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Why Climate Change is So Hard To Talk About | Hot Mess 🌎

Why Climate Change is So Hard To Talk About | Hot Mess 🌎

I’m very conscious that there’s a tapestry
around me that I get used to. Like, you’re driving along and you remember
when you were nine that the windshield was covered with bugs and if you were going in
high summer along a highway that there was though you’re to use the windshield wipers
to scrape off that sea of bugs on the window. And now you drive along you drive along and
there’s sort of a bug, a bug, no bug. And while no one wants a cluttered view or
a dangerously cluttered window there’s something a little alarming about not having in place
what had always been in place. Is something that has been perennial over? And that would have been a silly question
twenty-five years ago but now it’s a kind of regular question. At least my neighbors my cousins and my friends
feel that we’re on the edge of something from which we may not return. So, as you may have noticed – I talk about
the climate kinda a lot. But today, I want to talk about talking about
climate change. It’s very meta. I recently went to ThinkerCon. I caught up with some of my favorite creators . I wanted to hear
how and why different people think, or talk, or even a lot of times don’t talk about
climate change. We already heard from Robert Krulwich. I’m not sure anyone has actually counted
the summer bugs up in the northeastern United States and directly linked those numbers to
climate change, but that story serves a purpose, it reminds many of us that what we consider
‘normal’ is constantly changing. We all think about these effects of climate
change from time to time. But not many of us feel and fear that reality
as much as Henry Reich. I do feel that recently with the fact that
we’ve kind of moved in the narrative about climate change – kind of past the, like, we
need to prevent climate change stage and we’re now at the climate change is happening stage,
that I personally have felt this weird shift in my, like, drive to think or care about
it. I think that just saying the words it’s already
happening I feel a huge amount of deflation. I know I often find myself feeling like Henry does. If you think about climate change a lot, there’s
a good chance you’ve also felt like Henry at some point too. I mean, climate change is pretty overwhelming. But how do we stop ourselves feeling hopeless and helpless
in the face of all that? It can help to get involved in collective
action. Now that can be community projects or national
projects – it’s a way to act, and have real impact, while also reminding you that you’re
not alone. But what if you still care deeply, but you find it hard to talk about? I am surrounded by other science students
and academics and for some reason – I mean we all know that we all agree that climate
change is a human problem and that it is a big problem that we’re going to have to solve
but for some reason it just doesn’t come up into conversation. So I personally think that climate change
is the biggest problem facing humanity and our species as a whole but often it feels
like such an abstract problem. And there are so many more immediate problems that we talk about. Be those, like, personal relationships, or struggles in work-life. They seem to be more pressing Climate change can seem like it’s happening
really far away – in some other part of the world. But climate change is here, now, affecting
our everyday lives; What you eat? Your health? Politics? Climate is all over that. All the way up to big scary things like heat
waves, and hurricanes. I find myself personally talking about all
these topics anyway. Every once in a while I just make it a point
to bring climate change into those conversations. But anyone who talks about climate change
can tell you, conversations like these don’t always end up being constructive. I think the thing that a lot of people don’t
realize is that when pushed about something that’s difficult or hard or stressful, if
we come at it head-on we are essentially forcing people into fight, flight or freeze. I think climate change causes the freeze response. I think that’s why a lot of people are, like,
apathetic to it in a way. We might have the knowledge but because it
could harm us or those we love, it could shorten our life span, or things are happening that
we maybe don’t fully understand. We don’t know how to fight it because we’re
not always armed with the tools. And we can’t necessarily leave it because
we live on the planet Earth, so therefore people feel frozen in fear or frozen and scared
of doing the wrong thing so we just kind of sit there and like hope it goes away. We need to talk about it, but we need to talk
about it carefully. Even for a climate nerd like me – if someone
just starts lecturing me, or telling me how wrong I am or how bad what I’m doing is,
this is gonna stop me from opening up. We have to start slow when we’re talking about
it – we have to find out where people are at, and go from there. This is especially important when we’re
chatting with people who don’t accept that we’re changing the climate. It’s so often that if anything people become
more entrenched in their views and if people feel that their viewpoint is being threatened
they actually become more solid in their views. I grew up in West Virginia. And West Virginia is unique in that it is
number one in the entire country when it comes to the fewest constituents that believe that
global warming is happening. And so being from West Virginia has fundamentally
shaped the way that I talk about climate change and about science to different people. Pride is a huge thing that I now consider
because in West Virginia coal is so ingrained in our culture and who we are as West Virginians
and we see these environmentally friendly policies to not be friendly to us. And so I understand where that comes from
– where the denial comes from it’s not that they don’t understand the science is that
they feel like they are protecting their identity. We don’t need to agitate them. We don’t need to fight them. We need to ask questions. We need to seek to understand. Because if we come at them then they’re gonna
fight they’re gonna fight or if we keep doing it they might get into freeze. Emily and Katie’s perspectives are awesome
advice for whenever we’re talking about climate change – connecting it to the things
that people already care about, and not expecting to completely change someone’s perspective
in a single conversation. My goal is not to move them from like 0 to
100 of like not believing in climate change to like being like a Greenpeace advocate. You know, I’m not trying to make that big
of a change I’m just trying to move the needle a little bit. Listening is a very important part of talking
to people. Being empathetic. Being kind. Knowing what they care about and not trying
to push your interests upon them. Because that’s not going to change anything. The reality is – and this is something I have
to keep reminding myself of all the time – we’re not helpless in the face of climate change. Every bit of carbon we put into the atmosphere
matters, so any emissions we avoid matter just as much… sure it’s a small bit, but
it is a bit of global warming we avoid. Climate change of a certain amount is already
happening but it’s – we’re not locked into an even worse amount yet and so I think the
narrative really needs to be about like what we still can’t change and not about what we
have already done. After you’ve been beaten down you need someone
to pick you up and say you know what we can see it’s terrible so let’s do something about
it. In the words of David Attenborough, you’ve
got to make people care about it before they’re going to do anything about it. We’re the first species to do this kind of
explosion in population where we’re also the first species with, I don’t know this may
be presuming, I think we may be the first species with foresight the first species with
morals the first species that can choose and can do the right thing. Talking about climate change just a little
bit more – with our friends, with our families, with our audiences, or just someone we sat
next to in a coffee shop – it’s a way we can all start to make a difference. And, I don’t know, you may as well share a
Hot Mess video with them while you’re at it.

