occurred over several months.

    Last weekend, Yang noted that "[MSNBC] omitted me from their graphics 12+ times, called me John Yang on air, and given me a fraction of the speaking time over two debates despite my polling higher than other candidates on stage."

    As he noted, the entrepreneur-turned-presidential candidate was identified as "John Yang" on-air in September, but a correction was made during the program and on Twitter later that day. More recently, he was omitted from a graphic earlier this month. However, the producers caught the omission, apologized, and corrected it for future usage.

  34. It's pretty sad that so many Americans believe t'rump on Climate Change over basically every actual scientist. Oh, you poorly educated, don't you ever go a-changing! 😅

  35. Ali, the company that pays your salary is a huge part of the problem, why don't you considering quitt
    ing that gig first to gain some credibility?

  36. 'CHANGING CLIMATE'S going to do in us Primates. Also the birds, though they can't read these words. The dodo was doodoo we flushed down the loo, too. And the trees and the seas and the bugs and the pugs. And not just the plants and the animal zoo ….. the tiniest planktons that make the O2. It's so terribly sad when ONE species ….. just ….. ceases. You'd think we'd had a special plot, "Exterminate the bloody lot!" Deniers and liars and industry hires, weave and deceive us, their gullible buyers. So now we have the great distinction of bringing on our own extinction. And know what's really, really funny? We're FOSSIL FOOLS in love with money." The End??????'' ~Anonymous

  37. Your 1% owners always knew, but who gives a $hit! They say, we'll all be dead before it gets too bad. Who care about the future, they don't believe they will suffer from it.
    Rex Tillerson, admits to Climate Change, but who cares!
    Exxon always knew, just like the tobacco companies.
    A blast from the past, when we educated the public, right on TV!

  38. Rising sea levels will ensure mass migration as those living in river deltas and low lying coastal regions seek higher ground. The migration chaos alone from Africa and Syria is minuscule compared to the migration in twenty to thirty years. There will not be a peaceful transition as immigrants settle into new countries. There will be firstly chaos then war. Look to New Orleans and Katrina. Look to Bangladesh every year in monsoon season. Look to the coastal flooding brought on by an increasing number of hurricanes and high tidal surges. These problems are not just other countries problems, but ours. Most politicians will not be alive in thirty or so years so do they care?

  39. “Climate, a new story” is probably the best book I’ve read on climate. We need drastic changes to long ingrained societal systemic practices, and people need to make collective efforts to make that change.

  40. Patented solutioning for climate change, fuel and food security
    There is still time!
    This project has been supported by The Industry, Innovation and Science Australia!

  41. Declassify Extraterrestrial Technology. Declassify Ancient Kemet Universal Information! HEAL! The! Planet! Stop Burning Her Blood.

  42. "$10.000 prize is has been offered by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition to the FIRST applicant to present REAL-WORLD EVIDENCE showing man-made C02 causes dangerous global warming". So alarmist and the 11k scientist have a chance to prove what they claim is true. They'll have to disprove why C02 levels in the past have been above 7000 ppm in the past and still the earth had ice ages and warming periods and counter why 30.000 scientist say man-made a hoax, the latter is my thoughts. There's 10k out there kids.

  43. Despite disagreeing about CO2, i want everyone using electric vehicles or biodiesel because global temperatures is warming. we can use natural gas as fuel for power plants. we can archive……

    * In case
    my hypothesis on causes of climate change :
    1. particles from aerosols ;
    2. lack of oxygen ;

  44. At 4;10 mark, how did they come up with the graph showing global temps from 1919 and today and why does the U.N. sound the alarm and liberals? Why don't they sow the history of the world's temps and C02 levels, finally why does this presenter with a alarming sounding voice go into more details, he's leaving out a lot of important information.

  45. After all the dumb, absurd an laughable predictions they have made over the years why would anyone believe this swill? It makes my eyes water 😎

  46. Stupid … i can guarantee you this, the ice will go away… then the ice will come back..humans may once again be forced to abandon the northern hemisphere…as they have in the past. this cycle may take millions of years… SO GIVE IT UP. Google "history of ice on earth" and you will realize you are wasting your time… out of arrogance. the planet is in control..sorry.

  47. You should interview these scientists as well…the character of the "consensus" here :

    Those of us who are old enough to know what a cloud is supposed to look like

  49. The UN knows best, Agenda 2030 plan which is the Master plan of the Dragon aka the blue print to bring Revelation 13 to life.

