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What will make you modernise?

What will make you modernise?

A modern European city and commercial hub.
All around me there are fast-growing new businesses and established corporations and institutions
– old and new. The problem is, when it comes to technology,
it’s hard to mix old and new. Often the very technology that has accelerated
the growth of the brand, or has delivered new levels of customer service, quickly becomes
the very barrier to future success. A great super-reliable mainframe platform
may be let down by its high running-costs, its outdated user interface, or its inability
to operate from a mobile platform. But moving away from that mainframe is easy
to put off. There’s the disruption, learning a new system, lost time. If it isn’t broke,
don’t fix it right? But sooner or later something will happen
that will force you to change your approach. A merger or acquisition; a change in financial
compliance legislation; or simply the fact that your business is being left behind by
the competition. Are you going to wait until you have no choice? Like crossing a busy road, modernisation can
be intimidating. So when you do decide to modernise, what you will need is a trusted
and experienced modernisation partner, a safe pair of hands that can operate on a global
scale but who also offers a different independent approach to legacy IT challenges. A partner who instead of focusing on narrow
aspects of modernisation, adopts a wider approach, who analyses its client’s problems then uses
its own technology or collaborates with one or more of a network of best-of-breed specialist
partners from around the world to deliver the right solution. At Fujitsu there’s no limit to the projects
we can undertake. We don’t just have one approach. We can face any modernisation challenge, blending
the skills of our world-class specialist vendors with our own technology and know-how. It’s why SDC chose Fujitsu technology to transfer
more than 12 million lines of code to a .NET platform saving 15 million Euros a year. It’s
why New Brunswick’s motor vehicle brands chose Fujitsu to transfer more than 40 million data
records from an out-of-date legacy mainframe to a modern, flexible platform. So don’t put it off until your business has
been left behind. Don’t wait until you’re forced to act. Talk to Fujitsu. World-class
modernisation, global delivery.

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