100 comments on “Why Climate Change is So Hard To Talk About | Hot Mess 🌎

  1. Climate change deniers need to be removed from positions of power and have their right to a political life taken away forever

  2. There is an excellent book that examines this issue very comprehensively. It's here

    Climate change is a "wicked problem". It defies definition, scoping, characterisation and straightforward solutions or even definable goals. It's a problem perfectly designed to defeat us. We simply aren't psychology adapted to deal with it.

    That doesn't mean we can't improve how we address it, but "solving" is not actually an option now and that completely flummoxes us and makes us reach for any way to avoid addressing it.

    The book makes these points and illustrates them with grim certitude but we need to know as much about what we are dealing with nonetheless so I recommend it highly.

  3. I'm a simple man, I see Robert Krulwich in a thumbnail, I'm clicking (and obviously the fact that it's a new Hot Mess video!)

  4. The quote "It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness" is best used for anyone who feel hopeless toward climate change.

  5. There's a way I'd like to talk about climate change, and that's not talking about climate change.
    Instead of telling people they need to use solar panels because gas and oil are bad, instead tell them they need to use solar panels because it gives them free energy.
    We need new arguments for the same solutions.
    Invest in electric cars not because petrol is a carbon fuel, instead invest in electric cars because pollution kills people.

  6. What is the correct temperature? The exact, correct temperature? Because then we can shoot for that temperature. Precisely.

