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100 comments on “What I am changing in 2020 | أهدافي للعام ٢٠٢٠

  1. Belly dancing was the best thing I ever did for myself. Took my first class 13 years ago, as a Middle Eastern American it brought my closer to my culture and made me love my body and myself <3 I still may not be the next Suhair Zaki (my favorite) but I can do a mean shimmy. Please dance more!

  2. Hi Huda, Happy New Year – I hope this decade brings you more success IA.

    Do you know any good doctors who can help with hair loss? Mine seems to pretty extreme and just came on all of sudden in December and has been continuous. I went to mediclinic and he prescribed priorinn supplement and minoxidil but there has been no improvement.

  3. شٍتّرګوِ بِنِأّتّ بِقِنِأّتّيِّ وِأّردِهِهِ 😘 فِّدِوِهِ

  4. Hello, I am one of your fans from Iraq and I am about to get married. Can I have amakup or clothes gave away pleas? You will help me a lot. Thank you ❤ love you

  5. Hi huda beauty am so touched by ur message n u inspire me, i dont know if u will want to assist me in mY transition its hard, MTF , WHAT IS UR TAKE

  6. هدى احبك كتبييييييير واتمنا تنزلين كل يوم فيدوهات وانتي تحطين ميك اب…الي معي لايك…ممكن حدا يسوها انكليزي يترجملي

  7. هدى احبك كتبييييييير واتمنا تنزلين كل يوم فيدوهات وانتي تحطين ميك اب…الي معي لايك…ممكن حدا يسوها انكليزي يترجملي

  8. I love u Huda mam …I wud love to work wd u ..even jus to hold ua mirror but b around u ..u r my biggest inspiration….headband though I love it reminds me of one my mum brought me when I was lil but u flaunt so Fab m gonna wear it again

  9. I don't think selfish or self absorbed is the right word. But anyway. It's good to take a little time for yourself and treat yourself but always, always help other people when possible and lift others up.

  10. I wish you would mentor me 🙈 I just have started my social media account few month ago but I feel like giving up . I need a mentor like you to push me to not give up

  11. Sooo helping this video. And yes, I'm that type of person that loves to please people. And haloooo, we couldn't do that. This message in video really helps me to open my eyes wider. And yessss I need time for myself! Thank you Huda!

  12. بنات احد يقول لي
    هدى بيوتي ذي هي عربيه ولا اجنبيه
    لأن في مقطع تكلمت فيه عراقي

  13. I am Brazilian and I am using the translator to write I do not understand anything she says but I find her very fun I love her that one day I would know only that only Bahia would never have a chance

  14. I love that you’re so giving but girl yes treat yo self!!! I love crafting, and roller skating, and hiking. I’m gonna take time off from work to enjoy life💕 and spend time with my family

  15. Just had to look up your bday because I was FEELING your words so hard and knew you were a libra like me! Xoxo here's to a year of remembering to fill our cups because we deserve it!! Xoxox

  16. You are absolutely amazing and truly a inspiration to me. I am a full-time working mom of two absolutely amazing kiddos. I can truly relate. With working full-time and trying to be the mom to my wonderful babies.I usually get lost in the shadows. My hair and teeth is always brushed lol but I don't ever do anything for myself usually which I love my babies and the joy on there faces make everything thing else not matter. But I don't ever do anything for myself. Please continue doing what you are doing. I look up to you and beyond absolutely love you. When I make time for myself one day and give me a me day I plan on having a nice spa day and going to go to the store and if I have the extra cash buy all your products and follow your make-up tutorials and try to make myself feel beautiful again. ❤️

  17. She is strong and graceful, as well as cheerful about the future. Her words are sensible, and advice is thoughtful. (Prov. 31: 25-26 CEV)

  18. I think ppl that spend their time rapped up in IG and Twitter have the problem with comparing theirselves to others NOT ME!

  19. الله يبارك لك واتمنى لك الاستمرار بالنجاح ومن كل قلبي اتمنى اجرب كل منتجاتك 😢😢 بس صعب الحصول عليها😟

  20. هدى. إنتي شبيهت أريانا غراندي. سبحان الله. ماشاء الله

  21. How do u garuntee that Ur products are safe on skin without any side effects. Today's market is flooded with duplicate products and even original products are using harmful chemicals. Based on Ur videos and Ur family I want to start using Ur products now but I am scared of chemicals as I have sensitive skin .

  22. قناتي جديدة ارجو الدعم ❤🌹
    الله يفرحكم ويوفقكم بكل خطوة تخطوها

  23. Hey Huda your literally my favourite your soo inspiring literally I love you 😍 👌👌👌 soo I wish I could be like you like I’m also a small muslim girl with a little youtube channel and wishes to be like you🥰🥰. You inspired soo now I’m becoming a makeup artist i love you !!!!!!🥳🥳😜😜😘😘😂😂😂and a very happy new year🤩🤩

  24. How relatable is this!!! Definitely wana make more time for me too with 3 kids and household and business to run it just seemed impossible but its time for me to focus on me 💕

  25. وين الترجمة للعربية ؟؟
    بليز خلي ترجمة بكل فيديوهاتك❤
    لايكات حتى تشوف التعليق

  26. My 12 yo niece asked for something of yours so I came on here to see who you are. OMG! Another cheap knockoff version of a Kardashian. Fake 👃! Fake hair! Fake Lips! Fake eyes! Fake! Fake! Fake! You'd me damned if I'd give my niece anything of yours let alone pay for it.

  27. Love you huda!! Can’t tell you how much I need to hear someone else say these things. You’re absolutely right. Definitely going to start focusing on being more content and satisfied, rather than chasing after happiness or something…. give more to people around me, spread the love, learn to love myself (self love 💯💯) and not be too anxious or hard on myself and others.
    Thank you so much for saying these things. IA we’ll all be able to achieve our goals this year and for years to come! Love you 😘😘

  28. Your products are not cruelty free or made in the USA and it has mercury in it so yea but no and it's heavily perfumed so you are only about the money

  29. انا من الجزائر لي فايت من هنا يجي يزورني 💖💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹احبكم 😍😍😍😍😍

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