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what is an M&E plan? Monitoring and Evaluation planning for project development

what is an M&E plan? Monitoring and Evaluation planning for project development

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah good day folks and welcome to yet
another exciting episode of M&E made simple implement your host coach alexandra and
today we’re going to be discussing a very interesting topic like all topics what is an M and B plan now I’m sure
you’ve heard this word before and it’s not something new especially to the
specialist especially to those who are in charge of managing programs or
projects and M&E plan folks is this a document that simply outlines amen he functions how they’ll be carried out
will be responsible what will be monetized what will be the tools used
over a period of time for specific intervention but I want want to just let
you know my definition but we can go straight to google because like I always
say google has a lot of your material which
has been submitted by so many different people are around the world so let’s
just type there what is an M&E plan and from there only can be able to discuss
further so i’m typing whatís and M&E land so you can see where it already
it’s close to 630,000 result so there’s so much material there so it says he and
M&E plan is a table that builds upon a project programs logogram to detail key
in many requirements for each indicator and assumptions it allows program staff
at the field level to track progress toward specific targets for better
transparency and accountability to living and outside they ok whatever this
means it could be this definition could’ve been tailored to maybe this
organization now let’s look for another definition of to this one ok it mentions a monitoring and evaluation
plan describes how the whole M&E system for the program works this includes the indicators who is
responsible for collecting them platforms and tools will be used and how
the death or flow through the organization what I like about this
definition is that it actually tells you straight on what a name and a plan is so
you see false in every organization there is need for an M&E plan and
especially when there are so many programs being implemented so many
projects project staff management and even M&D personnel need to be able to
repair to these particular documents so as you can see this website is called
tools for development and they’ve been given you a template that describes how
you can develop an M&E plan for one project and then Amanda plan for
multiple projects yeah and it’s it’s quite it’s quite
interesting because you know in an organization you’ll discover that like i
mentioned earlier on there’ll be so many projects are implementing it wouldn’t be
wise to have an M&E plan for each project although that could be the ideal
situation but it would just be a wastage of resources so they even give you how
you can develop multiple projects notice just download maybe let’s see how what
kind of plan they are recommending so all pins ok stopping from there okay so when
developing a plan you can put your organization local the organization name
the project 80 and and even give you the table of contents the introduction
peoples of the plant the examiner logical freemake and so on
and so forth so you must understand that this plan really is meant to also help
the organization become more efficient as they carry out M&E interventions
because you discover that sometimes the role of a project manager program
manager can be confused with what a name and the officer should be doing so this
plan actually clearly outlines where can they where do does the project officer coming
in the Holy Mandy cycle and what are they what is the role of that Officer
what is the role of the M&E specialist in the whole project so this document
outlines all that so I would advise you to take time perhaps too there’s so much material on a monitoring
and evaluation plan now there’s one key if one keynote you need to understand
folks is that when it comes to an amended plan you discover that when
writing proposals to donors or stakeholders who are willing to find
your project he did normally they would like to see the mnd
component come out clearly and if you have an M&E plan with you to send me to
them that is a good indication to well-wishes who want to find your
interventions and the reason is simple is that you know m and E is looked at as
an important tool to enhancing accountability in any organization so
when potential donors see that you take a Randy seriously they know they’ll know
that actually their money is not going to waste they’re able to track performance and
they’ll be given that chance to decide where that they should find you or not
based on whatever you’re offering to them so really it’s always good to have
a name and a plan so what does it take to develop an M&E
plan well really it does not take too much efforts of course it requires a lot
of effort but what I’m saying heat shouldn’t be too complicated because if
you’re always going to say no we need a console times we need Manny then you
want to afford the truth of the matter is that once you have space and
especially sweeping the organization the person who should poke a coordinate this
development should actually be the person responsible for M&D and then he
should wake together with all program staff all program stuff this should be including the program
manager himself and field offices and then if resources are available a
worship a workshop can be held to clearly understand what they are all
looking for because this process should be participating resistance there will
be a lot of key players when it comes to data collection and analysis and
reporting however it since it’s always sometimes in many issue they should be
some resources devoted to carrying out such activities so like if you have for
instance in an organization there’s an M&E officer there that Amanda officer
should have his own budget and that budget should be formulated by he or she
here herself so that that ensures that he can incorporate such activities alright and in that case it won’t be
complicated in the long run so really every program should have an M&E plan and when doing proposals to potential
donors when they see a M&E plant present and its detailed clearly outlining how
information will be collected and analyzed and reported on that builds
confidence and faster funding that’s so I had for you two day folks and i hope
you enjoyed this please leave your comments after the video of being really
happy and getting some feedback by others who watch some of my videos but
they really happy to hear from you i’m your host coach Alexander and see you on
the other side

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  1. beautiful presentation. i was able to get somethings and will develop on it. thank you very much

  2. Good one
    Thanks for the video.
    I have an M & E online test from an international organisation few days from now, please how can I prepare for it? What are the likely questions you think I will come across?
    Thanks in anticipation.

  3. First I would like to thank you for your video and your simple way to explain the m&e plan .I am  m&e officer and I am trying and working hard to put m&e plan and presentation  to my project .I think I found the good one who will help me in my work and I will follow up all your videos

  4. The act of incorporating the M&E plan to any project can clearly differ from one project to another depending on the nature of the way the project is handled . However, some general templates or leading tips can be tailored and used for any specific project like this illustration. Thank you.

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