  7. What makes me feel most hopeless is how people only shift their opinion as much as is minimally required.
    "Scientists thought that the earth would freeze a decade ago"
    "Climate change isn't real"
    "Oh, I can't claim that climate change isn't real, I'll claim it isn't caused by humans"
    "Oh, maybe climate change is primarily caused by humans, but we aren't sure yet"
    "Oh, maybe it is caused by humans, but we can't do absolutely anything about it because China has coal, so we shouldn't"
    "So it is real, but the earth will still exist, animals will evolve to meet the new climate, it's okay even if we all die"
    "Okay, maybe we should do something, I'm just gonna sign some Paris Accord, then not actually do anything"
    "Oh, it's too late now, people are actually dying, why didn't we do anything earlier"

  8. Thank you so much for this video. Would love if you can actually share an actual conversation and give us pointers as to what went wrong, how could the person have been more empathetic. We learn much faster by example. Every bit helps. And learning to talk about climate change is also important.

  9. What has Greenpeace to do with beeing an advocate for climate science?
    Last time I checked, Greenpeace was an anti-sciency sect, that is acting very bad for the climate.
    They seem to be a anti-GMO-Lobby in the first place and make things worse for all of us…

  10. Climate Change is REAL.
    It's just Not Man Made
    Climate Change is Evolutionary
    Humans still need to practice conservation tho.

  11. A critical aspect of the dialogue around climate change that isn't really brought up here is that it is politically invested. Engaging people, not only to care but to take action on climate change and environmental justice, is inherently political because the real solutions are political solutions.

    Conservative and liberal politics aren't prioritized for climate change and never will be, because they're the political wills that created the conditions that developed and suppressed action on climate change and environmental justice. Radical movements of the poor and working class, such as the New Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival or the MST will lead the way in building the counternarrative necessary for the fundamental changes to society necessary to combat climate change and the underpinning environmental devastation causing it.

  12. Very good topic, I believe if we as people are to make progress with getting people to accept ideas we need to be honest and open but also empathetic and frame the discussion from the perspective of working together toward a better understanding.

  13. rich and big countries are the once that are destroying our planet, be it trough polution, or trough wars….its not just about destroying planet, its about destroying people….on the other side of the world….

  14. We don't want to talk about it because we are all addicts to the lifestyle that is causing climate change. We're scared we can't quit, so we put it off.

  15. The climate models are corrupt,
    The temperature data is faked,
    The consensus is a lie,
    So all they've got left is bugs on a windshield.

  16. Thank you for this video. I hope to see videos like this promoted particularly around holidays when large groups of people with differing viewpoints are likely to congregate for an extended period together.

  17. Whatever needs to be done will not happen within the current society as it exists now. Wholesale paradigm shifts, not discussion, will be needed in order to avert the worst. This is why I think that as it is, humanity's days are numbered.

  18. First, I believe (really, it's not about belief, it's a pretty hard fact) in climate change and I think that, yes, we ARE very much to the point of no return (past it, actually).
    HOWEVER, if your goal is to convince someone, you can't bring a frail argument. The bugs example can be explained by higher traffic, more light pollution (which, while an issue, isn't climate change itself), population relocation (survival of populations that avoid cars, decline of those that don't), etc.

  19. Climate Change is the symptom. Over consumption of finite resources and potential collapse of the environment that supports human life, THAT is the problem. Only solution is to find a way humans can prosper and flourish without never ending growth.

    No such economic model exists, is anyone seriously searching for solutions?

  20. A couple of points; firstly, have you ever converted a climate change denier to see reason or known of any conversions? Secondly, I think the insect armageddon has more to do with insecticide prevalence than warming as you'd expect a warmer environment to suit insects better than a cooler one.

  21. Here is my current view. Beyond being less wasteful and the list of symbolic gestures often proposed to us, the average person can do nothing about it. Even if you are not already too busy with your occupations and have some capacity and interest to work on the issue, the fact remains that you likely live in a world designed on the premise that fossil fuels are plentiful and should be burned. Tesla did a great job creating a revolution in the automotive world, so now there is an option to go electric and the mainstream switch is starting. That is very helpful but not enough because change needs to happen on many fronts. Except for going far away, walking should be the normal way to get around, do things, and not miss out on life. Right now the choice is framed as car or bus or bike, all of which have flaws or limitations. Instead, we need to design cities that require no transport vehicles, no heating, and no clearing of land. Only a company can deliver on that dream, but a company is a collection of individuals.