  50. Bernie Sanders has the most comprehensive and scientifically correct climate proposal of ANY candidate. That is a fact.

  51. The 🍊💩's Mar A Lago and Doral will be below sea level by 2030. No government bail out for the shithole unpresident.

  52. The overwhelming alarm I feel after watching this video leaves me utterly breathless. I knew things were bad but the information here is shattering. It seems as though NOTHING we can do will avert disaster! Even if every nation in the world stops all factory production IMMEDIATELY and no-one ever gets in a car and drives it ever again we will STILL experience huge increases in temperature before four or five years are up and we will all DIE!
    God bless the IPCC and the good folk of the United Nations for revealing this to me. And God bless you good folks at MSNBC for passing the message along.
    I think all I can do now is take myself and my dear wife of 47 years, Doreen, along to a lonely place I know just a short drive away -and forgive me please for the increase in CO2 emissions this will entail – and there I will end her existence as humanely as possible before taking my own life in a similar fashion.
    I urge all others who, like myself and Doreen, have outlived our usefulness upon this earth to consider a similar course of action. I also urge younger people who cannot face the prospect of the months of fearfulness ahead to also take up the suicide option. The amount of poisonous carbon dioxide thus unreleased into the atmosphere by the cessation of the activity of our lungs will not be great in individual terms, but if enough of us join in this endeavor some small respite might ensue.
    God Bless America!

  53. As well WHAT is the Earths temp supposed to BE? No "scientist" has ever said " the Earths temp is SUPPOSED TO BE "____". SO could we be going BACK UP to normal ? Going BACK DOWN to normal? FLUCTUATING in the normal area??? And I dont want to hear about "computer models"–as they are SUBSTANTIALLY wrong or "we figure it to be because…" If ya CANT 100% substantiate the precise temp median then it is ALL guessing and NOT Science, but wait the "YES, CUPCAKE the SNOWFLAKE" peeps will claim "authority"!

    "Experts/Scientists" have done, and do, MORE damage than burning oil or TURTLE TOOTS!



  55. Emission reduction won't happen worldwide. U.S. is only 15% of total CO2 emissions. +3C is built in. Best to build infastructure now for coming hot world.

  56. 1800 = 1 billion humans using x resources. 2019 = 8 billion humans using x*1000 resources. Solution : less humans, which would mechanically slow the economy. Nature will take care of that, probably in an unfriendly way, but this will be better for our planet. I look forward to it. Remember mankind is just a very short phase in the history of this planet. The future will be Malthusian and Darwinian. May the fittest survive.

  57. Dr Evil from Austin Powers the spy who shagged me had a weather weapon. He wanted one million dollars. xxxxxxxxxxxx ✈ I bought a fuckchemtrails t shirt and a made in America MAGA hat on eBay.

  58. Climate change is a hoax. It’s not real. If you really look into the science of it, it’s obvious it’s not real. Debate me on the scientific evidence on this. I dare you.

  59. To drain the swamp of all corruption! If we can't get rid of the bad people then how can we take care of anything else? Drain the swamp and our planet will have taken care of most of the battle!

  60. #1. History. I would debate that the history of all things is in massive question. Especially when it is based on flawed theories alone. They believe that life was on Earth millions of years ago. But it's more like less than 12,000 years. #2. Dating methods. They use multiple dating methods which have been disproven in every way conceivable. #3. Belief. They believe in their theories and many people believe in something different. #4. Best guess. The "science" behind it is best guess at this point and is not related to real facts. We have seen times in history which have been far worse than we are seeing now and to say that what is coming upon the Earth is worse than Ice ages, Famines, Plagues, Dust bowls, and Global deluge is pretty preposterous. #5. Money. We know that Al Gore was never as rich as he is now by all the "climate change" money he is getting. I'll think of a couple more points of argument later. The strange case of solar flares and radioactive elements Solar Flares, Radioactive Decay, and The Age of the Earth What Are the Top Three Flaws in Darwinian Evolution, as Taught Today in Public Schools? Dubitable Darwin? Why Some Smart, Nonreligious People Doubt the Theory of Evolution Fantastically Wrong: What Darwin Really Screwed Up About Evolution Creationists Point To Huge Flaws In Evolution Theory Evidence Noah's Biblical Flood Happened, Says Robert Ballard Evidence for a Flood Scientific Evidence of Flood May Give Credence to Legend of China’s First Dynasty 90 Minutes of Evidence for the Global Flood Antarctica: Can Ancient Flood in Bible’s Book of Genesis Explain Mysterious Fossilized Forest?

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