  22. The climate has always been changing, ever think the lack of bugs comes from all the gmo crops that are round up ready, or the piss poor farming techniques that are ruining the soil?
    According to your fearmongering the ocean should have flooded NY city by now, Florida should not exist anymore. Stop the geoengineering lots of things we can change.
    This is just fearmongering for weak minded sheeple. Quit spitting out al Gore's bullshit pushing agenda 21.

  23. The world is changing. To be happy: identify how it is changing and prepare to live in the future.

    Fighting against the tide is futile. Learn to surf.

    I want a lovely world and I care about the creatures that we are probably going to wipe out. I am a vegan because I care. But most people are dumb as bricks and that isn't going to change until men and women start choosing mates solely based on cranial measurements.

    The world as we know it is – probably – doomed.

    Get out and enjoy it. Neither it nor you are going to be around much longer.

    And if you're REALLY into saving the future: go breed with a genius.

  24. We shouldn't try to change the climate. We should only worry about dealing with it when it happens. Regardless of us humans, the climate will always change. History has proven this. Geology has proven this.

    Evolution is the ability to adapt to one's surroundings. Our world will change and we need to be ready for that. Nothing else matters.

  25. Activist, politicians and nonprofit organizations hooked up on government bucks… ordinary folks do more then the mentioned ones. Folks that I know, my family are energy smart, take public transportation & bikes, grow veggies and fruits, not shopping plastic stuff, some did go Vegan way…
    I believe, each single individual can make more in this matter then any politician or big mouth activist…

  26. It’s too late. On the edge? We’re over the edge. Human extinction is imminent.

    The end is probably only a few years away at this point.

    Everything will have already collapsed by 2040.

  27. "Every bit of carbon we put into the atmosphere matters, so any emissions we avoid matter just as much… sure it’s a small bit, but it is a bit of global warming we avoid." I think that's a load of nonsense when "a small bit" doesn't make a dent in the global emissions, even if you multiply "a small bit" by 8 billion (the human population). There are contributions that count (such as not having children), and there are way too many so-called contributions that just don't count, but which lul people into believing the lie that they're contributing. Instead of believing that you're contributing to a climate solution, when in fact you are not, open your minds and eyes and realise that the huge polluters are out there, doing absolutely nothing, and enriching the few in the process.

  28. Do some research on actual historical climate, and then research how much ipcc changes their modern historical data. Then read about how the 97% of all scientists believe climate change is man-made is completely fabricated number. It's easy to fall for the bullshit I push climate change for years and then I actually started looking into the data and see how much these organizations fudge their data. Then after you figure all that out look at where all the money is going to for climate change and you will see its making a bunch of people super rich, and mostly politicians.

  29. Climate change is a false flag ideology. The world goes through climate cycles . 15 000 years ago the northern hemisphere of planet earth. Was covered under more then a mile of ice it melted raised the sea level world wide by over 400 feet. People need to grow up and think not react to emotions. The earth goes through mass changes. Man kind does not cause them nor should we try to stop or change them. For fu*k sakes people use your brains do some research on the subject think for YOURSELFS. Start with this people it use to be called global warming now they call it climate change. WHY?????

  30. Near-term human extinction due to abrupt anthropogenic climate collapse is assured, quantifiable, verifiable, exponential and irreversible. We are deluded hairless simians rampaging through a fragile world with our big brains and our tiny minds. 200 years of industrial activity must be deemed an evolutionary failure. Totally, comprehensively and absolutely fucked with myriad cascading feedback loops crowned by our own greed and stupidity. 3 or 4 years and the lights are out.

  31. The losses in the insect kingdom are so great that the researchers used the term Insect Armageddon: over 90% in many places. Insects are the base of the land based food web. The outcome is obvious. We are best to help each other handle this by relating to the facts agreed by all: the measurements in the real world not computer models. The time scales currently popular are without sensible foundation. We are really going to need the very best in humanity to face conditions imminently that have historically brought out the very worst in humanity nearly every time they occurred. Deep Adaptation by Jem Bendell is a reasonable place to start. I wish us all good luck.

  32. Good to see a constructive friendly discussion on a climate change video presentation, I often get put off by the negative 'trolls'… I just shared this to my facebook page because it seems to me like there aren't many people who want to talk about this…

  33. Climate change is also abstract. If West Virginia had an aggressive employment program for say solar and wind you could make real change. But there's no many things in the way of that.

  34. I was born in the fifties and I remember the grill of our family's Rambler station wagon always being full of wasps, bees and grasshoppers. The heat from the engine cooked them and you could smell it. That doesn't happen anymore.

  35. Climate change skeptics and deniers make me think of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ ideas about death deniers. First they deny and think the doctor is lying. Then they get angry. If they could accept it, it would be less difficult for them, but they keep grasping at straws.

  36. Only if Climate Change/Global Warming can be renamed to "Climate Breakdown".
    Since it is literally our planet's weather system is falling apart instead of "Climate Change" which sounds like a nobody-cares-tiny-changes like change of shoes.
    Even if they disagree with Climate Change, at least the word "Climate Breakdown" will immediately alert them of the consequences. Like Ozone Hole triggers imagination of a "hole in the sky".
    Word "Climate Change" only reminds people of "Change of weather" which happens every day: no big deal; who cares!
    But "Climate Breakdown", oh, that's scary!

  37. As an European I'm really wonder about how even many well educated US people do not (want to) know or ignore even simple data and facts about climate change. Even the difference between weather and climate seems not to be not known or willful misunderstood. Maybe an episode explaining how jet stream becomes weaker and instable with climate warming and how this can affect the actual weather around the northern hemisphere.

  38. The last remaining Humans will believe the scientists from way back in the 1970's, symptoms of rapid climate change probably means it is too late, as what the climate mirrors now, is the carbon pollution from 40 years ago.

  39. Problem is many feel that solutions to climate change mean taking away things that people used to enjoy and take for granted (like eating meat, driving cars, etc) without offering good alternatives

  40. The problem is much broader than simply finding a way to have a conversation about planetary stewardship. You are assuming that you are having a conversation with a well-informed, rational person. The problem is the 'well informed' part. Lets see if I can frame it. Before you can talk to someone in a coal state about climate change, you first have to convince them that human beings aren't disposable and that the planet's environment is not infinite. Those two things have to come first. The single biggest problem coal states have is that their enormous capacity for self deception gets in the way of recognition that a problem even exists in the first place, let alone one that needs to be fixed. Deal with that first and a broader recognition may follow. Otherwise you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

    Right now states like West Virginia are busy changing their laws to essentially deny that black lung is even a disease, what chance do we have convincing them that coal is a major contributor to a brewing worldwide catastrophe? Here are some quick references:


  41. I need help, or just advice. My friend denies climate change and says that even if it is around, it is natural and humans don’t have anything to do with it. Any advice?

  42. I think the more complete and accurate term is “anthropogenic climate instability”.

    Global warming, while somewhat applicable, not entirely accurate, complete, or precise.

    Climate change, also accurate, but not precise or complete because the climate is always changing and it leaves out the human aspect.

    Anthropogenic, or manmade if you prefer, puts the emphasis on humans. Us, we, ourselves are the big cause of the problems.

    Climate: long-term weather pattern of a geographic area.

    Instability: this is the key. Climate is always changing, even manmade climate change might be beneficial *IF* we could understand and reliably predict HOW it is changing.

    Climate being unstable and unpredictable is the big problem; we can’t know how, how much, when, where, or why bad climate changes will occur.

  43. Thirty years from now I can see the children of the future watching these and all other videos on the subject. They wonder why the people from today, from this era, wondering why the hell we didn't do anything to prevent their suffering.

  44. Not enough food to feed the world could be the worst outcome of climate change.
    People don't starve quietly and if food price spikes or shortages together with other catastrophes destabilize some powerful nations it's going to get ugly very quickly.
    I don't see how this isn't going to end in WWIII and well… the end for humanity.
    How do you even talk about this?
    I've read a few things about the destabilizing effects (yay nationalism!) but nothing about how unavoidable the outcome of global war seems to be. I mean we make bad decisions today when it would cost us nothing collectively.
    And with the weapons of the future? Autonomous and biological and nuclear weapons.
    Forget rising sea levels and heat waves. It's what comes with it. At least with a certain probability.
    Compared to the extinction of the human species any consequence of climate change is irrelevant. Any action you could do today to even reduce that probability would not just be ethical, it would be an imperative.

  45. I tend to hear more preaching and hand-waving about climate change than dispassionate balanced debate about responses to it.

  46. Unless we can find a way to replace the monetary system effectively,
    I really don't believe we'll be able to solve a problem this large.
    So much of people's views towards denying climate change is tied to
    their wealth and monetary well-being.
    Being from east Kentucky, I also hear a lot about coal mining being
    a vital source of income around here, for many families.
    There has been a lot of talk about retraining the coal mining work
    force for green jobs, but honestly the government hasn't really done
    much in the way of enticing green companies to come to this area,
    there isn't much incentive for people to change their views on
    climate change, because they fear being left out from the long-term
    benefits, financially and politically.

  47. It's much harder talking about humanities near term extinction in relation to climate change at 50yrs of age having followed this subject for 33yrs . I lived as green as I could no car no heating or air conditioning , no TV , eating meat though as my awareness of it's impact came late . I didn't make a difference , most of the time I was mocked and ridiculed , now I drive a car and the rest , I would be lying if I said their was hope their isn't , the most inconvenient truth of all . And I don't want to talk with deniers , I'm over being reasonable with stubborn idiots what a waste of time .

  48. I am not concerned about climate change, and dont see it as a big problem. But I am open to learn and change my propositions.
    I see it as just another development that we as humans are going trough and something we will rise and conquer when the need is big enough.
    But it dont see it as big enough yet, and are not motivated by fear of what might happen.

    I think the solutions will come trough capitalism. When there is a need in the market for more renewable energy, it will come, when there is a need for plantbased "meat" it will come and so on.
    And vegans, vegatarians and such is creating this need and are getting what they are willing to pay for.

    One thing that might make me interested in combating climate change is if it is changed to adapting to climate changes. If we go from "stop eating meat, stop politing, stop living" to start building better cities, start cleaning the seas, start repopulating the wildlife" them im all in. And the driver for that can be capitalism.

  49. I think instead of talking about climate change by itself. we need to talk about the Sixth Extinctions and about how global warming is just one of the factors contributing to the massive global crisis of the biosphere.

  50. Actually we are not the first organism to change the climate on Earth: First there was the Stromatolites that made life impossible to a lot of species by making Oxygen. This was later exaggerated when land plant life took off scrubbing all CO2 from the atmosphere, resulting in a snowball Earth. So In that respect, we aren't any wiser than bacteria or plants in managing our environment.

  51. At the risk of setting comments on fire, I live in an area that is VERY evangelical. They flatly do not believe that we have the power to destroy God’s creation; he’s got our back. How do you even BEGIN a conversation with someone who feels that what you are saying is contrary to their metaphysical reality? And this is the heart of American oil country.

  52. When I talk to climate change sceptics, I often get asked "Well, what's a realistic scenario? What do you propose?" and I feel it difficult to answer.
    A mobility switch from fossil to BEVs will not happen in a few weeks time (because of the lack of production resources and lack of … well, actual stuff to build all of the components).
    And even if we could do this, the energy grid would not be able to cope.
    And even if it did, we do not have enough renewable energy sources to supply us with the energy.
    And even if we had that – with limited lifetime expectancy of solar panels and wind parks, the CO2 footprint of the complete production cycle would by far not be neutral.
    The list goes on for all other aspects as well (except for food, which would probably be the least problematic to change to plant-based diets).
    Can you do an episode on that…? 🙂

  53. The disapearing of insects is very concerning but it has nothing to do with climate change, let alone Co2. Enviromentalist should focus on pesticides, biodiversity, biosphere in general.
    Stop wasting your time on climate. Co2 does nothing. Why would i accept that "we" change the climate, IPcc models keep being wrong, there is no arguments let alone evidence. YOU should ask yourselfs qeustions indeed. What is with the saturation of Co2, making it less and less effective the more there is. Co2 lag in vostock core data admited, no amplifying visible in the whole earth history. If you really think so deep about this, you would become angry at the IPCC not just since climatgate. The irony is i have really trouble to talk to "warmists" because their only argument is "Thousands of scientist agree". Only the sceptics are talking science. But you seem to be nice guys, maybe a conversation would be possible.

  54. Greenpeace doesn't actually care about climate change it's more on subjugating the other nations resources & development process

  55. When was the last time you had a house fly in your property? When was the last time you saw ants on the side walk?

  56. I do not react well to fear mongering, insults and guilt trips. Those common tactics are ineffective at getting me to change my behavior.

    Provide products which meet my needs better than natural gas to heat my home, diesel fuel and gasoline for my cars and continuing to rely upon Hagerstown Municipal Light department for electricity. You can gain my cooperation by appealing to my greed even as I reject assertions that climate change can be stopped by treaties, carbon credits, taxation, laws, regulations and redistribution of wealth; none of which will survive for the millennia necessary to do more than to kick the can down the road by a generation or two.

    Greed is eternal. Only greed can be relied upon to promote and to sustain changes in behavior.

    Would you rather be proven right that the "End of the World is Near" or gain my voluntary cooperation to forestall the End of the World without convincing me that you are right?

  57. Climate change has been here and now for billions of years.

    Only the assertion that Mankind is causing the climate to change is new.

    Extinction of Mankind is a surefire cure for anthropogenic climate change if Mankind fails to adapt.

    — Adapt or die —
    Charles Darwin

  58. There are two things which ought not be discussed in polite company: politics and religion.

    That goes doubly for Global Climate Change as it is both politics and religion.

  59. There's likely some people here interested in climate science. I'm listening to this interesting lecture.
    It's about water vapor and clouds: Clouds and the Climate Tipping Point – T. Schneider – 4/24/2019

  60. I'm surrounded by climate changing denying people. Almost my entire family doesnt believe in climate change. I've gotten good at just talking about it like climate change is just a universal fact that everyone takes as the truth, but as soon as they speak up and talk about it being fake news or that science is evil and there to scare us I lose it bc it's so heartbreaking to see these people I've looked up to all my life choose to be so ignorant about such important things.

  61. It's nice to know we are gods and we can effect the earth. Oh wait. Co doesn't do any thing. You know good oh Mr gore invented global warming to make money, right? Just 50 years ago the earth was freezing. Man made freezing. Then not enough food to feed the world. Don't forget the ozone. In all of those we had 12 to 20 years left. Oh oh here's one. The earth will end in 2 years unless you start to like liver. 😁

  62. Great direction of the video, not very informative though. How precisely do I get to shame my friends into changing their behavior? 🙂

  63. Go look at the blade of wind turbines and you will find all your missing bugs. Wind turbines are effectively colossal fly and bee swatters in action 24/7 provided there is any wind (and they are placed where there is the most wind)

  64. Warming and CO2 increase life on the planet, the evidence shows this, you are a dishonest person with and agenda which increases regressive taxes that hit the poorest hardest, and poverty kills.

  65. when they use animals to prove a point you know its gonna get real deep real fast ok in utah the canadain geese used to fly back north when it got too hot for the last 15 years they stay all summer so its not hot enough to drive them back any more right

  66. What I think is scary is when a therapist don't know how fight or flight response works.
    Of fight, flight or freeze. As she calls it.
    Freeze is actually a flight response, a direct one. Not a third option.
    Some will fight, pretty few actually, others, few as well, will flee, and majority will freeze.
    Simple, have you ever noticed why hares freeze up when a fox is near by?
    If it don't move, it probably don't get noticed. Humans react the same way. Freeze and hope you don't get noticed and the danger will go away by itself.
    If they cant teach this at school, well how can they teach about climate change.
    When they cant teach about fight ot flight?

  67. So how do you speak to someone who believes that all warming is because of the greenhouse effect of CO2, when in fact, the greenhouse effect of CO2 compared to the greenhouse effect of clouds is practically zero?

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